Sketch Up: Wonder Woman Day Edition

Great Hera! This Saturday is Wonder Woman Day!

In case you're not familiar with this celebration of the Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman Day is an annual fundraising event for domestic violence shelters and programs. Each year, tons of comic creators donate their Wonder Woman-themed artwork to be auctioned off for the cause. Over the past four years more than $89,000 has been raised, and this year there are over 300 pieces of art up for grabs.

Both Comic Fusion in Flemington, New Jersey and Excalibur Comics in Portland, Oregon host the auctions, where you can bid in person, by proxy, or on eBay.

Without further ado, here are a few of the sketches being auctioned…


Aaron Lopresti

Alex Ross


Wonder Piggy by Amy Mebberson


Ben Caldwell

Chris Samnee


Jamal Igle


Katie Cook


Mike Allred

Steve Lieber

Wonder Woman and Amazonia from Love & Capes by Thom Zahler


  1. I think Jamal Igle is way underrated and Chris Samnee, wow!

  2. Alex Ross has a way with pillows.

  3. i saw Amy drawing the wonder Piggy at NYCC. yes Jamal is was underrated artist.

  4. The Katie Cook one looks so simple but so awesome.

  5. Good stuff…

  6. I really enjoy Katie Cook’s stuff. Her Wonder Woman is a prime example of her simply cartoony style.

  7. That Jamal Igle one is awesome. All of them are great, but that Jamal Igle one. Something about it just caught my eye. I like the Steve Lieber one to. It has that very symbolic image of Wonder Woman with broken chains around her hands. A lot of depth in that their. How these pictures make millions to help domestic-violence shelters and programs. A very serious topic that few people address. 

  8. I gotta give it to Steve Lieber this week.  Though Samnee’s use of negative space continues to astound me.

  9. Amazing.  Those are very impressive.  If only we had a genuinely compelling Wonder Woman ongoing.  

  10. Finally a sketch by Allred he is so amazing!

  11. that Jamal Igle sketch is truly amazing

  12. I like them all to, but my heart soars when I see Mike Allred.  

  13. I want the chris samnee one! too bad i was already outbid.

  14. Every week, this feature just serves as a reminder at how truly untalented I am (sigh).

  15. They are all great but I gotta say the Ross one is amazing. I love Carter.

  16. the alex ross one is already at like 2.5k.

  17. I want a Lopresti or Samnee drawn WW series, NOW!

  18. The Katie Cook one is my favourite. So cute!

  19. NO WAY!!!  I’m getting married on Saturday.  I didn’t even know it was WW day!! Now I just have to sneak it into the wedding somehow….

  20. Holy crap, Chris Samnee, you are amazing

  21. Samnee and Lopresti FTW. Those are freakin’ *awesome*.


  22. Lopresti..or katie cute

  23. Greatness

  24. Another reason Portland is better than where I’m living.

  25. Oh I do wish I had more money to spare….