‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ Season 2 Hits Tonight!

I was a big fan of the first season of Spectacular Spider-Man. It is one of the most fun super hero cartoons that I’ve seen in a long while. Smart writing, great characterization, fantastic action and top notch animation.

You can check out the piece that I wrote about it last year.

I wasn’t thrilled when they moved the show from KidsWB on Saturday mornings to Disney XD on Monday evenings, but hipefully enough people have Disney XD and can watch it.

Here’s a quick preview:

In the season premiere, “Blueprints,” Peter wants to talk to Gwen about their first kiss, but before he gets the chance, Spider-Man has a run-in with the sorcerer Mysterio.  Following in the additional brand-new episode, “Destructive Testing,” Peter wrestles with his feelings for both Gwen and Liz, but in the meantime, Kraven the Hunter has arrived to make Spider-Man his prey.

Tonight you can find the first two new episodes on Disney XD at 7pm, and then starting next week new shows can be seen at 7:30pm.


  1. Too soon.

  2. What’s too soon?

  3. It’s been a full year since S1 so I assume he’s not talking about the show.

  4. Ultimate Spider-Man (spoilers)          just died. No respect.

  5. whats disney xd?  is this some hip new slang

  6. It’s a television channel.

  7. @peterporker-it used to be Toon Disney

    My cable company took away Toon Disney just as it changed to Disney XD and put it with the high priced cable package.  They’ve done it to G4 and Game Show Network its total corporate bullshit.  When a channel becomes a high rated channel they move it.  So I’ve been one of the ones who resorted to having to watch it on the internet.  I’ve already seen all of season 2 and its awesome.  I’m going to buy Season 1 when it comes out on DVD

  8. The best super hero cartoon currently on the air is back!


     Better than Batman: Brave and the Bold?

  9. I preordered Season 1 just two days ago.

    Can’t wait.

  10. @Heroville: Yes, way better.

  11. Ooooh, this looks really ice in high definition!

  12. Oh, I totally forgot about the opening theme song which was stuck in my head for about six months. Welcome back, old friend!

  13. That’s the best animated version of Stan Lee I’ve ever seen.

  14. Thank you so much for straightening this out in my dusty, rattling brain.

    I heard months ago that "Disney XD" (if that stands for "x-treme Disney," it is the funniest combination of words since "Dark Wolverine") was adding this show, so I added it immediately to my DVR… and it never recorded. I was so puzzled. I never seemed to be able to catch a new episode. It turns out they’ve never shown one; they were showing all of season one first.

    In conclusion, I am an idiot.

  15. Season 2 was pretty good.

  16. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Whoa.  Jim’s from the future.

  17. First episode – Fantastic! It epitomized what I love about this cartoon – smart, funny action and really good high school relationship stuff. It’s like watching ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN in animated form. Plus – Mysterio!

  18. Kraven the Hunter is so ridiculously over the top that you can’t hep but love him.

  19. @lantern4life: thanks for the clarification.  ive seen this show a few times but found it too babyish

  20. Oh man, I didn’t read this soon enough and it only has 10 minutes left.  I hope it reruns soon. I was too busy playing Ghostbusters: The Game, ha ha. Yes, I’d say this show is way better than Brave and Bold. The animation is top notch, and like Conor said the HS relationships remind me of USM. Great Stuff!

  21. The second episode… good, but not as strong as the first, mostly because I didn’t like Kraven turning into a lion-human hybrid thing. He was great as is. BUT the relationship stuff was fantastic. I love that once Gwen finally worked up the nerve to kiss Peter, Liz stepped in and dazzled him with all her cheerleaderness. Very smart. Liz loves Flash, you dingbat Parker! She just doesn’t like that another girl has your attention!

    I also love how the show embraces the kitchy elements from the 60s – with the Spider-Man face in the sky at the end of episodes and the flashlight belt.

    So who do we think is the Master Planner? i hope it’s Kingpin! Whoever it is, he’s gathering the Sinister Six. 

  22. @conor – Hasn’t animal form Kraven been done a few times, anyway? It’s nothing new so it doesn’t seem bothersome, but I wouldn’t know exactly since I missed out. I’m looking forward to catching these. Thanks for the heads up, so I know for next week, though.

  23. Best animated superhero show on the teletubes. 😀

  24. I read an article stating that Spectacular Spider-Man would be coming back this summer and got excited, thinking it would be season 3, but then realized it was just season 2 being broadcast in the US for the first time. Really shocked me that other countries actually got something like this before the States did. I’m almost always on the losing side of the border for anything media-related. Nice to be on the up and up for a change!

     Anywho, yes, season 2 is every bit as good as season 1 was (better in many ways)! Enjoy guys! 

  25. I watched the first season of this on DVD, one of those nights where you start off thinking "I’ll watch one or two of these" then 6 hours later you’ve still on the couch and you’ve watched the whole damn season. This show is good and it feels like what I think a teenage Spider-man show should be. I love how they changed a few basic concepts (mainly of the villains) but they totally work, and perhaps some of the voice acting in a cartoon show today, It’s also very funny in parts, I’ve caught a few of the first episodes of season 2 by means of youtube, and happy to say the quality from season 1 continues if not picks up a bit. 

  26. As a SM fan, I can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed this show.  Does nothing for me, a little too insignificant, or something.  Maybe because I’ve read it all.

  27. I thought the Spiderman v Mysterio fight scene in the saloon with the music and Spidey getting smashed in the head w/ a bottle was the best.  Thanks for the heads up Conor.  

  28. No. Its not. Batman Brave and the bold is the best superhero show on TV. Because it is a fan-service for the dads and awesome punching show for the children. spider-man is the same stories we are sick of seeing over and over and over again. Also, they aired earlier in the Maple land, making their way to the webs. So I saw a few of the earlier episodes and was unimpressed as the last season.

  29. @muddi900: I am definitely not sick of these Spider-Man stories. They are fantastically fun.I can’t get enough of them.

    I enjoy BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD every third episode.

  30. I had know idea they had moved it!  I cant afford fancy ass Disney XD…lame.  I have patiently been waiting to ome  home one Saturday and find a new episode.  So much for that one. 

  31. *cough*the internet*cough*

  32. Having seen the second season already, I definitely liked the second season a lot. You’re all in for a treat! Here’s hoping for season three!

    Unintentionally blasphemous statement of opinion: Spectacular Spider-Man may be my favorite out of all of the versions of the Web-Slinger available.

  33. @JeffR: Season 2 has been available for… procurement… online for a while now.  I didn’t realize they were only now starting to air it, until I saw this thread.

  34. Hey just curious: why was this season shown in other countries first before the US? Wikipedia shows Canada and Bulgaria (????) air date way before USA. O_o

  35. I sooooo wanted Stan to say:

    You know how sometimes you get Wood Chippings in your Eye? I hate that.

    That should be his new Catch Phrase.

  36. As great as this show is, I just can’t get into it on a regular basis. I think I’ve just seen these same Spider-Man stories a billion times in a billion different formats and, as classic as they are, I always get the feeling that I’m watching reruns.

    But DAMN is that theme song catchy! Maybe it deserves another shot just for that…

  37. @JeffR The entire season 2 of Spectacular Spider-Man has already aired in Canada.

  38. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Jim and DuneGig: Ah.  Both those explanations do make more sense than my knee-jerk theory.  *sigh*  But one can dream.

  39. Is this cartoon OK for preschoolers?  I don’t mean about complexity of plot, dialogue, etc. … I’m more concerned about violence, language, and average level of "scariness".

    Just wondering, because my son (that is also my avatar as you can see) is already becoming a superhero fan and I was considering to watch the show with him.

  40. @odino1

    I would NOT show it to prescoolers. While it would mostly be ok there are some later episodes with some truly creepy moments. I’ve seen the whole season and it is awesome for everyone over the age of about 8 I would say. Then again it is a personal decision for everyone depending on the maturity of their child.

  41. @Parker: Thanks, that is what I thought by reading some stuff online but I just wanted to check with you guys

  42. I watched 10 episodes of the first season all in a row last night. Stayed up until 2AM. It was so worth it. I’m gonna have to try and catch this show when it’s actually on!