Today, a conspiracy Unmasked!

The Unmasked

For Seastone City and elsewhere, the 20th century was an age of superheroes. What the eternally vigorous masked crusader known as Dagger started in the 1930s snowballed ever outward over the decades. Dozens of men and women gifted with impossible abilities protected humanity from evildoers of all kinds for some seventy years before the millennium’s end. Then came a new epoch, an age bereft of heroes. In their wake, a needful populace and the decrepit arch-foe Victor Vance, the wealthiest and most influential man in the city, finally free of Dagger’s constant vigilance. It is an age of corruption and senseless violence. A time you’d hardly call the present.

Paige Cruise is a normal woman fighting for truth. A crusader without the cape. With her chronicler father gone, Paige stands as the foremost authority on the dearly departed superheroes. She knows more about their history than she does about her own mother. As a reporter for the Seastone City Times, Paige has taken it upon herself to keep the legacy of the fallen heroes alive in this new “Decade of Hell.” Their extended absence has made that difficult, but it’s their return that will throw Paige’s life completely off balance.

Just as the ailing tycoon Victor Vance prepares to step down from his corporate seat, a masked vigilante appears on the skyline. A new Dagger for a new age. And he isn’t alone. Paige is thrust into the middle of a new vigilante renaissance. But these are hardly her father’s superheroes.

They may wear similar costumes and introduce themselves with familiar monikers like Freedom and Silver Saber. But who hides behind these masks and is it justice they really intend to serve? It’s a vast conspiracy with a rich ensemble of characters. As for the setting, is a city crying out for the return of its storied heroes really prepared to put its faith back in the hands of so many masked men?

Two issues of Michael Sarrao and John Broglia’s Unmasked are already available on Graphicly.




  1. I love this book! This book brings a different perspective to the world of super heroes.

  2. It’s actually a cool concept for a superhero comicboook. Can’t wait to see where they go with this.

  3. It’s a great comic book, I bought it online. I hope it becomes a movie 🙂

  4. I’m not even done reading chapter #1 and I’m already sucked in! I would definitely love to watch this if it were made into a movie!

  5. A great start to a great book! If you become a fan of them on Facebook, they talk about live action webisodes coming out this summer that will accompany and compliment the story:

  6. I like the whole motif of a post 911 world filled with uncertainty, violence and longing for better days when we believed in ourselves and felt safe. Now, the world is filled with evil, corruption and hopelessness. Our heroes have become uncertain entities. Can we trust them? They look like our heroes but something is amiss. Will our new heroes be our undoing? Can we ever trust again? I’ve enjoyed the two issues. The dialogue is engrossing, the art work a superb balance of the classic and the new. I’m hooked.

  7. Thouroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover. The storyline is new and fresh and the art is fantastic. It should become a movie! Even a TV series!

  8. One of the reasons I love this site – thanks for the heads-up Paul. I’ll definitely check this out.

  9. Unmasked is truly a different take on the whole super hero genre. It is totally well written. Mike Sarrao brings a new style to comics. John Broglia’s art work is on the edge with this great innovations of the past. Read this book and you will know why!

  10. they have webisodes???!!! this creator certainly put in a lot of work from what i can see. i have seen only two of the webisodes and they truly put you into a reality perspective. the episodes also add more feeling and emotion to the book.

  11. Awesome script! Awesome graphics! Awesome webisodes! Awesome comic…what can I really say? Its Awesome! The creator has created an comic with a truly unique look at superheros and I’m truly excited to see whats comes next!