Something is coming…

The fun never stops behind-the-scenes here at iFanboy and we’ve got something new coming for you all to enjoy!  Keep your eyes out in the next few days for a new feature and an announcement!


  1. I thought you guys weren’t baiting us with vague announcements anymore 😉

  2. Maybe something to keep us logged in the site??  🙂

  3. Don’t the iFanboys ever sleep?

    You guys make me feel lazy. Sweet Lord.

  4. Oh no…the last time there was a something coming I ended up staying up all night long watching pantomime.  I’m some what concerned.

  5. What with all the beards last time, my vote’s for the iFanboy mass body-shaving live podcast.

  6. I’m not sure I like where you took that Dan…

  7. iFanboy will be starting a new non-profit organization, Mirkins for the Misfortunate.  Donate now.

  8. Gordon is is going to the justice he deserves (becomeing the 4th ifanboy) How long will we have wait for this one?

  9. @superfriends82 – Have you not seen the About Us page?

  10. Ahhh Gordon. Ifanboy answer to Shemp!


    I keed I keed! 

  11. I was going to vote for more beards but after seeing Dan’s comment I like that idea better…or worse?

  12. gah! again? why must you do this to me iFanboys? WHY?! 

    oh well I’m sure it’ll totally be worth it (just like the last announcement). Hopefully it won’t take a week to hear about it though… 

  13. not to worry – this one is locked and loaded – no waiting more than a couple of days…and besides, we like to give you something to look forward to 🙂

  14. Don’t tease me bro!

  15. Damn, iFanboy has as many events as Marvel these days. Will there be a crossover with another website?

  16. Let me guess – Ron, Conor, and Josh have all been fired from the podcast and replaced by Tom Katers, a Skrull, and Gordon the Intern.

  17. It’s another new website right??? To make up for all the years with the old one???

  18. I hope the two somethings are regular contributors like Paul Dini and that other guy — what’s his name.

    I really dig the train of consciousness articles.

  19. @Rofo – I am Tom Katers…and a Skrull.  It’s going to be an amazing podcast! 

  20. How do you keep your "eyes out" conor?

  21. The same way you keep an eye out, but with multiple people.  Unless you are all the same person.

  22. I’ll accept that. Although, I think I’ll opt to just keep both eyes open for the wackiness ahead.

  23. Gordon’s on the About Us? Wait, the About Us is updated? Wow! I didn’t know a lot of this stuff!!! Josh, what happened to your dog?

  24. Bring back the star wars game!!!

    Can’t wait to see what these two somethings are. Ever since the site was relaunched things have been awesome.

  25. my guess is comic collecting software for the mac, with iphone functionality from the new SKD.   wait…were u taking requests?  i thought u were gonna like pick one out of a hat.  carry on.

  26. Clearly the next step is gender equity and iFangirl ™ is the next announcement.

  27. HD – Video?

  28. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    "Superhero Movie" podcast? I like it on the preview when Tom Cruise says he can eat planets.

  29. Why you got to play it like this?

    Bright side? You do know it’s going to be hard to trump this new website, right? 

  30. @ Patio – Yeah, I have to update that, but between the puppy and these "somethings," well, I’ve let that detail slip.


    what i think is up: 

    the video show is going to be in 3D, and you wont need no stinking glasses for it either.


    Connor will have hair.



    Ron won’t


    Gordon and josh are going on wife swap.



    Zombie Stan Lee mascot.



    nuff said.




  32. a want a computer with a hole for my pp

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    One of the guys is having twins.  Clearly.  

  34. @ conor i know if the adout us thing. But meant puting gordon in as a ifanboy full time! 🙂

  35. We’re all getting ponies.  That’s it, isn’t it?

  36. @superfriend82 – Gordon the Intern *is* a full time iFanboy.

  37. @superfriend82 – Gordon is to Conor like Robin is to Batman.

    I pretty sure that’s going to be an SAT question someday.

  38. @Josh – But it wouldn’t be a video podcast. Just audio – lots of ouch-ing and ooch-ing.

    You guys give so much already – please, just stop.

  39. They’re doing a charity video for lost interns everywhere.  They’ll get Gordon into a rocket-powered motorcycle pointed straight for the moon.  Also he will be wearing a tutu and have a monkey dressed as a female police officer in his sidecar along for the ride.  We will all pay for it and it will go to the iFanboy Needs Cause, instead of needy interns such as myself and Gordon, who will regretfully be dead because his oxygen tank was replaced with a duffle bag of butterscotch pudding to keep costs down. The iFanboy Needs Cause is otherwise known as Conor, Ron, and Josh’s wallets or Hookers and Blow money.

    When will you stop abusing Gordon and Monkeys?  It makes me so sad.
    The second something will hopefully be a blurb by Geoff Johns, who I have a man crush on.  His writing is the bestest.

  40. Why are you teasing us. Why not just do it. Is iFanboy finally having a nudie comic book hottie section (or sextion if you will).

  41. Me. In my pants. I’m coming. Splat!

  42. @Gordon You and i are like "Batman and Robin" just what do mean by that?!

  43. Sorry i meant you and ron

  44. Bettie Page style pin-up calendar! Mark my words!

    That, or they’re going to announce the new Mortal Kombat… It could really go either way…