UPDATE: SUPER BOWL XLVI – The Ads For Comics Fans Including AVENGERS

In just a few minutes, Super Bowl XLVI featuring the New York Giants and the New England Patriots will get underway. Now, you may be a football fan and if you are, we hope you enjoy the game. But for the rest of us, the Super Bowl is the host to commercials! And amongst those commercials are several ads for upcoming movies based on comic books and other geek-esque properties!

We’ve collected the teasers of the ads that will be playing throughout the game here and we encourage you to discuss the Super Bowl ads in the comments of this post. ¬†As the ads are posted online, we’ll post them here as well.

Here’s a rundown of the ads to keep an eye out for:

The Super Bowl spot for Marvel’s The Avengers:


And the EXTENDED Super Bowl spot for Marvel’s The Avengers:


The full 60 seconds trailer for John Carter:


The full spot for G.I. Joe: Retaliation:


The Hunger Games:



Transformers: The Ride 3-D at Universal Studios:

Enjoy the game (and the ads)!!


  1. Avengers just keeps looking better and better …

    “We will end it …” isn’t that a bit cliche?

    So the GI Joe movie is resetting completely?

    • I think Channing Tatum is back as Duke, and the movie proceeds from the ending of the first film. But the bulk of the characters are new (Jinx, Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jaye, Joe).

    • Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt back as the bad guy?

    • Duke and the rest of Joes get killed in the first act. From there it’s a Empire Strikes Back style run for it for the survivors. Roablock, Flint and Lady Jaye go look for Bruce Willis and Snake Eyes goes to the ninja headquarters. And then they come together in the last act.

    • @cahubble09: No. He’s busy having a respectable acting career.

    • @WheelHands: Oh … you mean like the banal 500 Days of Summer? Look … Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite actors. That’s why I asked. And I enjoy pretty much everything he does. But the fact he played a villain in a semi-lame comic book movie (sorry G.I. Joe fans, but it could’ve been better) doesn’t mean the work isn’t respectable. If you like the guy, why diss him like that?

  2. Go pats!

  3. That Avengers extended commercial has me off the walls excited. I just re-watched Serenity and to think what Joss could do with that Avengers budget, oh my. Also a big fan of the “We have a Hulk” line.

  4. Hearing that I am in grave danger does not make me want to ride a roller coaster.

  5. We have a Hulk!

  6. I’m starting to get the feeling that one of the big scenes in The Avengers is gonna be when we finally see Hawkeye use the bow. We didn’t get to see it in Thor and they haven’t shown it in any of the trailers yet.

  7. I’m actually going on as much as a media blackout on The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises as I can. I’ve seen some info and images that were unavoidable, but I have yet to see any Dark Knight Rises trailers and I only watched the first Avengers trailer before deciding to stop. I’ve never done this before but it will be cool going into the movie without any images in my head.

  8. The Avengers trailer?……Eh it was alright. I mean they really didn’t that much new footage. The two things I got out of it was:

    A) Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye looks REALLY out of place in that final shot.

    B) Hulk is a lot shorter then I remember.

    I’m still excited for the movie. But the trailer for this could have been done a lot better.

    Also, considering there is some football in it, I’m shocked there was no Dark Knight Rises trailer. Or even just reusing the one that came out recently.

  9. “We have a Hulk.” Yes, Tony Stark, you do. I wasn’t sold by the actual aired trailer, but the extended trailer worked. Cap getting blasted into the air in front of the Park Avenue Flyover by Grand Central should have made the “final” cut for the aired version.

    • Also, really disappointed that Marvel didn’t take 2 seconds to place a link/picture/mention of the Avengers Movie Tie-In in the Marvel comics digi store? So shortsighted. They did this last year with the Cap-prequel, and fortunately FVL spent the whole night pimping the book. I’ve not heard boo about the Nick Fury thing tonight.

  10. I’m actually going to retract my earlier comment SLIGHTLY. Because if they aired that extended trailer instead I’d be much more ‘giddy’ about the film. Definitely dropped the ball there for not airing that one.

  11. If Eli had punched a few more planes, he’d be as cool as this trailer.


  12. Those aliens jumping off the ships looked awfully skrully. This time, the invasion seems a lot less “secret” and a lot more explodey.

  13. Super excited for The Avengers movie!! I might be wrong but I’m guessing Loki opens up the negative zone and brings forth the Annihilation wave with Annilihus. Check out the scene when Iron Man flies upwards towards the invading force while being fired at, could it be the N Zone??

  14. I can’t take Captain America seriously if he is going to wear that

    • i thought the exact same thing. It was probably a good thing that he wasn’t wearing a mask in all the promotional imagery up to this point. yikes

  15. Did you see the Avengers all standing in a circle!?!?!?! That’s all I want!

  16. What do people think of Skrulls? Like they seem to be, from the split second we saw them, maybe modernized Skrulls. Nolan-ised if you will. Bought into the realm of reality a bit. Not green skinned goblin looking things, but more Alien like?

    Also, the last shot of them all in a circle..Hulk just appears over Hawkeyes shoulder.

    • What do you mean by Nolan-like skrulls?

    • They’re not Skrulls. It was confirmed about a month ago that the “alien” army are not Skrulls.

    • I mean like, how Nolan took villains and sort of cemented them in reality..like Bane for instance.

      They looked kind of like Skrulls that had the reality check of Nolans Bat films. So they won’t be like the ones from the books, but more modernized Alien Skrulls.

      glwarm76, really? I did not hear that. What are the thoughts though?

    • i think the skrulls/aleins are slightly more intimidating in their design. they could way over the top in portrayal. you are right about what nolan does, i don;t see it here though

  17. Not to be negative but after last night, I’m not so sure how confident in Joss Whedon I am.

  18. I’ll admit, being primarily a bitter DC fan, and not being all that impressed with what I’ve seen thus far, I’ve been harboring somewhat negative feelings about Avengers. But seeing that 360 shot with them all standing together in battle got me pretty excited in spite of myself. At the end of the day, whether we prefer the Justice League or the Avengers, we’re all comic fans. And if finally seeing (part of) the team together in live action doesn’t get your juices flowing, it’s time to consider switching hobbies. Moments like that are proof that comic book flicks are ultimately a good thing.

    • Sorry that we will never get a Justice League movie. I don’t care what DC says , Nolan’s Batman , Superman, Green Lantern , Wonder Woman , Aquaman , Flash and Cyborg can work in the same universe. So DC , stop acting like Nolan’s Batman is too real of a movie and get it done. That is what the fans want.

    • Never say never man. Ya gotta believe.

      Thanks for the backup, but unfortunately I have to disagree with you. I am a longtime fan of Batman, Nolan, and Bale, but I don’t want Nolan/Bale’s Batman anywhere near a JLA movie. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the idea that their interpretation of the character would not only absolutely not work in a big budget, overpowered ensemble, but on some level lessen Nolan’s films for me personally. He and his crew have worked hard to sitck to their own rules and ground their films in reality as much as possible because it accentuates part of what makes Batman so great in the first place; he’s just a man.

      Even if I didn’t feel this way, both Bale and Nolan have repeatedly stated that they are not interested in the idea, and I respect them both so much that it’s reason enough for me not to entertain the thought.

      Just use Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill, and throw Jon Hamm in as a new, established version of Bruce Wayne, and I’ll be happy.

    • We will get a Justice League movie. It will become the company’s priority the second the box office numbers come out for The Avengers.

  19. I loved it, I havent been to big on Marvel movies after the letdowns of X men(although First class was great redemption) Wolverine, Daredevil, The Punishers, & The Fantastic Four. This is one movie I am extremely excited for, I was bummed out about Norton not coming back but it happens, as long as they keep Ruffalo in Hulk mode ill deal with it.

    IM ACTUALLY glad they didnt show much footage. Nowadays everyone wants to be spoiled, and complain they didnt show enough footage…WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE MORE FOOTAGE? I personally like to be spoiler free, I like to go into things unknown. I have a friend who when hes pumped about movies he finds or trys to find the full scripts and reads them which blows my mind cause whats the point of seeing a movie if its going to be spoiled. This friend also saw Chronicle like I did but he did read the script before hand and was telling me how the ending is different and this and that, I just dont get it.

    Less footage = More suprises and from what I have seen im satisfied.

  20. We have a Hulk, your army is invalid…