Stan Lee and Brad Meltzer Each Get History Channel Series

The History Channel has ordered series from a couple of comic book names you might recognize.  Stan Lee is trying his hand at another television series with Stan Lee's Superhumans, where Stan and his co-host, the apparently very flexible Daniel Browning Smith, find stories of people gifted with more abilties than your average human.  Maybe they got Cerebro working? Or just Craigslist? I'm not sure, but clearly this is the first step in the next evolutionary phase of humanity, and we're all screwed.

No more mutants!


Also, and this seems to have nothing to do with his comics, but you'll also be able to watch at least 10 episodes of Brad Meltzer's Decoded, where the bestselling author and sometimes comic writer talks about Red Tornado for days at a time.  Wait, that's not what it's about at all.  No, based on his decoding stories in his work like The Book of Fate, Brad will be "decoding familiar symbols". I bet they start with a red one, with a black cross on it.

I need to stop.


  1. Props to Stan.  Still going strong at age 87.  Tip o’my cap Mr. Lee.

  2. Where can I submit for Stan’s show?  I can eat Wheat Thins out of the box using just my elbows, and the Letterman show doesn’t return my calls.

     I think The History Channel is heading for rebranding.  Less and less history is being presented there now.  Maybe the Hiz-story! Channel?  Where am I going to get my 2 hour presentations of weapons and tactics of the 100 Years War now?  I seriously need this kind of programming.  It’s a sure way to get my family to vacate the living room for a couple hours of ‘me’ time.

  3. I would watch the Red Tornado thing… For, like, a week.

  4. Turns out there’s only so much profit to be eeked from repeated showings of Erwin Rommel’s home movies.

  5. I prefer Red Tornado talk

  6. Ugh. I’m sure I’m gonna be hated on for this, but I feel compelled to state my opinion. If nothing else, it’ll give the guys somethin to read in the midst of all the "STAN’S THE MAN!" and "EXCELSIOR!" posts. Let me preface this by saying that I have the utmost respect for Mr. Lee and his (and Kirby’s) legacy. I’m not some rage-filled ignorant noob, and I’m well aware that comics would not be what they are today without Lee (and Kirby). Hell, comics might not even BE period.

    I’m sick of seeing Stan Lee. I feel with every recent appearance, his public image gets a little more bruised. The movie cameos were fun at first, but now they’re groan inducing (not too mention downright confusing to the non-fanboys). The man’s 87 years old. Granted, he’s much more "with-it" than I’ll be at 87 (if I make it), but I’m starting to get the impression that he has no idea where he is. This saddens me. And now we’re gonna be treated to a weekly show where Stan reads scripted anticdotes from cue-cards, and peppers in stories we’ve all heard before about how he single-handedly created the Marvel Universe.

    One of the effects of modern television is the tarnishing of god-like celebrities. Remember when every dude in America thought Hugh Hefner was the man? If you’re younger than 20, you probably don’t because for the last 5 or 10 years, shit like "Girls Next Door" has recorded his mental decline on a weekly basis. So now instead of all of us fantasizing about how much vagina this god of journalism must get, we watch him wander around in whatever costume they dress him in and babble between naps.

    I don’t want this to happen to Stan. I realize this isn’t a reality show, and the concept does sound like it has merit. My point is that he’s getting older, and I don’t wanna watch him fade away on national television. He’s an inspiration to me, and I’d rather remember him as the energetic innovator he’s always been. That’s why I won’t be watching this show.

    Flame on, zombies.

  7. You know, he’s got to earn a living, right? And this is trading on what value he has. I can’t fault a man for that.

  8. @wheelhands

    Fame is a tricky thing. once you get a taste, you want more. Without totally knowing  Stan Lee’s finances, I wonder how much of his public persona has to do with earning the cash that he’s deserved his whole career now that he wasn’t able to earn as a creator. If you think about all the characters he created that he doesn’t own the rights to…I also wonder how much it also has to do with the corporate overlords telling Lee that the only place he has in comics is to be a public character to bring prestige to Marvel (Disney)?

    Most of our beloved comics characters were "stolen" from their creators for pennies because thats just how publishing worked in the Gold and Silver ages. I’m sure Stan Lee is fine, but he’s prob just trying to get his while he can. 

  9. Sold.

    I think Stan Lee has what it takes to get a good sum of the comic community watching a show he is on. To us he’s a legend, to the public, he’s the poster child for everything comics.

  10. @josh and wallythegreenmonster: You have a point. I rarely think in terms of the dollar signs involved. Still, while I’m sure he’s not as wealthy as most people assume, I doubt he’s hurting for cash. If it’s an image thing, how much longer are they gonna try to milk that? It won’t be long before they’re gonna have to prop him up with a stick. Might be time to come up with a new face.

  11. @josh Do you mean Cerebro instead of Cerebus?

  12. I’m with @Mangaman, the show sounds cool so I’m down! And I have friends who have never even thought about picking up a comic who think Stan Lee is awesome. He’s a very recognizable figure even outside of the comic community.

  13. All I saw was the Stan Lee part of the title and that’s all I need to read.

    Stan Lee can read the phone book and he’ll make it interesting.

  14. Well looks like I’m going to be taking up more room on the DVR with geek television. Mom is not going to be happy. Oh well, she can’t control me!

  15. I did mean Cerebro, and I’ve got Mass Effect on the brain. Teehee!

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I want this to be one show. Meltzer trying to have a serious conversation about Freemason temples and Stan interrupting with kooky questions and anecdotes about the creation of the Hulk. It’d be like Best in Show. 

  17. wow. seems interesting