Smallville – S09E12 – Warrior

Tonight's Episode – Warrior

Woof, I'm still coming down from the endorphin high from last week's Smallville extravaganza! Man, that was good stuff.

So! Now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. Last season, after Geoff Johns wrote the stellar Legion of Super-Heroes episode, Smallville went into the tank. There were some truly dreadful shows after that. Ugh. But let's hope that's not the case this season!

Zatanna's back and that's a good sign, and ths week Smallville heads to a comic book convention.



As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. You guys are on your own tonight, I’ve got Olympic fever.

  2. Yeah, me too, sadly. Though…Zatanna…

    *bites lip* 

  3. Really?  Olympic fever?  The opening ceremonies don’t start for another hour! 

  4. @conor I havn’t started but I been hearing  they have been showing the sledder getting killed over and over.

  5. lane as a tropper…hot!

  6. captain boomerang mention! that just made my day!

  7. Captain Boomerang???

  8. chloe got a text from oliver about some guy ith boomerangs, who else can it be?

  9. I wonder how much they had to pay Lucasfilm for all of that Star Wars stuff. Also I wonder why they didn’t just use Captain Marvel for this, it seems like a pastiche of his powers and secret ID.

  10. @boomergirl – i wasnt questioning you, it was my geek out too!  that would be cool if the show him at some point..

  11. LMAO!!! That was classic!!

  12. Captain Marvel would have been better.

  13. Allison Mack directed this one.

  14. @supervan- I meant to type that as a question but in my excited geekiness I missed the proper punctuation. also, the fanservice was a nice touch.

  15. it kinda has a Captain Marvel vibe to it.

  16. ZATANNA!!!!

  17. yeah it would be been awsome to supes capt marvel fight in live action

  18. Zatanna looking hot as ever.

  19. @AztecLos I agree Captain Marvel would have been awesome.

  20. Did they pay a lot to use C3PO

  21. Wonder-Woman???

  22. Erica Durance is hot as Wonder Woman.

  23. oh cons, how I miss you.

  24. WB is the current distribution house for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I’m sure they only paid a (relatively) small licensing fee.

  25. Jesus christ Chloe couldn’t be more turned on without humping his leg

  26. Warrior Wedgie!

  27. what ever gets the job done.

  28. @ Heroville – i’m no Z expert, but she’s had a very flirtatious relationship w/ Batman as far as i know..

  29. @Heroville – I’m not Z expert, but she’s always had a flirtatious relationship with Batman..

  30. Is she gonna suduce him now? Well I would let her.

  31. oh snap.. JLA SEXY TIME

  32. hmmm

  33. Looks like CLark has some will power. Fitting for a Green Lantern.

  34. Has Zatanna always been this lusty in the comics, I don’t ever remember that being a side to her characterization

  35. what is going on w/ my posts?????????????????????

  36. my new posts are getting posted 5 minutes before i wrote them.. amd i caught in some sort of groundhog day loop??

  37. @Heroville I think this just portraits her when she was young and inexperiance.

  38. Okay so this kid is totally Billy Batson.

  39. the letters made me go "d’awww"

  40. this totally should captian marvel

  41. Wow that kid doesn’t know what’s he is into.

  42. Damn it Chloe has Natal!!!

  43. Chloe is beginning to scare me with the flirting.

  44. Cool, Superman movie reference.

  45. I just remembered that the kid’s like 12 years old.

  46. So they do a copy of the scene from Superman.

  47. At 12 years old I knew damn well what do to alone with a girl

  48. Chloe is going to throw up now.

  49. @Heroville- apperently this kid doesn’t.

  50. Did Mark Waid write this episode? SOunds all Iredeamable.

  51. chloe is soooooooooooo elizabeth perkins in BIG!  "i was just crushing on a 12 year old!?"

  52. Actually SOunds like The Sentry and Void.

  53. Shirt rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Whoa he opened the shirt and showed the "S" like getting into action.

  55. Oh no now he’s a 90s Image character!

  56. So a 12 year old designed his suit?

  57. "So how did you decide on your costume Superman?"

    "A 12 year old boy designed it"

    "….OK then"

  58. I love Zatanna!  Note to Smallville show runners… Get Paul Dini to write an episode with her next season!!! 😀

  59. lol.. "you smelled like a magazine insert!"


  60. I don’t know if its a good or bad thing that I’ve never had a girlfriend like Lois

  61. Ollie and Chloe are soo gonna hook up!

  62. subtext!

  63. OH Oliver and Cloe.

  64. "She’s a little buzzed and in a bad mood…I better give her a weapon"


  66. So they are finally playing up the Ollie/Chloe angel.

  67. The preview looks AWESOME!

  68. about damn time.

  69. A Valantine episode way after Valantine’s Day? Someone got the tiem mixed up.

  70. @AztecLos – it would have aired this wk, ON TIME, because tonight’s episode was originally supposed to air the wk before Disciple, but that Haiti special pushed everything out of whack and they didnt wanna change the date of last wk’s big movie event.

  71. Well, I enjoyed this episode WAY too much.  Lots of fun.  Yes, it should have been some Shazam magic, but what can you do?  It worked for me and it was pretty funny.  What’s up with Chloe having a Natal before the release date? 

    Chloe/Oliver hooking up is pretty cool.  They needed to do SOMETHING with her this season.  What happened to IT help guy that Tess was using? 

    Zatanna is the hottest woman on this show.  I guess fishnets in real life are much hotter. 

  72. crud i missed it.  actually ponied up for ps3 and got arkham asylum .  damn im hooked!

  73. Chloe and Ollie wil not end well since Ollie is such a dog.  i was pleasantly surprised by Swan’s Zatanna.  In the last episode, she was basically eye candy.  This time, she actually had some substance.  I liked the illusion she laid on Clark.  Very much in Zatanna’s character.  She always acts impulsively and you never really know what she will do. 

  74. So, speaking of the confluence of the Olympics and Smallville….

  75. The Olympic cauldron is supposed to symbolize the host country.  Who would have guessed that the Olympics were being held on Krypton? 

     Seriously, it’s like a piece of the set that got left behind when they finished shooting Smallville in Vancouver! 

  76. Did anyone else see the (partly covered up) Superman poster and big DC logos around the convention hall?

  77. So I guess this show takes place in the future, as Lois had Natal on her Xbox360, which isn’t out yet.

  78. @IroncladMerc Given that this is some version of the DCU WanyeTech has probably had that out since the late 80s