Smallville – S09E20 – Hostage

Tonight's episode – Hostage



Martha Kent is back in Metropolis. She's got a Thelma and Louise scarf and a gun and a mission. Perry White is also back, but he's probably just got a hangover. 

As always, we look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. So Perry and Mrs. Kent are shacking up. I mean I know they are married in real life but really?

  2. was that a dream?

  3. Yay  Perry two years and still on the wagon.


  5. Ma Kent looks so much older. When was the last time she was on?

  6. Awkwardsauce…

    @boomergirl I think Season 6? 

  7. did she really just break up with him infront of his  mom? That’s cold!

  8. @boomergirl: Icecold!

  9. Captain Cold cold!

  10. So are the demons from Evil Dead coming after Ollie and Tess?

  11. Oh snap Red Queen is Tess!

  12. Really Perry you have a thing for falling.

  13. Perry White is awesome. They should make him and Ma Kent regulars next season…

  14. @red: Does Annette O’Toole want to come back?

  15. Just like everyone called it last week, awesome!

  16. @JesTr I honestly doubt it. But it would be cool.

    Also: Ma Kent makes Batman look like a little bitch. Just sayin’. 

  17. @red: Ha!

  18. Sounds like World of New Krypton on Smallville.

  19. Wow.  They finally managed to turn out a great episode this season.  Clark actually figured out something for himself for once as well.  One of the only episodes this year where everthing made sense.

  20. Is it wrong that I still think Annette O’tTole is hot?

  21. It was really nice to see Ma Kent back on Smallville… I enjoyed this episode quite a bit and can’t wait for the season ender next week. Cool trailer for next week!

  22. Really good stuff here.

    The only thing that I did not like was that I felt that there was a lack of chemistry between Clark and Lois in this episode.  Which I thought was interesting because they are normally good with each other.

  23. Great Caesar’s ghost I love this show! 

  24. Like having ma Kent and Perry white back but I feel the reveal would have worked and actually surprised the viewer if it had happened last week when we didn’t know she would be back.

  25. good episode of Smallville. hope this weeks is a good