Sinestro Rears His Pink Head in New GREEN LANTERN Movie Posters

The folks over at Slash Film posted these images of the character posters for Warner Brothers' Green Lantern film. The posters showcase Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Mark Strong as Sinestro, and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. Together, they form two lantern icons. They also include the first stanza or so of the Green Lantern oath. 

Here's the whole configuration. Click on each for a larger view. 

Another reminder that mustaches signal pure evil. 

I especially like the touch with the pairing of Sinestro and Hammond in a lantern being corrupted by yellow. Waist deep in the current Green Lantern comics, it's a little weird seeing any other character taking hold of the yellow end of the spectrum, but we have to remember that in this first flick, Sinestro isn't the baddie. That's Hammond's role. Sinestro's the phantom menace really. 

And now I have to go knock on a wood surface, really quick. 


  1. They remind me of the Star Trek posters slightly. Awesome though!

  2. Someone’s gonna see the first two and think that the movie’s called either "Brightest Day" or "Blackest Night"

  3. Nice looking posters. Sinestro looks pretty good too. I’m really impressed that they didn’t go for Sinestro as the bad guy right from the start. I think it’s really important that the backstory between these two gets established.

  4. I really like these. Only seeing part of his face Sinestro does seem weird with the tattoo/ridge on his face. Hammond looks a lot better in the post than in those preview shots.

  5. Please be good.  Please be good.  Please be good. 

  6. I really like the way Sinestro & Hammnd look especially with those veins & scars they just scream sinister! I think that it brings some authenticity to Sinestro for him to have those scars b/c he is supposed to be the greatest Green Lantern before Hal Jordan so maybe he had to win a lot of battles in order to achieve that title so the scars are a very nice verification of that fact. I also like Hammond’s poster b/c it feels like the transition phase of his head expansion like we can see the veins popping out & his forehead does look larger than normal but I do not think that this is the final image of Hector Hammond I think that the movie is going to really make him become grotesque which will be so Awesome! 2011 can not come soon enough NOW LETS GET A TEASER!!!!!

  7. Is that ‘battle-damage’ Sinestro???

  8. @MisterJ; SpiderTitan They look patterned. THey may very well prove to be scars but I would say it looks like a ritual thing.

  9. This looks alot like Star Wars, doesn’t it?

  10. I love all the hype surrounding Green Lantern.

    From what I can see of Sinestro, so far it he looks great.

  11. looking cool, hope it stays that way 

  12. Cool, I love the stuff slowly coming out from this movie. Can’t wait for the first trailer, which I"m sure will still be months away, but looking forward to see these characters in the flesh moving around. 

  13. Damn, those look pretty fantastic. Super, super excited for this.

  14. Cool promotional posters.

  15. You know, I’m not looking forward to the casual moviegoers’ stupid exclamations that Sinestro is so OBVIOUSLY evil…

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I don’t know how that could possibly matter. 

  17. I am becoming VERY geeked for this movie.  I just watched all the different SD comicon GL Panel videos on Youtube.  It just sounds like they are doing it right.  🙂


    the Tiki

  18. I want all of those posters framed and on the wall of my movie/reading room.

  19. Like these a lot – though it seems odd not to have Reynolds in the mask.

  20. I.m not used to seeing that eyebrow and that forehead being not from a Vulcan or a Romulan. But ut’s pretty cool.

  21. …….i need to sit down. 

  22. Yecch.

    Congrats to the recent art school graduate who got this job, but go back and take some design classes to accompany your photoshop skills.

  23. @actualbutt – really….uhm….are you in the design industry?  If so, what do you do?  Personally, I’m a Art Director at a nationwide publishing firm and have 11 experience years in this industry.  And I would say the composition, lighting, typography and masking skills are quality work.  What could you possibley say about these posters that is negative?

  24. Moustaches are evil.

  25. @PoxrDu – But they are also sexy.  What to do, what to do?

  26. I think I’m starting to get a handle on this Green Lantern movie, and I’m feeling like it’s gonna turn out good. There’s pictures of the holographic poster of Hal in his GL suit floating around and the domino mask looks really good in that one. Plus there are picture of what I’m presuming is art design of Kilowog and other aliens, and THEIR GL suits look really good.

    Plus! Videos of Reynolds reciting the oath for a little kid are around. He really has the voice for it. He’s going to be a better Hal than any of us would suspect, I think.

    The only thing that gets me at this point is most of the promo material so far it making seem very dark and moody. That’ll change I hope.

  27. Sinestro looks a little too Battle Field Earth.

  28. Looks good. I’ve been on the edge of my seat for a Sinestro pic. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

    I was hoping they would do his mustache more like whiskers that grew upwards like Ivan Reis has been doing it recently (kinda Salvador Dali style). And I wish they did his eyes yellow on black instead of white. But those are both rather inconsequential complaints. The scarring is interesting as long as it isn’t the dominant feature on his face.

  29. I can’t wait to see actual footage…

  30. Awesome.