Smallville – S09E16 – Checkmate

Tonight's Episode – Checkmate

I finally got to watch last week's Silver Banshee episode and man, that was a lot of fun!



As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    does anyone have any idea who the red king is? 

  2. Maxwell Lord

  3. I’m getting ready to watch this episode and I can’t wait!

  4. ah, yes..maxwell lord. i heard he had been cast. cool.

  5. Wow only 4 post after 8hours after showing EST.Does this say something about Smallville?

  6. @zerodni: Yes, it says that the article didn’t go up until after the show was over on the East Coast.

  7. Back to back great episodes! 

  8. I wish they would actually use some of the other memebers of their team besides martian manhunter and green arrow in the show.

  9. John Jones was great in this episode. I really wish they’d make him a regular next season.

    It seems like they’re doing the same thing with Zod this season as they did with Doomsday last, taking it easy for a few episodes and then ramping it up for the final 4-5.

  10. This was a really good episode. A+ rating, in my opinion. It was really fun to see Martian Manhunter use a lot of his powers. Amanda Waller and Checkmate……….. Awesome!!!!

  11. This is back to the debate of just b/c you do bad things is that "evil?"

    I have always seen Amanda Waller as more of a misguided patriot type character she is clearly doing bad and nefarious things but in the name of what she things is right.  Even if it isnn’t/

    I think Evil-evil is more RedSkull- Nekron- demons who fuck up spiderman’s marriage territory.

  12. I found myself saying "Really!??!?" over and over again.  I thought the stop motion sequence where Clark rescues Chloe was done very well, but I also thought through it a bit and said, "man, they are really operating on almost no special effects budget."  Phil Morris is so good at anything he does.  It takes a lot of emotion to make that dialogue not sound hoakey and he is great at it.  I keep waiting for him to bring out the "Jackie" voice from Seinfeld though.  It’s just my fanboy dream to work it in. "A Kryptonite bra?! It’s lewd.  Poisonous. Lascivious.  Outrageous!!"

  13. The stop motion, slow-mo effects were rather different. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I wonder if that’s gonna become a regular effect from here on out, or director’s choice? Anyway, I enjoyed episode. It’s always cool when they seed some cool story/comic elements in.

  14. I thought this episode was AWESOME!!!  The story, the effects, everything was ON!

  15. Awesome episode! can’t wait for the return of metallo next friday

  16. The slow/stop motion scene was great – like panels of a comic book.  It was the best past of the episode.

  17. This could be one of my favorite single episodes ever. 

    Those were some of the most thrilling effects I’ve ever seen on this show and completely complimented the story. And GREAT use of Tess in this episode. I didn’t see her doublecross coming at all in that opening sequence and I actually felt genuine fear and sympathy for her in the closing scene. The fight scenes were fantastic, and moved the plot forward. The danger and violence seemed legitimately threatening. You really got the sense that these people would not hesitate to put a bullet in Chole’s brain. And seeing J’onn cut loose with his powers was a total "jump up and down on the sofa" moment. And Green Arrow escaping the armoured car and sliding down the road on the metal door could’ve been lifted straight out of a comic book.

    This show has never, ever, been better than it is right now. I agree the Zod stuff is kindof a mess, but I’ll take it over "Lana is possessed by a witch" anyday.