SWEET TOOTH To End With Issue #40 in December

Today, Jeff Lemire, creator of Vertigo’s Sweet Tooth, announced the series would be ending in December with the double sized issue #40.

Lemire goes to some pains to make sure it’s clear that DC wasn’t the one to pull the plug.

To be clear, THE BOOK HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED by DC Comics. The decision to end Sweet Tooth is totally my own and based on the natural conclusion of the story I’ve been building over the last three years. I’d like to thank Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Karen Berger for all of their support of the book. I’d also like to thank all of the amazing editors I’ve worked with on Sweet tooth, Bob Schreck, Brandon Montclare, Pornsak Pichetshote, Greg Lockhard and Mark Doyle.

He goes into further detail on the Vertigo Blog.

I suppose I could have stretched it out a bit longer. I could have had a few more obstacles pop up along the way to Alaska to lengthen the journey (and the series), but it just felt like it was time. Gus wanted to get to Alaska now…and who am I to argue?  I’ll miss my little antlered friend. But I owe it to him to finish his story properly. To “leave it all on the ice” as they like to say up here in Canada. And that means not prolonging the series just because I can.

But don’t give up on me. I really feel the best is still to come. The final arc, THE WILD KINGDOM, will be full of everything you’ve loved about Sweet Tooth as well as  many new surprises, new characters and new revelations. And it all builds to one final double sized, fully painted final issue with #40 this December.

So he’s got seven issues to wrap up the last three years of his end-of-the-world tale, and a lot of questions to be answered. One of the really impressive things about this series is that it was clearly Lemire doing his best version of himself, both writing and drawing on a monthly schedule, while also penning regular scripts for DC Comics. He built a fully fleshed out world, and gave us a sense of wonder, danger and even innocence in the midst of all that. I don’t know how much of a sales success the series has been, and ultimately, it doesn’t matter, but when it’s all over, Lemire is going to be able to look back at quite a collection of long form work, and he’s grown as an artist many times over, and more importantly, as a storyteller. I was there since the beginning, and I’ll be there through the end.


  1. Well I’m a bit upset it is going to end but it definitely seems like the right time. This book does move at a snails pace but it has been a lot of fun.

    I know people LOVE Animal Man but for my money this is the best work Lemire has done as a writer and as an artist. Definitely as an artist because outside of Chew you don’t see this type of imagination on the pages in most comic books.

    • I’d say there are countless comics out there as imaginative as the two named here.

    • I LOVE Sweet Tooth and have the single issues and trades to prove it, but to put it above Essex County is foolhardy, in my estimation.

    • Consider TheNextChampion and I fools. I’d place this way over Essex.

      I’m just sad that after DMZ, Northlanders, and Scalped, I’m now losing Sweet Tooth.

      Good thing is I’ve picked up a lot of BPRD’s to replace them.

  2. It’s always good to hear something is ending at its own accord. This and Scalped will end soon and will be remembered as classic Vertigo series because of it. No one likes seeing something they love jump the shark (US Office, I’m looking at you.)

  3. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! 🙁

    I guess it’s for the best though

  4. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Sad that it’s ending but happy that it’s ending on Lemire’s own terms. I look forward to whatever his next creator owned book is.

  5. Only 7 more issues?! Then no more Gus and Jeppard?! I’m disappointed , but i agree that it seems like the right time. This series has made Jeff Lemire one of my favorite creators. Lets hope he continues on Animal Man for a good long time.

    I’d really enjoy seeing more Vertigo or creator owned material from Mr. Lemire, but I’ll check out whatever he decides to do in the future.

  6. I seem to remember Lemire saying something when it launched that made me think this would only be around 40 issues, not the usual 60.

    I love the series, but happy for it to end while it’s good, and not drag on. Plus with all Lemire’s DC work it was probably getting harder to focus on writing/drawing this book. Never the less I think Vertigo has another great series to add to it’s list, hopefully the series will gain the recognition of books like Y and Preacher.

    I look forward to all Lemires future work.

  7. I understand why he’s ending it, but it’s sad. I’ve loved this book, it’s probably had the most personal POTW’s out any book I’ve read in that time

  8. Great to see a creator ending the story on their own terms. Sweet Tooth has been great each and very issue and I’m looking forward to Lemire getting to the end of the story.

  9. Cool. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every issue of this series and can’t wait to see how Mr. Lemire decides to end his book.

  10. See what you’ve done Josh. You say it and it happens. [ you said it on the latest PoTW podcast] Can you say, ” Rah UniQue will win the lottery. ” Make it so. lol

  11. So what’s Vertigo’s line-up of on-going series looking like…

    Fables, Hellblazer, the Unwritten, American Vampire.

    Would it surprise anyone if any of these titles end this year as well?

    I’m not suggesting Vertigo’s going away but maybe how we currently know it.

    • They’ve just added several new series and minis, such as Saucer Country and New Deadwardians. Sean Murphy mentioned that he and Snyder might do something in the future. Murphy’s new book will be out in the summer. I think we might see some of the Vertigo books shift to a Hellboy style model, but I don’t think we still won’t see new on-going series.

    • Let’s not forget Fairest or the myriad of minis currently ongoing and upcoming. There have been rumors of Vertigo folding for months now but I personally don’t think they are true.

    • I don;t think Vertigo’s going anywhere, I’d guess the sales of the Trades keep it all ticking along nicely.

      Unwritten looks like it is coming to an end though

  12. i know people see it ending and i see it too. but i would be ok with this book going on forever.

  13. I think he always said his original plot was enough for about 30 or so issues, so this comes as no surprise.

  14. Even as I have enjoyed this series, I have increasingly thought, “How much longer could this possibly continue?” The story felt finite, and my third-act-sense was tingling.

    (Same thought, times five: Unwritten.)

  15. Apparently Jeff Lemire listened to this week’s POW podcast. 😉

    I actually agreed with what Josh said. As much as I have enjoyed the book and still like it. It feels like the story is at a point that it should be wrapping up. Not at a midway or 2/3 point. This will be a lovely series in collected form.

  16. even before reading this or listening to the podcast, ive been saying its time but not because im bored but it feels like it should

  17. This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!