Smallville – S08E03 – Toxic

Tonight’s episode – Toxic

When you go through the list of comic book storylines that I never thought I’d see get the live action treatment (and it’s a loooong list), the origin of Green Arrow is definitely on it.

But that’s what we get tonight on Smallville.

Honestly? Thank god for Oliver Queen on this show. Look, my love of Clark Kent is great and widely known but he is one of the most frustrating characters on this show. His motivations are odd, his personality is lacking, his rise in the journalistic ranks is perplexing. Unless they use the red kryptonite excuse, the producers seem to refuse to give Clark much of a personality. What does that leave us with in terms of a hero to root for? Not much. The days were dark, my friends.

And then came Oliver Queen, a hero with a personality! A hero with a bit of flair! A hero we can all get behind.

As for this season itself, it’s a mixed bag. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. But then, that’s probably a good descriptor of the show as a whole.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Y’all are on your own tonight.  I’ll be having dinner with my sister.  I expect good commentary!

  2. ehoa is that a tie?


  3. frickin drunks

  4. Ollie Queen!

  5. We don’t need no stinkin’ hospitals!

  6. New super-hearing effect.

  7. Ollie doesn’t eat no bug!!!

  8. There doing a green arrow origin story and the Grayson is the potential spinoff to smallville

  9. haha he actually looks like ollie on the green arrow year one HC cover

  10. That he does. Good book! i wonder if they read that book.

  11. the girl with the leeches looks like the new head of luthercorp

  12. I’m glad they kidnapped a doctor

  13. @smeeeee wait, that isn’t tess?

  14. I forget does Lois know Chloe and Clark help Ollie and hos gang?

  15. @kawiRider


    iduno im clueless. it might be her but im not sure.   

  16. No, Lois doesn’t know.

  17. Haha if ollie was really stuck on the island for 2 years, hes suppose to have his full beard.

  18. @kawiRider Thanks

  19. @cyberauron I don’t think so. I think she’s still in the dark.

  20. And long hair.  Island must have a salon.

  21. Two Years on the island yet he only has a five oclock shadow

  22. brianiac 2.0

  23. Boom head shot!

  24. lol yep same girl

  25. that girl gest around

  26. it’d be cool if chloe started sporting those three dots.

  27. Chloe can heal a person from the brink of death, but she cant help ollie?

  28. she lost that power in the season premiere.

  29. ollie’s acting more like batman and less like ollie

  30. oh man i didnt know black lightning uses a sword lol

  31. its weird not seeing the red blr behind clark.

  32. there going with grant morrison’s blue superman for this season

  33. @ Psycoreinc  Realy I got to go re watch that


  34. Time for the Clark/Chloe heart to heart.


  35. yeah, what was wrong with the red blur?

  36. Since Jimmy and Chloe got engaged, we’ve seen a lot less Jimmy. 


  37. Steppin it up GQ Clark! 

  38. shes so gonna break the engagement. Jimmy is busy hangin out with ellen page in Xavier’s mutant school. thats y we havent seen him

  39. Lois says what all of us are thinking about the clark and lana relationship.

  40. I can’t believe that emt guy is doomsday. I just can’t.

  41. by the way…i like the blue blur, i’m just not used to it.

  42. I’m much happier with a Lois/Clark heart to heart. 

    Ahhh.. i see, Clark has been replaced and now it’s the Chloe and Davis awkward moment time. 

  43. really? hes doomsday? i didnt know that.

  44.  @PsycoreInc

    Yeah, I really don’t know how they are going to make the whole doomsday thing work. 

  45. OH DANG ollie just said he has no fear…. So apperently he has the GL power ring as well.

  46. I can’t stand it!
    A Luthor planned it.

    I’m tellin y’all it’s SABOTAGE!


  47. Jager bombs!

  48. who was that girl with powers makin out with clark in the next week preview?? maxima or something like that?

  49. Man, they NEED to get another Metropolis street scene.  It’s like the little Kansas section of the city. 

  50. Wow can they let Lionel restin piece without reminding us he was an evil a hole

  51. By the time I get to watch new episodes of Smallville on my tivo this disscussion is usually over so I’m just going to say I liked this episode and I wish he would fly already (At the time of typing this I have yet to watch this episode)

  52. I thought that this was actually a pretty effects-lite episode.  Hopefully that means that they’re saving up for a big Doomsday – Clark showdown. 

  53. I still dont understand how this guy is going to be Doomsday.

    Is he going to turn into a monster looking like Doomsday? Does he suddenly get Kryptionian powers and fight Superman? Is this a smoke screen and Doomsday comes in from a seperate character? I’d really like to see how they change Doomsday so drastically to make it work for this show.

  54. @smeeeeee- yes that is Maxima, she will be appearing next week.

    TheNextChampion- all i know is they are going with the story that davis blacks out and "hulks out" when he becomes doomsday.  where he gets his power from? we will found out sometime this season.  but the show runners say we will see doomsday as we know him to look.

    I like how ollie is stranded for 2 years but manages to get a haircut.

  55. I assume the Plant is the Black Mercy that Mongul is known for using most recently in Green Lantern Corps. They didn’t have to beat us over the head with the hints.

  56. @SPEEDBALL – I haven’t seen the show yet, but I’m sure the hints that you felt beat you over the head were not meant for you, rather the millions of people watching who have never heard of Mongul, Black Mercy, or a comic book called GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

  57. evil toxic flowers…never trust anything pink!


    @Speedball-some of us like being beaten over the head

  58. I thought this was a pretty awesome episode.  The look and feel of the Ollie origin definitely seemed to be modeled in look after the recent Year One.  It looked great.  Ok, so his hair was the same basically, but he was unshaven later.  I think if they’d given him a wig and a beard it would have looked bad or too unreal.

    Lemme also say i’m LOVING Lois this season.  I’m not sure what it is, I think its the darker hair and the wardrobe change, but she definitely looks different.  And in that, I think she’s come alot closer to what we all know she is in the comics.  She’s becoming my favorite character this season.  The scenes with Clark are all gold.

    Tess is another highlight and it was interesting to see that she wasn’t always an evil bitch.  It turns out she used to be a good person.  She ends up going through the same ordeal that Ollie did, but the changes that island caused in them both were the exact opposite.  He decided to stop being so selfish and become selfless as a hero.  She became jaded and broken motiviating her to personal gain and stop at nothing attitude to become Lex Luthor’s heir apparant.  I really like the contrast and hope to see more Ollie / Tess developments.  The scene at the mansion was great!  And its nice to have 2 people in an intense scene at the mansion that wasnt the same old Lex/Clark confrontation.

    Some may disagree, but I think the 4 new show runners have breathed NEW air into a show in its 8th season.  Just when I thougt this could be the end, it seems like we are in for much much more.

     Last week we get Plastique?  This week the origin of Green Arrow?  Next week we meet Maxima?

     Someone pinch me!

  59. I’ll point out that there is no need for a Green Arrow pilot because you’ll get plenty of him this season.  So a Green Arrow series could eventually pop up.  The Grayson pilot is just that, a pilot.  Usually pilots are never seen unless the series is picked up.

  60. Given a night to think about it, I did not know that the flower was Black Mercy. Isn’t that plant supposed to make you dream a good fulfilling dream (like your desires coming true???) but it could be a cousin to it, in which it makes you remember when you decided to be a super-hero.

     Also I am still at ends with the Graysons pilot. It might be good, it might not. I thought a show about pre-superman would be lame, but I’m still watching it 8 years later. But i know i would definitely watch a green arrow show, in a heart beat (he is the best DC hero out there)

  61. like a lot of people, i’m scratching my head as to why they would do a pilot for grayson when they have the perfect spin-off already on the network.  i’m a huge batman fan, but i gotta say – i’d be way more pumped for an ollie spin-off than a robin-pre robin show.

     also – i notice people commenting on it, but i didn’t see that anyone mentioned this – the reason there was only  blue blur and no red was because he didn’t have his red cape (jacket) on.  he was only wearing blue and gray. 

  62. @macdad34 – A network does lots of pilots.  I’m sure Graysons got a green light to pilot in part because of the fantastic box office of The Dark Knight.  Even though Robin wasn’t in that, there’s a connection in pop culture.  Plus, they could decide to do both a Green Arrow and Robin series.

  63. I actually watched smallville again. While I wasn’t disgusted, I do feel that them moving on with Clark at the Daily Planet is too little, too late. Why couldn’t they have progressed to this point a few seasons ago? They promised "no flights, no tights" but the show really needed that! He was stuck in smallville, and it stunk to me. I don’t think I’ll be watching any more episodes.

  64. hmm i just watched this one…it wasnt too bad but i do like the lois and clark interaction

  65. Finally got to watch this one.  I thought it was really, really good.  The best episode of the season, so far. 

    (Despite the whole Ollie being on the island for two years without growing his hair or a beard thing which was dumb but you just have to kind of overlook)

    I really liked that Miss Tessmacher’s nickname was Mercy and I liked the Clark/Lois stuff.  Some really good interpersonal scenes in this one.

  66. Best episode so far by miles. Overall I’m liking the tone of this season. Justin Hartley (even in a coma) is easily filling the personality void left by Rosenbaum. That guy’s got charisma to spare.

    The Clark/Lois dynamic is really clicking. Durance and Welling have great chemistry and, more importantly, it’s believable. I really think Tom Welling has a brilliant handle on this.

    The Sam Witwer stuff is suitably creepy/intriguing, but he automatically has a ‘get out of jail free card’ after his work on Battlestar.

    Tessmacher’s proving a decent enough replacement for Lex so far, and thank god they chose someone that can act rather than just look pretty (although she is fairly easy on the eye too).

    Anyone else think that Chloe’s powers escalating = Chloe not making it past this season?

    Also, is it just me or is this show so much better without Lana? No disrespect to the actress, but the character had been boring for about 4 seasons, and writing her out feels like a weight’s been lifted from the show’s shoulders.

    I still miss John Glover though.

    I didn’t want this season, but if it stays this good then I’m happy to be proved wrong.