Smallville – S10E15 – Fortune

It's time for pre-wedding hi-jinxs courtesy of some Zatanna spiked booze! (Never trust super hot magicans in fishnets.)

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.


  1. Ok now they’re stealing ideas from the Hangover.


    Goes well with that SMALLVILLE: THE MATRIX EDITION. 

  3. That is one insane limo.


  5. 1970s Tess looks awesome.

  6. I’m about ten minutes behind but already this is fantastically enjoyable.

  7. “My head is pounding like a mosh pit” — Lois Quote of the night.

  8. Thoughts until I catch up to live:

    – The show’s limited budget usually just effects he set but seing that Clark’s bachelor party was just Oliver and Emil as kind of sad. Stupid budgets.

    – Clark speed running into the wall just made me almost spit my drink.

    – Emil Presley and Hot 60s Tess… yes.

    – Zatanna’s magic champagne seems pretty great. I want to get it for the next iFanboy party.

  9. Aaaaand I’m live.

  10. @conor  Yeah It would have been cooler if the rest of the psuedo JLA was there for the party. I hope Zatanna actually shows up by the end but I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t.

  11. Are you allowed to call your best friend’s fiance’s boobs “The Pointer Sisters”? I don’t think you are.

  12. Pointer Sisters HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  13. Hmm…. more wacky pre-wedding adventures, less run-of-the-mill armored car robbing villain.

  14. Lois is going to be a lot less hard on herself once she finds out that Clark married Chloe (although I think there’s a chance he married Lois).

    Drunkly marrying someone else > Losing engagement ring

  15. Well, Oiiver doesn’t make an… ugly girl…

  16. oliver queen in drag makes the episode.

  17. Showgirl Ollie = hilarious

  18. Ooooh – Emil’s getting the Casino treatment!

  19. Clark for the most part has been absent but this is still an awesome episode.

  20. WAIT, WHAT?!?

  21. Billionaire and Wonderous Woman??? YES!

  22. What? She;s leaving already? I hate this! chloe is the best part of this show.

  23. I guess that was the first official — oblique — mention of Batman and Wonder Woman on this show.

  24. A wonderous woman! and a Billionaire Playboy?!!!

  25. @PhoenixFactor  Allison Mack was only going to be back for part of the final season.

  26. Chloe is the JLA recruiter.

  27. Emil and Tess should totally get it on.

  28. Well, if you’re going to borrow the conceit from The Hangover, you might as well go all the way.

  29. straight from the hangover ending

  30. @Conor I knew that I was just hoping it would be more than 3 episodes:(  The dynamic of the show is so much better with her than without.  Is she going to be back again before the end?

  31. You know what? It’s just really nice to see these characters goofing off and laughing together considering all they’ve been through.

  32. accidental sex tape haha!!!

  33. Well, my goodness…

  34. I knew it!

  35. @conor  Exactly! Also great ending!

  36. conor you can see the future, what are the florida lotto numbers?!?

    anyway chloe and Oliver!?

  37. Clone Lex is Superboy!!!

  38. Conner Kent next week!

  39. is that next week??

  40. ok question answered

  41. I like Fook Yu and Fook Mi at the beginning watching Emil on the smartphone. 🙂

  42. That backhand mention of Batman and Wonder Woman makes this episode all worth it!

    BTW, when did Chloe learn how to fight and shoot like a marksman? I can’t remember that happening. 

  43. Apparently I’m the only person who hated this episode. I can’t really put my finger on why, but it might have to do with ripping off the Hangover right after ripping off Date Night. It’s also because it was all just TOO goofy. I could see what they were going for, and I enjoyed the characters goofing off, but most of the episode was just dumb. Like “my lucky lemur?” Seriously? Is there any chance it’s a coincidence that the lemur in this episode and the monkey in the Hangover 2 are both wearing denim jackets?

    Sorry, despite some smiles, this episode just bugged me. 

  44. Yay hijinks!

  45. Smallville Batmillionaire and Wondrous Woman would be hilarious.

  46. Smallville Prime…

  47. I wouldn’t say there is much of a conceit in either the Hangover or Smallville.

    But I will say this show continues to jump the shark in entertaining ways- some almost credible at times even.

  48. Alls I know is that I want to party with Zatanna

  49. @conor  How does that work?! Conner Kent?! He hasn’t even been Superman yet!?!?!?! How can he already have a Superboy?!

  50. this episode was great fun. How do we do?!

  51. Wonder Women AND Batman allusions?!?!?!? aweSOME.

  52. LOVED that ending! Great episode.

    Oh…i see how they are doing Conner Kent, COOL.

  53. Hilarious. The most awesome episode I ever saw.

  54. This was a horrible episode. Just filler, no plot advancement of any note, worst episode ever. And why would Zatanna do that to them? She’s off my Christmas card list if I was them.

  55. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    clark running into the wall definitely makes my top 10 moments of the year in tv.
    oh, and mentions of the dark knight and amazing amazon put this up there as one of my favorite episodes. honestly i think people will either love this episode for it’s craziness, or hate it for its craziness. 

  56. @captamerica101  Top ten moment of the series, I think.

  57. @conor  And Chloe’s reaction shot just cemented it.

    I caught up with my DVR last night and at one point I thought, “It’s good to see these characters goof off after all the stress and tradgedy they deal with.” And then I thought, “Whoa, that is such a Connor thing to say.” AND THEN I read this thread today and sure enough…

    So is Oliver gone for the rest of the show too now that he’s off to Star City?