Smallville – S10E03 – Supergirl

Tonight's episode – Supergirl

Things have been lining up nicely so far in this final season to pave the way for the final battle with Darkseid. This week, it looks like Glorious Godfrey is stirring up more trouble for Clark and his super friends by bashing them on the radio. Can Parademons be far behind?!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc., but since it's Friday night it will probably most likely be post-show analysis.



  1. You know…that’s going to make that whole "keeping a secret identity" thing pretty hard.

  2. really? NO ONE is here?

  3. Hey man. I’ve been sitting here for fifty minutes waiting for other people.

  4. "I am Iron Ma–Green Arrow."

  5. Did anybody else see how fast clark reconized kara in those glasses. wouldnt that make him think twice before he decided to use those as a means to hide himself?  lois lane did not only get to be the first person to say "superman" she also gets to say "darksied" as well,she’s getting to say all the names,lol. Also I wish they were using the classic darkseid character not the "final crisis/countdown verson" where he posses bodies. I’m sure we will still get to see a physical form at the end but still I dont care for the black smoke essence thing……still great episode though!


  6. Good episode!  Not as much Supergirl in it though for an episode titled Supergirl.  Seems like she should be back, but interviews with her say she may not be back.

    Finally got to see some more Clark flying practice.  I wonder when and what is going to allow him to figure it out..

    I liked the Linda Danvers disguise at the end.  Yeah the Green Arrow admission was very Iron Man, but thats not the first time thats happenned. 

     I’d give this 3.5 maybe 4 out of 5…  Not as good as I hoped, but probably just wanted more of the titles namesake in the episode.

    Next weeks 200th episode looks REALLY GOOD!!!  The extended minute long trailer is here:

  7. ugh I hate when heroes reveal themselves.

  8. I loved how the S&M club was named Dessad

  9. Good episode. Liked the subtle references of the new gods. I think it’s a good idea that they are going with the final crisis version of the new gods. I’m sure if Darkseid possesed someone long enough he will physically change into darkseid. Also the darkseid voice sounds good.

  10. Preseason basketball means I have to watch this episode tonight.

  11. Me too.  Do not understand how a pre-season game can pre-empt a network show.

  12. would it seem sad if I still post comments as I watch?

  13. Best episode so far this season!

  14. Did anyone else notice that Kara’s ears were pierced??? Definitely not possible.

  15. @Patriotsun – never thought about it, but.. what if she pierced them when she was on Krypton?

  16. So say someone is looking to jump on Smallville… Where do I start? Season 1, or is there a better season to start and then go back and watch the older ones? (sorry for being a bit off topic)

  17. MountNJ – Just start now. If you like it, then go back and check out earlier season later. Just remember that the show has reinvented itself a few times that you’d hardly recognise the early shows from what it is now. That’s not a bad thing tho. It has had it’s ups and downs but when it gets it right it can be really good.

  18. I thought this was pretty good. I was a bit surprised that they had kara come out in front of everyone, but the lack of astonishment from people was even more weird. I sorta wish they had kept that for clark when he becomes supes later on. I also found it a bit weird that there’s a difference between the lost smoke monster demon from supernatural thing that possessed godfrey… and godfrey. does that mean another smoke monster is gonna possess a guy named Mr John Darkseid, and that’s how he’ll be named? I hope so! (maybe)

  19. @MountNJ – Check out next week’s 200th episode!

    Its going to be full of flashbacks.  I the flashback’s interest you then go back and start with season 1.  I’ve been watching since the start and i’m not in the middle of rewatching all the season and i’m halfway thru season 3.  Matrix is right, it has reinvented itself a few times.  The last couple seasons have been much more DC Comics mythos heavy.  I do think last season was the best in awhile, but as I said, I’m watching season 3, and 3 may have been the strongest of the early years.  Each season has a different feel.  Some people said it should’ve ended after 4.  I’m a fan of all so far, and I think 10 is shaping up to be th best yet (even though Supergirl disappointed me on Friday).

  20. MountNJ – frankly, I’d start at the beginning and stop watching around season 4 or 5. Yes, I keep watching, and I enjoy it (for some reason), but everything after the first four seasons is really just watching Clark spin his wheels until he becomes Superman. Somehow they just keep thinking up new reasons to keep him from actively using his superpowers to help people. He only started doing that about halfway through last season.

    I don’t know, I guess it’s just me. It’s hard for me to say that I LIKE Smallville. I really enjoyed the beginning, but after that not so much. And I’m really hoping Chloe doesn’t stay off the show for long. She’s typically the one thing that grounds it for me and makes it watchable…