Stop Everything: Frank Quitely Draws Star Wars

You don’t care at all about the words I’m typing right now. It’s all about Frank Quitely drawing a Star Wars scene. The image appears in Star Wars Art: Comics, a coffee table book Josh Christie recommended in our holiday gift guide. CBR talked to Quitely about the project and his history with the franchise, which isn’t quite so storied as you might expect.

Quitely claims he didn’t actually watch A New Hope until he was 30, and it sounds like he only watched the rest of the film series in preparation for this commission. That said, he concedes to the franchise’s massive, pervading presence throughout art and culture. Even without sitting down to watch the movies, the ubiquity of those designs and tropes had an effect on him:

“I realize now that the films actually were an influence on me — even though I hadn’t actually seen them — just because the Star Wars aesthetic is so engrained and interwoven into all aspects of pop culture, and in turn has had an influence on sci-fi and in comics.”

Here’s what he came up with:

You can read more of the interview over at CBR.


  1. Awesome

    …who are these people in the pic?

  2. This is what I said:

    “Oh my God.”

  3. Incredible, one of my top five artists. Wish he could do a continous monthly super hero book. Those first few issues of New XMen & Batman and Robin are incredible, not to mention All Star.

  4. Actually looks like Jim Starlin meets Moebius. Cool!

  5. Lets him to revive Dreadstar.


    I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s so good

  7. Very cool… but what’s with all the droids? Everyone knows droids aren’t allowed in cantinas… they’ll have to wait outside.

  8. The first one to say “the force is strong with this one” gets a flaming Edward scowl from across the globe

  9. I love the Old School bloddy limbs all over the place. This piece is set before Lord Lucas converted the lightsaber to not only dismember but coagulate the wound. This upgrade was down with the Wimpy crystal found on the far off planet called ‘Constantly screwing with shit’

  10. I think it’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, who have just taken out all the decoys that the Imperials sent to distract them while a covert team is just about to kill them and burn down the place to get rid of all the evidence.

  11. I love the one robot in the back vomiting up oil while he’s waiting to die….

    This is some amazing work right here. Get back to ongoing work dag nabbit Frank!

  12. Amazing. Can’t believe he’s going to spend the next couple of years drawing a Mark Millar book though.

  13. I’d be down for a Quitely-drawn Star Wars comic. Might actually get me to read a Star Wars comic.

  14. Doesn’t he know that lightsabers cauterize wounds? Tsk.

    • They didn’t always. Assface’s severed arm bled all over the floor of the cantina.

    • Lol, assface!!! And the mention of cauterization of wounds by a lightsaber in one conversation, love it!! The kind of specific attention to detail you only get from Star Wars/comix fans.

  15. The floating male symbol above the door is a great bit of storytelling.

  16. Yes…
    Sabers cauterize wounds,
    Droids aren’t allowed in cantinas,
    and Padme doesn’t weild a lightsaber.

    You all get a gold medal from Princess Leia.

    But check it out guys; Frank Quitely drew some Star Wars!

  17. Frank Quietly’s pencils suit Star Wars beautifully, definitely wanna see more. Anyone know who the colorist is on this?

  18. Right on,thanx, they collaborate almost always don’t they?

  19. I think the pitch read: “So Star Wars Jesus and girl walk into a Cantina”

  20. Neither here nor there, I always disliked the idea that lightsabers work via heat – it’s a coherent light beam that slices atoms apart at the molecular level. Would heat signify that it’s really inefficient? Like an incandescent light bulb.

    Amazing shot though. My Star Wars interest has dwindled so much, though. It makes me want to see his take on Star Trek, instead.