Stink Like Freedom with Diesel’s Captain America Cologne

In what might be the best thing since Green Lantern Glo-Balls, Diesel, purveyor of fine, high-end clothing for dudes in cars that are just a touch too flashy, offers "Only the Brave Captain America Limited Edition" cologne.

The outer packaging will be designed by Bryan Hitch, and it can be found this summer in fine department stores.

I can only assume the fragrance is a fine blend of tobacco, gunoil, french fries, and V8 exhaust. I'm going to try and get a sample, and douse myself in it when I go see Captain America: The First Avenger.


  1. So Bryan Hitch decided – Integrity- who needs it??

    It’s just a bad design.

  2. What’s next, Sean John releases a cologne inspired by Mr. Terrific packaged in replicas of his T-Spheres?

    Actually… that’s not half bad.

    Fair Play for Men.

  3. Smasher- That isn’t half bad.

  4. watch out CK….lol

  5. Last year Diesel had an Iron Man cologne. I’ve been wondering if they would release something for Thor or CA this year 

  6. @ericmci  First of all, it’s tough making a living as an illustrator, so I wouldn’t begrudge any comic artist who takes a big for a major company. It speaks nothing to his “integrity” and that’s a mighty high horse you’re sitting on.

    Second, I wrote “outer packaging” which I don’t have an image of. I don’t think Hitch designed this… hand thing.

  7. Oh yea, da ladies will go nuts over dis.

  8. Whether you’re on one team or fifty, prowling solo or with a pack, unravelling hundreds of years of repressed memories or finding clones of yourself, nothing will make you smell like MAN than: Fastball Special, Wolverine cologne for Men. Embrace the 5’3″ adamantium laced animal in you. Available only in Canada.

  9. @MaxPower

    You’re the best at what you do. Now smell like it.

  10. @Smasher
    Best tag line ever. Seriously.

  11. “Hey, baby, you smell like liberty” – what every man wants to hear.

  12. @Smasher  No damn, i’d buy the Mr. Terrific cologne. You might not be able to become the 3rd smartest man on the planet any time soon, but you can sure as hell smell like him! Brilliant!

  13. this is going to smell like old man

  14. SMASH – Hulk smash puny fragrances.
    REBOOT by DC – Now you’re smelling fresh.
    MUTANT – Just because they fear and hate you, doesn’t mean you have to smell like it.
    MJOLNIR – Whomever wears this cologne, if they be worthy, shall posses the aroma of Thor.
    BLACKEST NIGHT – Smell so great, it’ll make the dead rise.

    Okay, I’m done. Sorry everybody.

  15. @MaxPower  Tag me in.

    SPEED FORCE – Faster than the speed of smell. Flash Fact.
    POWER RING – Overcome your fears.
    GOLDEN LASSO (for women) – Smell the truth.

    That’s all I got. For now.

  16. *tag*

    WEBS – With great power comes great re-smell-ability.
    SENTRY – You don’t throw ALL your problems into the sun.
    WHEREARETHEY – My scent’s parents are DEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAD!!!!

  17. Josh- my mistake on the outer packaging.

    But if Hitch had designed that tacky awful plastic fist(which I would have found very surprising)
    Now if Hitch had designed something so bad just for a paycheck when he gets steady well paying work That wouldn’t be hard to spell sell out with that bowel of alphabet soup.

  18. I’m sure the fist comes with Hitler head complete with broken jaw.

  19. You guys know it just smells like a chip or “french fries” frier, right?

  20. I want a Red Lantern cologne where the bottle is Atrocitus’ mouth spitting red smelly stuff on your skin that never comes off.

  21. Probably smells like the manly sweat it takes to create the sweet freedom that all you slackers take for granted. On ice.

    /obligatory sarcasm indicator

  22. My tagline for this would be “make everyday v-day… for vagin”

  23. I think it’ll be exactly like the Ironman scent from last year which is actually pretty good I’m using it and have had no complaints.

  24. I can just imagine what people think American Freedom smells like. Because I want to spray something on me that smells like beer, gun powder and ignorance.

  25. @ericmci  I don’t understand how this compromises Hitch’s integrity. Hitch wants to make a living as an illustrator, specifically of comic book related properties. He got paid to design the packaging for a comic book movie tie in. That sounds like him living his dream to me. It’s not like he’s on a street corner trying to sell Tijiuana Bibles of Cap having three ways with Bucky and Falcon.

  26. @ericmci  — Instead of throwing around that “sell out” card, ever consider that a project like this, while not as “sexy” as a creator owned book may actually keep the lights on in his studio for a few months so he’s free to pursue projects he’s passionate about (like that creator owned book which will earn him $0 bucks)? You don’t always get to work on your dream project when running a freelance creative business, and the dream projects rarely pay in anything more than high fives…especially in the real world with bills and things. 

    I think the guys talked about this kind of fan judgement about creator salaries a few podcasts back. you should listen. 

  27. @ericmci  Because of all the deep and vast integrity that comes from drawing comics owned by Marvel comics? Your yardstick for integrity is fairly rigorous, isn’t it?

  28. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s shameful for any artist to be wearing anything other than fraying burlap, or to be engaged in any activity other than drawing until their cuticles bleed. Unless they’re warming their palms over a trashcan fire. Shameful. 

  29. Josh- Wow talk about a high horse.  Marvel comics puts out some quality work along with some mass market fodder.  You know this.
    I guess if it’s not set in 1940 and is devoid of super heroes it’s not worthy.

    Look – You listed an Artist then presented a single image.
    I jumped to a conclusion there.  Again my mistake.
    But operating on that premise that if he had designed that Utter piece of crap- I would call foul.

    Wally- It’s a bad design – don’t argue that. Keep the lights on?
    Should we call the hero initiative for Hitch?  Give me a break the man is at the top of his game making (granted – I assume here) top money for work he loves to do.
    There are options to work in advertising or storyboarding tv and movies and maybe he does that too I don’t know but this isn’t a man working out of squat in the lower east side eating ramen.

    Again- the issue of integrity I was presenting is – That’s a TURD and if he- a talented artist designed that b/c some d-bag at DIESEL gave him a fist full of cash- then Yes I have some questions about why he would do that- AGAIN- this was hypothetical.
    End of story.

  30. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ericmci  Are you saying Josh is on the high horse or your are? I’m confused. 

    Your comments are based on a lot of hypotheticals and assumptions. 

    The fist shape to the bottle is a Diesel standard that predates Hitch’s involvement.  

  31. Devils advocate, I don’t think he’s pissing on commercial work (because… what is Marvel?), but rather the idea of phoning it in on a really weird ass design just for a paycheck (which is now a moot point as he didn’t design the hand). I agree an artist shouldn’t put their name on anything they aren’t proud of, whether it’s a free sketch or a national billboard ad.

    On the other [big blue] hand,  I heard an amusing NPR interview the other day with an artist who reveled in giving crap to corporations as a sort of F-You, I take money from you instead of giving it to you. Which… is a bit silly. But it’s an opinion that’s floating out there.

    PS – that bottle is really f’n weird. I can’t see it appealing to anyone over the age of 13. But if it smells like I imagine Chris Evans smells I will buy it for my husband in bulk.

  32. Paul- Exactly

    This came out of a misunderstaning on my part- I’m not up on the design history of Diesel so -Yes I thought Hitch designed the fist based on the way it was presented.

    Josh is insinuating that there isn’t a whole lot of integrity working for Marvel- or so it seems that is what he is implying after accusing me of sitting on a tall horse- I thought that was a bit rich.
    Since I belive that anyone should have pride and integrity in the quaility of their work whether it be publisher owned or not. Simply- your work and what you present should be good.
    This fist design is not.
    Then again maybe I am misreading all this and everyone here actually thinks that design is “cool”
    In which case I could sell you some gold trimmed marble fireplaces and some boutique miniature Giraffes if you like.

  33. PPS – I should mention that just because being proud of your work is a good ideal sometimes deadlines are crap and you put forth something that works, but might not be your best. And well. That’s business baby. That’s not a lack of caring though, that’s a lack of understanding of what’s required by the employers.

  34. For fun and information:
    The marketing and creation of the cologne was run by L’Oreal and is based on the fist of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso (and his finger tattoos). The design itself was conceived by Patrick Veillet, a french designer known for his outside the box frangrance packaging (although his website made me want to stick my face in a vat of hot oil.) The original bottle design was quite well received and looked a bit more stately than this Captain America variant. I cannot find information on who to blame for that.

    Also fun: the scent is “a blend of green and animalistic leather, styrax and labdanum with a modern lemon and violet twist underpinned by the strength of cedar and amber notes.” I’m still waiting for comment from Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, but it sounds deliciously masculine to me.

  35. @ericmci  You’ve actually got what I was saying wrong, but there’s not much point in me spending the time. I work in comics, and to suggest that corporate comics work is selling out would be monumentally stupid of me.

  36. @itsbecca They are sending me some. I will report!

  37. @josh Nice! For a true take on it’s quality the review should include thoughts from both you *and* your wife.

  38. @josh I don’t know how else he was supposed to take that comment about Marvel. I read it as “people who work on corporate comics have no integrity” myself.

  39. @Textbooknerd  IF working on a corporate product such as cologne is selling out, THEN SO is working on corporately owned comics.

    Yet, I do not believe either of those things, but was stating what I think would be logically true, in terms of artistic integrity IF one believed working on the cologne was indeed selling out.

  40. If I went to the yogurt place and the guys behind the counter were having a semiotics argument about a customer’s choice of mix-ins, it would catch me off-guard less than this conversation did.

  41. I just like the paint splatter on the bottom of the image. It implies, to me anyways, that they just splashed red, white, andblue paint on the thing until they thought:

    “Hey, it kinda looks like Captain America’s shield!”

  42. I’ve never smelled a good cologne. I don’t think they exist.

    I dig that packaging, though.

  43. That’s right hitch! Throw caution to the wind! And… And also pride. While you’re at it.