SPECULATION: David Finch to Return to Marvel? UPDATE: Apparently Not

As Marvel Comics rolls out its various announcements related to their relaunch with Marvel NOW!, it’s been common for some creators to take to Twitter to confirm their involvement or even post some suggestions of things that may be happening, and earlier today, Brian Michael Bendis posting something very interesting:

The link in his tweet went to his Tumblr page with the following image:

Could Marvel NOW! mark the return of David Finch, who previously worked with Bendis on Avengers and New Avengers and has been across the street at DC Comics for the past few years? Could he be working with Bendis again? OR Could it be the character that we all thought was Ronin back in the day (to Captain America’s left)?

Looks like we just have to stay tuned.

UPDATE: We didn’t have to stay tuned for long as Bendis clarified in a tweet to a fan that he wasn’t referring to David Finch, rather:

So, to pick up a conversation from 2005, just who is this Mystery Bubbleheaded Person? We used to think he became Ronin, but it looks like Bendis has been holding him back for Marvel NOW!?


  1. i’m gonna assume he was referring to the white face guy. not david finch

  2. Eh, Marvel can have Finch and squinting characters back.

  3. That’s who was in the closet!

  4. HEY! That’s my tweet! Bwahahahaha!

  5. What did we learn on the site today, Craig?

    Comic creators really need to be more specific on twitter.

  6. Can’t say I’m upset about it. The covers Finch was doing for DC were terrible. Maybe his heart isn’t in it.

  7. Bendis is the mystery bubbleheaded person.

  8. I loved his work on The Dark Knight :Golden Dawn just before New52 and his recent variant cover of Nite Owl and Rorshach in Archies cockpit looking at them from outside the window…..I was reading the Avengers books during the whole Ronin thing and didn’t even know who Finch was yet. The Avenger books were better then aside from Secret Avengers(hopefully this shift brings the goods back to em)….I thought Ronin was Hawkeye…or are we talking who he was before Hawkeye dawned the name/suit? I forgot where they took that.

  9. The bubble head was supposed to be Daredevil. Well, specifically it was supposed to be “Matt Murdock as Ronin because he can’t be Daredevil anymore.” Bendis talks about it (and about why he changed it after this promo art had been released) in the intro he wrote for the first New Avengers oversized hardcover. Personally, I would have loved it if he had explored what Matt Murdock would have been like as an avenger 🙂

    Also, the geek in me that wears a tinfoil hat and makes up conspiracy theories wants to say that he is thinking about what could have been with Daredevil/Ronin on the Avengers because Marvel is getting the DD movie rights back. Ahhh dreams…..

    • I support this completely… crazy or not.

    • Ok so….. thinking about this has sent me into full on tinfoil hat mode, and this Is what I have come up with:
      Marvel has signed up Joss Weadon to do both Avengers 2 and a TV show. At the same time, they get back the rights to Daredevil. As many have already stated, DD would be great for TV, the only question is what Daredevil story works best? I submit, while Millers stuff is awesome (and was tackled with “meh” levels of success in the Fox DD movie) the best run of DD for the TV is undoubtedly Bendis. Think about it, a TV show needs to be much cheaper than a movie, have interesting characters (and since TV is a more grounded medium than film, those characters need to be somewhat street level even in an extreme situation, ala Firefly,) and be episodic in nature, containing many many smaller stories while building over one huge dramatic arc. Bendis Daredevil could do this easily, with the building arc or the unmasking and the public and legal trial of of Matt Murdock through the entire series while we also focus on smaller stories like the Owl’s takeover, his marriage to Mila, etc. There are many great characters that could be introduced, namely Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The trial can even be mentioned in other marvel movies.
      Finally, we get to the end of the series and this is where it can get pretty cool. Instead of the ending that Bendis put into his series, we have the ending that he originally intended. The TV show ends with Matt being found guilty and escaping from the law, only to pop up in avengers two as Ronin. The legal problems caused by this could even carry themselves over into what I would love to see in Avengers three, with the reveal at the end of Avengers two of a known criminal on the roster of the Avengers leading to the drafting of the superhuman registration act and the superhero Civil War.

    • I’d watch a DD TV show. It would be a perfect street level vantage point of the Marvel universe. And if they used it to introduce Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Black Panther? Oh yeah, this could work out very well.

  10. Is Johann leaving the BPRD to join the Avengers?

  11. It’s a streamlined Mysterio costume!

  12. always looked like the ghost to me

  13. Cobra Commander I believe.

  14. The bubble guy looks a lot like the floating robot in the NOW Hulk teaser