Spawn Pays Tribute to Savage Dragon

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Image Comics, Spawn creator and Image co-founder Todd McFarlane announced that he will be returning to drawing covers for Spawn and paying tribute to the founding characters and titles of Image Comics.  Starting with Spawn #220, out in June, the first tribute cover (below) pays homage to Savage Dragon #1 by Erik Larsen.  In addition to that, there wil be a variant cover that pays tribute to Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood.

Spawn #220 also features Todd McFarlane’s return as the ongoing writer of Spawn.  Spawn #220 is available for pre-order in the April issue of Previews and will be in comic book stores on June 6th.

Spawn #220


  1. I’d say, after 20 years, Todd can still draw like it’s 1992. I can’t say the same for certain other Image founders (I’m looking at YOU two, Rob and Marc.).

  2. Anyone know how long Todd will be on Spawn?

  3. awesome cover.
    c’mon, todd! come back to pencils for your book in addition to writing. we need you.
    i would start buying spawn again and geek out like it was ’92.
    mcfarlane is my favorite penciler of all time. there’s been a huge hole in my comics world since he left.

  4. 2011 was actually a really good year for Spawn. Issue 200 was OK, but everything after has been fantastic! I’m actually a little bummed that Todd is returning to scripting as I was really enjoying the direction they were taking the book. Now if they would only make the damn thing available digitally!

    • FYI:

      “You know, nobody really paid attention but there was a guy that took over the book with 201. A writer named Will Carlton. That was actually me writing under a pseudonym. So I’ve been writing the book from issue 185 non-stop.”
      -Todd McFarlane


    • spawn has always been my fave indie book. jennifer is right on the will carlton thing. i wish it would get covered more on podcast. but as it is i only know 2 podcasters who talk about spawn and thats vince b of 11 oclock comics, and rafael sanz on no apologies. love love love todds work

    • So can we also say that Will Carlton is a great Fresh Prince reference. Which i’m gonna guess is Todd’s favorite tv-show.

  5. Who needs 3D glasses when images just “pop” out of the screen like that? Wow!

  6. I dig how the cape clearly hints at Dragon’s fin.

  7. Dear Todd McFarlane,

    Awesome cover! I think you’re confused, nobody wants you to come back to writing. Please come back to penciling! PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!

  8. I haven’t read Spawn in a really long. it’s not Al any more right? how many spawns have there been? who is it currently, what happened to Al and are any of those characters still in it, i know i could wiki this but i don;t trust them, i trust you guys.

  9. I still like McFarlane’s art. A lot. He’s everything Capullo is and more, imo, it’s just that Todd hasn’t done regular interior work in so long that whenever he does the odd issue of Spawn it’s looked kinda rusty.

    • what issues of spawn has he penciled in this century? i might have to go back issue bin diving. i haven’t seen him do pencils since the 90’s. i have pretty much all his works except for infinity inc. and would love to add more to the collection.

    • Somewhat related.. Mike Mignola was talking the other day about getting back into regular penciling of hellboy after years without regular penciling and Mignola quoted Frank Miller as saying when you get back to work after a long hiatus .. your going to hate your early work… but the quality will come back over time. Mignola wasnt liking his new stuff…anyway…I assume the speed that is required to do full monthly issues and the amount of time todd has been away.. his work would look rough for a while… but he was my favorite artist at one point.

    • i can’t wait to see mignola’s stuff. i wouldn’t mind if it was a lil’ rough around the edges in the beginning.
      hellboy in hell. doesn’t come out until late this year. i would imagine he is honing his skill as we speak and cursing up a storm in the process because frank is right. making a comeback is a bitch.

  10. i keep coming back to this image. i think i’m about to start reading spawn. hope the story can live up to the image(lol), especially if mcfarlane isn’t on pencil detail.