Super Grover…Returns

New Miracle Man stories? Whatevs. 

Super Grover 2.0? Be still my fuzzy little heart! 




I never miss an episode anyway, so I'm in by default.

Boom Studios, you on this? I have some ideas about the cover art…

(It's Alex Ross)



  1. This is kind of random Paul, what brought this on? Were you watching sesame street clips today?

  2. I still have my Super Grover plush from when I was a kid.  Albeit in storage at my parents house, but I will never get rid of it. Adore, adore, adore.

  3. Oh sorry, the video didn’t Load up for me at first, excuse my first post

  4. I love Super Grover! I am so over Super Grover Week like a 5 year old with a bowl of dry Cheerios.

  5. Well this brought back some forgotten childhood memories.

  6. @itsbecca  I still have my Super Grover plushie that I bought last week. 🙂  As my namesake (well.. my last name), Grover is our family mascot. We even have a tree of Grovers at Christmas time.

  7. Paul, thank you. Super Grover 4 Life! down with the lil’ red reprobate, Elmo! Sign me up for a Super Grover comic, RIGHT NOW!

  8. Not a big fan of the SG 2.0, I prefer me some straight up old school Super Grover.

  9. I am currently wearing my Super Grover tshirt. That should tell you how I feel about this.

  10. when did super grover quit wearing a real helm?

  11. If my grandmother was still alive today I’d buy that Ross print and give it to her.

    She loved Grover like nobody’s business……Sorry if that’s a bit off topic but I love my grandmother. 

  12. Paul, you crack me up… You Rock

  13. That’s the first Alex Ross art i have liked in over 15 years

  14. You know who else returned?  The Rock.

    P.S. – Super Grover is hardcore. 

  15. @RaceMcCloud  the Rock & Super Grover at WrestleMania…now that would be epic!


  17. @RaceMcCloud  Now I have to go read The Monster at the End of this Book.

  18. He’s the hero we need but not the hero we deserve.