Sneak Peek at Jonah Hex #50 from Darwyn Cooke

When one of iFanboy's favorite books, Jonah Hex written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray converges with one of our favorite artists like Darwyn Cooke, you can be sure we're going to stand up and take notice. Back at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer Jimmy and Darwyn were kind enough to talk to us about the upcoming Jonah Hex #50, which back then felt like it was ages from being published, but sure enough it's December and here we are – Jonah Hex #50 is set to be released from DC Comics this Thursday.

It's been a good year for Darwyn Cooke, with the release of his graphic novel adaption of Parker: the Hunter, but for us Darwyn fans, we haven't gotten much sequential, colored comics like his past work on The Spirit or DC: The New Frontier, so this issue of Jonah Hex #50 will be a great reminder of why we adore Mr. Cooke's work. 

In a rare glimpse into the creative process, Darwyn has been kind enough to post his thoughts about working on Jonah Hex #50 on his blog.  There he discusses the excitement he had at pushing his artistic process on the material, explains his influences on the work, and sings the praises of his art partner, Dave Stewart on colors.  If you're a Cooke fan, this is a must read.

But what's even cooler is that he posted an awesome preview to Jonah Hex #50, posted below in full size, which shows you what we're in store for with this issue without giving anything away. Even with previews, Darwyn Cooke is nothing but classy.  Don't forget to pick up this issue on Thursday and enjoy the sneak peek below:

Jonah Hex 50 by Darwyn Cooke


  1. Sexy (everything but Hex’s face).

  2. I may not be the biggest Cooke fan nor a Jonah Hex nut, but I have to say that these are great images. Cooke draws a great Hex.

    One observation – most artists have the cigar hanging out of the unscarred side. Having the smoke on the adhesion side makes Hex look even more unnerving.

  3. Is there a blood vessel in there? Guh, I just want to cut the thing. *shudder*

  4. How are they addressing his face in the film?  I imagine the strip of skin would look ridiculous on screen.  [Like Two-Face did in a few shots.]

  5. @stuclach: Jonah Hex movie pics.

  6. Hopefully this one doesn’t suck. Last time I bought a Cooke-drawn Hex book, the shitty story really took away from the man’s gorgeous art.



  7. @Diabhol: That Canada issue was awesome.

  8. @conor – Thank you, sir.  They seem to have minimized the "remnant" while not completely doing away with it.  Not bad.  Those look decent.

  9. Can’t wait Darwyn cooke is my favorite

  10. I’ll definitely be picking this up, but i’ve never bought a Jonah Hex book before.  Are they mostly "one and done" stories?  Or am i going to be completely lost.

  11. @DWarren: JONAH HEX has been one shot issues for about 95% of its run. You’ll be fine.

  12. @DWarren

    One and done. I believe the only time it hasn’t been one and done is the 6 issue arc right before this. I seriously need to get Jonah Hex trades. 

  13. @conor: The narration killed it for me.



  14. Many thanks to Conor and Josh for recommending this series – I picked up the first trade and read through half the stories over the holiday and now can’t wait to read the rest.  I didn’t think I’d be all that thrilled with the one shot stories, but it actually gives me something to look forward to with each sitting.  With the addition of Darwyn (I have still yet to read the Parker book he put out) it looks like DC is continuing to put resources behind this series (I don’t know how many they sell compared to the other books).

  15. Can’t wait.

    And Jonah Hex #33 with Cooke was an excellent story and easily in my top five favorite Hex stories from this run. Heavy on narration, but a great short story all the same.

    There was the three issue origin arc and the Sawbones two issue arc from not too long ago. Still most of the 50 issues are single issue stories.

    I hope people support this book.

  16. Maybe I’ll start reading this series with this issue.

    Cause I always hear great things about this, on and off ifanboy. The art in this looks absolutely amazing.

  17. The most troubling thing about the movie is not the imagery. It is the supernatural plot summary.

  18. @Paul – I think that the scarred side is due to pressing a white-hot axe to the side of Hex’s face. If that is the case, there are unlikely to be large vessels in the attachment – rather, it is what is probably what in medical parlance would be called an adhesion, which is a fibrotic scar.

    Even in the late 19th century, it would have been possible to lyse the adhesion and cauterize any vessels. However, two complications might have occurred: 1) re-adherence, and 2) infection, which could be life-threatening. In any case, I prefer to think that Hex kept the thing as a reminder of how he feels about the world.

  19. Oh joy!

  20. Thanks for this.  Never checked out Jonah Hex before, but Cooke’s art makes this a no-brainer must grab.

  21. I’m not normally a Jonah Hex fan, but I think I’m going to pick this one up, the sample art above is just so gorgeous, and I do love Cooke’s art.

  22. Awesome guys!!! Thanks for the preview.  Tallulah Black is my favorite Hex supporting character. I can’t wait to read this.  Jonah Hex is usually the first book I read every month since it always comes out the first week of the month.

  23. Issue #33 was great.  I’m picking up #50 and decided to add the series to my pull list at my store too.

  24. wow, that looks really fantastic. there is something special about a penciler that is a comic artist first. Not an artist squeezing his style into a comic page. Looks really good

  25. Does anybody know how long Darwyn will be on this run? Sorry if I missed it.

  26. @vadamowens – Darwyn’s just doing the 50th issue. 

  27. That sucks.  Thanks though.