Short Film Based on Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody

Looks like someone went out and made a short based on Lemire's The Nobody from Vertigo Comics. It's just a quick scene, but it captures the mood of the book pretty well, with some swanky effects.



Directed by Josh McCaw and Ali Borghi
FX and Edits by Ali Borghi
Josh McCaw as John Griffen
Music by: Ennio Morricone


  1. Well done!

  2. Thats really awesome. They really got some of those mannerisms down.

  3. Not bad, I take it this is a modern adaptation of the Invisible Man?

    Sadly I haven’t read this yet and I know I should. Is it just as fantastic as Essex County or is it a whole different beast? 

  4. @thenextchampion

    yeah its a loose interpretation of the invisible man but set in a small midwestern town. Its a good, fast read. great art. worth picking up as a trade.  

  5. @TNC – it just cameout on TPB too. Highly recommended. Kind of like Essex County.

  6. Great video by the way!

  7. If I were 10 it’d scare the crap out of me. Something about a man in small goggles that creeps me out.

  8. Hey look! It’s Hollow Man! lol

  9. Any interpretation of the Invisible Man, minus Kevin Bacon is OK by me.

  10. Extremely well done. Very very cool.

    Makes me want to re-read the hc again & wish there was a full length film version.


  11. Sweet piece! They nailed it!

  12. That was great!