Smallville – S10E19 – Dominion

I love General Zod, but not here. Not on Smallville. He's kind of sniveling and annoying and so of course we're going to visit with him one more time.

Also, what happened to Darkseid as this season's big bad? We haven't seen him in forever.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I agree where the hell is Darkseid? I feel like his last appearance with Lionel Luthor in the graveyard was a tease for nothing. I hope that he either shwos up next episode, or for the two hour season finale, maybe first hour be Clark vs. Darkseid, then the last hour would be Clark vs. Lex. Now that would be awesome!

  2. @SpiderTitan  I think I read that all of Michael Rosenbaum’s scenes were shot in one day so I’m not anticipating him being in a lot of the finale. We’ll see.

  3. Oh hey. Oliver is back. Too bad Chloe didn’t come with. I still hope she shows up for the finale.

  4. This looks exciting. I am seeing this as the last chance to see live action Zod before the Man of Steel film.

    On a side note, does anyone know when Young Justice (the other friday show) comes back? 

  5. So did we ever find out why John Jones never appeared this season?  He was in the season 9 finale with other JLA members and then he vanished…  As “pivotal” as Mera and Aquaman (and especiallly Mera) were to the season (and other roles-Stargirl, Black Canary, Hawkman), it would have been nice to see Martian Manhunter again.

  6. Ah I love episodes where you can just tell what shows are on the writers’ dvr. Totally going full out Spartacus blood and sand this episode.

  7. Smallville Zod = casting and writing … he could have been a seriously malevolent nemesis, but Callum Blue just doesn’t have the gravitas.

    And couldn’t they have found a way to weave Darkseid, Zod and Luther’s return more tightly? e.g. Darkseid releases Zod from the Phantom Zone and in return Zod perfects the cloning technology that helps bring back Lex?

  8. Zod!!!!!!! @cahubble09  i dont mind the spoil because baseball delayed it until 1030pm

  9. My DVR didn’t record this. Lame!

  10. So let me get this straight, the phantom Zod possessed and merged with the clone Zod? OK I like it. The only thing I don’t like is it seems they are packing Zod, Darkseid and Lex all in at the end to quickly. I would have been fine this season if they just left out Darkseid all together.

  11. NON and URSA!!!

  12. Preview for next week looks good…I think we got a peep of Black Manta, Captain Cold and Roulette!

  13. Oh, also a “dark” archer-type. Maybe Ollie drinks the Omega flavored kool-aid? (it’s got electrolytes!)

  14. @Ej Well, if it has electrolytes, then it’s got what I need.

  15. @warmachine15  Nice.  Plants crave that shit.

  16. @EJ  I saw Merlyn, too. Couldn’t make out the other two.

  17. Someone on youtube said the other dood is Solomon Grundy which leads me to think the last guy is….Toyman?

  18. @EJ maybe an enemy for each of this version of the Justice League (or whatever they’re calling it now)?

  19. I loved this one! Going to re-watch it now! Justin Hartley did a great job for his directorial debut. The scenes were some of the best Clark’s ever been involved with on the show. I dug that he was wearing a red cape too!! I didn’t understand the little talisman thing that allowed Zod to send Deathstroke back to Earth though. I did like how he was a combo of the original phantom that possessed Lex and the clone from Season 9. That makes perfect sense! The Clark & Lois stuff was also great.

    Next week looks huge! Not sure how they’re going to fit all those storylines in one episode?? Lois gets superpowered, Toyman returns, Supergirl returns to help Ollie find the Bow of Orion, Granny returns, and the intro of what appears to be the Legion of Supervillains!!?? Whoa!!

  20. ^^the *fight* scenes were some of the best

  21. Wow they went to extremes in order to escape Phantom Zone, I almost thought that they were serious in killing Clark and/or making Oliver evil before the finale, yet as the church scene indicated, perhaps Oliver is either a minion of Darkseid, Darkseid trapped, or maybe he might become or help let out Orion to fight Darkseid.

  22. you know what, I reckon Darkseid will be fighting Clark, then lex will come back and Darkseid will “Tattoo” Lex too, making him the ulitmate badass he’s supposed to be

  23. This episode was terrible. Someone in the show really loves that Spartacus TV series or the movie Gladiator too much. It really didn’t belong here.

    And the writing was awful too. The dialog felt like it was merely taking up space.

    Was there any point where ANYone thought that Oliver was going against Clark? Did the showrunners really think they were fooling anyone?

    Also, why was Oliver such a push-over in the Phantom Zone to begin with? Isn’t everyone on the same level there? Couldn’t he just have beat them all up? Wasn’t that THE WHOLE POINT OF HIM COMING ALONG IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    Terrible episode. Hopefully the last ones aren’t awful. 

  24. Was that the Legion of Doom in next episode’s promo?!??!!!!!

  25. @rottenjorge: Not sure what I might have spoiled as I haven’t yet seen the episode myself.