Smallville – S08E09 – Abyss

Tonight’s episode – Abyss

Apparently, Brainiac rewiring your brain isn’t a good thing. No matter how good it makes you at hacking and how fast you are suddenly able to read, there is always going to be a downside when an evil Kryptonian messes with your head.

Such is life.

Man, this Davis/Doomsday guy gets creepier and creepier, huh? I can’t imagine what would make Chloe think that he is the only person she can trust other than mental illness (considering her BFF is the most trust worthy being on the planet), but I guess having Brainiac on the brain qualifies as such.

Smallville has been on quite a roll this season and I see no reason why it has to stop now!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc,


  1. conor Can you watch it the jet game is on in ny

  2. Nope.  It’s not airing until Saturday at 6pm in NYC.  So I won’t be around for the discussion.

  3. Wow….so they are all kinds of backwards in NYC arent they? Dont they know Superman is more important then Brett Farve?

  4. Ok thanks for answering my next question

  5. Have no fear.  Monty’s here!  

  6. Chloe is in the Matrix.  

  7. This really has been a suprisingly great season. I posted a comment in last week’s thread way after everyone had moved on, but to paraphrase…

     Can we all just reflect on this episode for a moment? In one hour of prime time television we saw/heard about the following:

    General Zod
    The Phatom Zone
    The Green Arrow
    Kandor (yes! Kandor!)

     But beyond all the geek stuff, the story arcs have been compelling and for the most part successful. And it’s Smallville, there’s always gonna be gimmicks, but they’ve just been handled more elegantly this season. Between this and the renaissance in the comics lately, this could be the first days of a new golden age of Superman stories.

    (I hope I didn’t just jinx it be writing that.)

  8. It’s too bad the rest of the original cast isn’t around for these developments.  A little bittersweet.  

  9. Wow….that’s some really, really bad dialogue.  How about, "There’s something wrong with Chloe" instead of "I just got hit by a bridal wave."

  10. Or did I hear that wrong?  He did say "bridal wave" right?  

  11. of course she remembers creepy Davis

  12. unfortunately yes he did say it


  13. Chloe is an obsessive serial killer.  

  14. she’s a mass stalker


  15. Terrible dialogue tonight.  

  16. Everything is very on the nose, and the clever word play is landing really, really flat.  I don’t think there’s a way for the actors to cover for the lame lines.  


  17. If they were that good they probably wouldn’t still be on Smallville

  18. Yay for a Martha picture on the wall!

  19. "Chloe, remember that time you forgot that thing?  Do you remember it?"

  20. when my old tv would do that i had to smack it. maybe clark should try that

  21. This is like a weird meditation on Alzheimer’s.  

  22. seriously, where the heck is lois??? i missed the first 5 mins. did she go somewhere??

  23. Nope.  It started with Chloe and Jimmy in bed.  She forgot who he was.  

  24. They are really stretching this out.  

  25. That’s a vague ultimatum.  

  26. Young Chloe appears to be having a seizure.  Or maybe she’s a bobble-head.  

  27. Now that’s using your powers for good

  28. Mini Clark and Chloe!

  29. its the nothing from the neverending story


  30. Okay, so…low rent Eternal Sunshine.  

  31. I hope we’ll get to see the Tiny Titans! 

  32. chloe was almost in tron for a sec

  33. Did I jus turn on Eternal Sunshine of the Sp… Oh, too late.

  34. Okay, inserting Davis into her memories is potentially a really cool idea.  I only wish this were executed a little better.  

    Yes, I know I’m being a hater tonight.  But it sucks to see good ideas wasted with shoddy execution.   

  35. Doom de doom doom DOOM! 


  36. He dropped her off for the MRI?  Why didn’t he stay?  

  37. Why did YOU take her out of the barn?  LOL  That was my MAGIC BARN Jimmy! 

  38. ohh this sooo has "the wedding is over" line after the episode is over

  39. Here.  Stay in this ice manger.  


  41. its ok, he put his jacket on her

  42. Venom?

  43. wait so she isn’t going to remember his secret, that will significantly reduce her role in the show

  44. LAME EPISODE! there was no drama of jimmy suspecting a davis sabotage….


    no ollie no lois = lame episode 

  45. Yay!  Another step toward becoming Clark Kent!   –  Eliminate everyone who knows your secret. 


  46. does that mean she is going to become anti-venom next week

  47. make it so no one remembers clark without glasses

  48. He Zatanna’d Chloe.  I don’t like it one bit.  

  49. now we know what he was doing when he dropped her off at the hospital

  50. They conveniently skipped the part where she woke up in the fortress of solitude and wondered what the fuck was going on.  

  51. am i on an ice bed, wtf is going on clark

  52. Wow, I don’t understand the hate.  They were going to have to deal with this sometime.  The only other way is to kill her.  Instead we get some Smallville OMD, and that’s fine with me. 

  53. wait so no one has clarks back for making up excuses why hes off saving the world… besides ollie…


  54. man davis is villanous

  55. LOL davis will wait until clark kills him

  56. @Crippler – That’s assuming this will transition into the Superman as we know it.  And that’s not possible.  It would take about 25 other amnesia retcons and awkward changes to achieve that.  Best to let the show progress to its own weird version of the Superman destiny.  And in that case, this was kind of cheap.  It also feels like a betrayal to the Chloe character.  She now has no real relevance.  

  57. That can’t be good.  

  58. ok the last 30 seconds were cool


  59. Okay, so a pretty lackluster episode with a really cool moment at the end and…..


    Whoa, digital doomsday.   

  60. noooooo lana. I hope doomsday eats her


  61. Doomsday. That is all.

  62. wtf zod is the symbiote!

    LOL doomsday looks like a mechanical dinosaur

  63. hahaha, bridal wave.  Sweet Christmas that was funny

  64. Just wrapped up here on the West Coast. Mixed feelings about the Chloe getting the Zatanna treatment. Loved the sequence with all the memories disappearing. Aaaaaand we’re one episode away from the Geff Johns Legion story!

  65.  did you catch the " doomsday is coming" at the end of the episode. Jor-el said it right before the doom symbol flashed onscreen.

  66. That wasn’t Jor-El… That was Brainiac I think.  Brainiac has taken over the Fortress and I think that was Brainiac impersonating Jor-El when Clark was talking to him at the end.  But not positive on that.  It seemed like Brainiac was silencing Jor-El.

  67. Right, it was Brainiac.  But I don’t think he infect the system until after Clark had left.  

    And, yes, Doomsday is coming.  He’s in the promo for next week’s episode.  Which is the mid season finale.  The following episode is LEGION! 

  68. Did anyone else feel that the Doomsday thing should have been teased for more episodes?  I mean, I know we were teased for a while about him being Doomsday, but I don’t know, I would have liked to see him evolve more over the season and then just get pushed to the edge.  He has been a nice guy for most of the season, now all of a sudden we are to expect him to go crazy and start smashing because "Chloe don’t love"??  Eh, doesn’t really sit well with me.  (This is assuming that Doomsday is who I think it is, which I am 99% positive it will be.  But in case I am wrong I want to cover my ass)