Stan Lee Makes His Plea to the Academy for an Oscar

One of the hallmarks of the recent batch of comic book movies based on Marvel Comics have been the cameos by Stan Lee.  From his moments of insight in the Spider-Man movies, to his appearances in the X-Men movies to his dramatic turn in Iron Man, Stan Lee has been a fixture in the landscape of Marvel Comics movies.  Personally I've come to expect and hope for the Stan Lee cameo as each movie is released.  Little did we know the talent it took to be a trained cameo artist.  Stan Lee's never been one to be shy about his skills or self promotion, so he put together the below video making his plea to the Academy to consider him for an Oscar.  Good luck Stan!


  1. Lol, I love Stan Lee.

  2. Excelsior?

  3. What a salesman!

  4. Fantastic! I love how relentlessly shameless Stan is in everything he says. He’s the reason I finally got on Twitter, so I could follow those crazy self promotions. Excelsior, indeed!

  5. I’ll never tire of seeing Stan Lee

  6. Stan Lee: The #1 person on my list of people I want to high five that results in an explosion of awesome before I die.

  7. And the guy is 87!!! That’s just as amazing as the universe he created.

  8. I too have an Amazing SpiderSpud on my desk at work… 

  9. "How did they get Hugh Hefner?  That was me!  I’ll give you a minute to put your brain back in your skull…"  



  10. Sure why not.

    BEST CAMEO for the Oscars in 2011. 




  11. I am all for this 1000%. If Sandra Bullock is gonna get a damn award, then so should Stan!

  12. I just want to back Patman2 on his post. ‘nuf said.

    @Andrew: Stan Lee is on Twitter!!!!???? now i have to sign up.

    Until next time make mine Stan Lee for best Cameo! 

  13. what a healthy 87 year old man

  14. Shia LaBeuf and Laurence Olivier?

  15. Anyone that can be so shamelessly self promoting but still be self aware enough to laugh at himself is ok in my book.

  16. I really want to see him sell used cars.

  17. I get to meet him in a week!   I can’t wait!!!!

  18. He may be a dick in real life. But the ‘character’ of Stan Lee is brilliant!


    ’nuff said

  19. Stan Lee > everyone else

  20. The music in the background just makes it too perfect.

    Stan Lee for President!

  21. "Lawrence Olivier and Shia LeBeouf."  Hahaha, man.  Stan is so awesome.  Even if he talks like the narrator from Frosty the Snowman.

  22. You think Stan Lee sounds like Jimmy Durante?  How do you get that?

  23. That was hilarious but, I gotta say, damn, missed opportunity Mr Richards to finally show off his other, less known cameos, like as the bartender in the middle of that scene from Wolverine, that heartbreaking moment where he’s gunned down by Travolta’s crew in Punisher, that awesome scene where he trashes the nightclub at the start of Blade, and the part where he’s seen vomiting in disgust in Captain America (1990) some movie.

  24. I loved this.

  25. Stan Lee’s constant and shameless self promotion is thoroughly amusing in almost all instances.  It is indeed why I follow him on twitter.  I’m always in complete awe of his hucksterism.  

  26. I guess I’m alone in wishing Stan Lee would just go away

  27. @wolf: Yes. Most definitely.

  28. HA!  that last part was awesome  "Drape man here to fix the Drapes; Damn that was good"!  LOL!!!

  29. That was just silly fun. I hope (since he now has a profile on Funny or Die) that he does more random videos like this.

  30. Throughout that entire video I was squirming uncomfortably.