Stumptown Comics Fest 2013 in Photographs

Two years ago I attended my first Stumptown Comics Fest with iFanboy’s very own Ryan Haupt. We ate entirely too many VooDoo donuts and consumed our weight in beer, made a million passes around the tiny community center that was home to a handful of tables boasting indie and web comic artists. I acquired some great art and chatted with some talented artists. Think of an artist’s alley at the smallest con you can imagine: that’s Stumptown Comics Fest. It’s a wonderful, intimate experience.

This year, I trekked my way back down to Portland, OR for round two of this small convention. This time it was held in the Convention Center and was at least twice the size. There were even cosplayers! Artists like Ming Doyle, Alex Pardee, and Riley Rossmo had tables, but due to the small-ness of the con everyone was very approachable and chill. I loved it! Below are the photographs I snapped at this humble convention.



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  1. I was at this Con. It was pretty cool. I bought a copy of Stumptown and then got it signed by Greg Rucka.

  2. Easily my favorite con, and a five minute walk from my house, ta boot!

    It was awesome meeting Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore. Those guys are so humble and gracious. It was infectious. I love Stumptown because you get a very wide variety of independent, self-published works and art, as well as more established houses, like Dark Horse, Oni, Top Shelf, ect. I also love that the local comic shops put up really awesome booths with HUGE discounts.

    Also, I had my picture taken with the World’s Finest, and that was pretty cool.

    Favorite booth this year? Besides all my friend’s tables, it would have to go to Portland’s Alter Ego Society. If you can, try to look up their movie, Archives of the Fantastic. A great loving group of people who host an annual bar crawl where heroes and villains end up meeting at the finish, Epic, geeky, and weird. Just like Portland!!

  3. HA! Blister my butt. The pic of the girl with the purple hair and the gun. That’s me standing in the background. Awesome.

  4. I went to this and was pleasantly surprised by access to creators and all the lesser known voices hustlin’ their wares. The best part was meeting and seeing the huge appreciative crowd around Brandon Graham and Farel Dalrymple who had “Prophet” #35 for sale 2 weeks before it hits comic shops and chatting with Tradd Moore & Justin Jordan about “Luther Strode” while peepin’ Tradd’s original art for this week’s “Legends Of The Dark Knight” story…

  5. I’m entirely sure this will be taken the wrong way, but some of these definitely make me at least a little bit glad that the organizers of the Toronto equivalent of this show advise against dressing up in elaborate costumes at their show.