Several Marvel Books Won’t Be Showing Up Next Week



It is being reported today by CBR that orders of just over twenty Marvel comics scheduled to show up in stores on February 3rd will be incomplete or delayed due to an accident while transporting the books from the printer to Diamond. There is a very good chance you will have to wait an extra week or two for the following (taken from Diamond's notice):



Customers will be allocated to approximately 80%-95% of their total ordered quantities on the following Marvel books.

PLATTSBURGH CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NOTE: While a significant portion of your orders for these titles (about 60%-90%) will ship to you on February 3, you will receive some quantities of these titles ONE WEEK LATER, on February 10.





DEC090432 SIEGE #2 (OF 4) $3.99

DEC090434 SIEGE EMBEDDED #2 (OF 4) $3.99


DEC090464 ULTIMATE COMICS X #1 $3.99


DEC090456 X-MEN NOIR MARK OF CAIN #3 (OF 4) $3.99

***** GROUP TWO:

Two titles — INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #23 DEADPOOL VARIANT (DEC090498) and WOLVERINE SAVAGE DEADPOOL VARIANT (DEC090559) – incurred substantial damage and loss.

As a result, NO QUANTITIES of these titles will be distributed on February 3. These issues are being reprinted.


The following Marvel books will NOT be allocated by Diamond Distribution Centers.

PLATTSBURGH CUSTOMERS: You should expect to receive split shipments of your quantities of these titles, with approximately 80% or more arriving on February 3, followed by the balance on February 10.


DEC090564 CABLE #23 $2.99

DEC090460 DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #896 $2.99

DEC090433 SIEGE #2 (OF 4) DELL'OTTO VAR $3.99

OCT098180 SIEGE #2 (OF 4) QUESADA SKETCH VAR (PP #898) $3.99


DEC090518 TORCH #5 (OF 8) $3.99




DEC090551 WOLVERINE WEAPON X #10 $3.99

DEC090457 X-MEN NOIR MARK OF CAIN #3 (OF 4) VAR $3.99

For the religious among you, please note that the only two comics utterly destroyed were Deadpool variant covers. (I also liked Chris Neseman's take on this news, namely that this was DC's real response to Marvel's Blackest Night trade-in promotion.)

Now, the next time you're making small talk at a dinner party and someone asks you how popular your hobby is these days, you have an anecdote for them. "Well, an entire week's worth of product can be thrown into chaos by a single truck accident."

Also: this never happens to a digital comic. Or, for that matter, a comic being distributed by more than one company. Just sayin'.




  1. Wow thats interesting. None of the books matter to me & I think the world is better for not getting Ult. Comics X

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s also important to remember during this time that when it all goes digital, the internet you’ll be using to download these comics will not be a truck, but a series of tubes. There were once rampant rumors that the internet was essentially a large truck, but that’s been ruled out. It’s tubes. So we’re good. 

  3. Indeed! You never hear about tube accidents. Mostly because Nintendo created the digital plumber back in 1985.

  4. i love how they are all Mavel comics. This is karma for Ira Rubenstein’s comments about the iPad yesterday.

  5. Well golly jeepers, possibly no Siege this week. Ah, well…

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If, for the rest of eternity, everyone could avoid telling me what ‘foilogram’ means…

  7. Diamond is down to four distribution points, right? Los Angeles, Memphis, Plattsburgh and one in England?

    I feel like this is going to effect everyone on the east coast, right?

  8. Looking over the Diamond List midtown posts…. That’s every single issue marvel was shipping this week. Fascinating.

  9. Correction: Ghosts Riders and Nova Seemed to have miraculously survived.

  10. Deadpool Team Up #896 might not be in stores next week!?


  11. Well DC is gonna have a bit of a bump in sales next week.

    Thankfully for me, I would’ve read no Marbel books in the first place! So it doesn’t effect me expect that my LCS is going to be more empty then usual on the shelf. But no Seige #2 for mostly everyone? Oh boy, whether it’s a freak accident or not, that is going to make people go ape.

    Yeah we don’t have to worry about car crashes if digital. But let’s not forget computer crashes, viruses, and other joys people could do if hack into the system.

  12. Invincible Iron Man would be the only one I’d miss from that list. Also, I googled Plattsburgh and it’s in New York apparently.

  13. By ‘Marbel’ I mean Marvel and not asking for my kitchen counter to be remade. Sorry.

    Also, I do think it’s hilarious that the Deadpool varients and title got completely destroyed. Irony.

  14. @s1lentslayer: That is correct.


  16. I warned Tom Brevoort about hubris a year ago, he responded with another shot at DC.

    Shit like this is why we still read what the Greeks had to say.

  17.  Where can we pick up the free damaged issues?

  18. @TNC Haven’t you seen the Ads? With Apple you don’t have to worry about crashing and viruses! Don’t trust John Hodgeman

  19. Digital comics aren’t shipped in trucks, which can have accidents. But there are tons of problems that have happened with digital comics. Scanners have forgotten to scan certain pages, or they put them in the wrong order, or pages are scanned twice. Or there are computer errors that result in bad image quality. These things happen. I don’t know why arguments like "Digital comics would be PEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFEECCCTT!!! They’re the answer to EVERYTHING EVER! Once digital comics come in from Marvel and DC, then world peace will happen!" needs to be randomly inserted into like half the articles across the comics internet these days…

  20. @mikegraham6: John Hodgeman should’ve been the guy for MAC. Cause I listen to anything he says. So that’s why I’m still a PC.

  21. Flapps: …and when those rare mistakes do occur, I promise you it will not take two weeks to correct them and get you a new copy.

    Wouldn’t be the same without you.

  22. "Take our stripped covers? Geoff, Grant. Time for Operation: Blackest Reign"-Dan

  23. So will the reprintings of the affected titles be considered second printings and thus worthless?


    How much will a mostly intact original Deadpool Variant go for?


    And on a serious note, we West Coaster are still getting our books on time, right?

  24. @MikeFarley: Yes. It’s only stores served by the Plattsburg distribution center.

  25. As always, being a Californian kicks ass.

  26. Hmmm, I’m almost certain I’d be covered by Memphis but just to be sure, does anyone know of a map that shows the zones or something like that?


  28. Hope no-one was actually hurt in the accident. (Do I have to turn in my fanboy membership if I think that’s more important than a Deadpool variant cover? ;o) )

  29. Dan Didio’s plan is finally coming together.

  30. @ckl

    Not on this site, you don’t. 

  31. Part of the reason I love iFanboy is because of the constant flow of new and pertinent information. When Conor initially mentioned Plattsburgh, which I have never in my life heard of, I assumed it was some type of shot at Pittsburgh, what with their rivers and incline cable cars and what not. I was racking my brain for how "platt" and "pitt" were interchangeable; turns out they are not. Incidentally, the Pirate’s beautiful ball park just came up on my shifting desktop background.  If Pittsburgh actually had anything to do with this, I’d be in awe of the coincidence.

  32. Karma’s a bitch, huh, Quesada?

  33. I love that people have never heard of Plattsburgh.

    so how does this affect the pull lists?

  34. @ABirdseysView: It will have no effect other than some people will be pulling books they won’t be able to buy.

  35. I have a feeling next week will be a ‘DC/Indie’ special for ifanboy. 🙂

  36. @TNC: I wouldn’t bet on it. Ron’s not affected and we know lots of people at Marvel. iFanboy will be as normal.

  37. ok, a little annoying but fair

  38. @conor: Doh. Forgot about ron, so I guess he’ll be doing a lot of the Marvel reviews.

    Wait….you said you know people at Marvel (which is true). Are you saying your going to be getting the issues from them directly?

  39. Wow. Siege #2 being delayed because of a transporting accident? That’s bum luck, there.

    Is the level of freaking out (or lacktherof) a decent gage for how well this event is playing for the fans so far? Especially if compared to an admittedly hypothetical Blackest Night delay?

    I can’t help but think there’d be a lot more gnashing teeth if circumstances conspired to put the breaks on DC’s Big Event book. Maybe that’s just momentum for you though.

  40. Well, I’ll need to see more than one issue before I’m ready to call a time of death on it. Blackest Night is both further along and pretty stiff competition.

  41. *Gauge, GAUGE. Bah. I meant to say gauge. Why on earth does FF spellcheck not work for iFanboy’s comment box?

    S’true, and there was a lot more active build up to Darkest Night (sure Marvel claims Siege has been in the works for 7 years, but passively at best. Indirectly is what I’d call it for most of this story’s thread), adding to DC’s momentum considerably.

    Still, I was a little surprised to hear so little fan-lament at what is supposed to be Marvel’s big smash-’em, bash-’em lead in to The Heroic Age. Especially considering this is such a short event, comparatively speaking (I, for one, was relieved when I heard it was only going to be 4 issues long).

    Like you said though, we’re only one issue in.

  42. It also only effects a small part of the world.

  43. I think there are two books on that list I was looking at getting.  Crazy news.

  44. So, DC retaliates to the Deadpool variant promotion by fire bombing Marvel’s delivery truck? Is there no end to the insanity? lol

  45. Why so much Deadpool hatred?

  46. So is the delay for Pittsburg? I live in Jersey so…what am I looking at here?

  47. @LACopper, if there is a reason not to hate Deadpool, I am all ears. Lazy character creation, lazy comedy, lazy costume design… nearly pure awfulness rewarded with inexplicable exposure. The triumph of mediocrity, Jay Leno style.

  48. @Patman2: Plattsburg, not Pittsburg.

  49. @Jimski: I hear that.

    @LACooper: Including myself I count three whole posts about hating Deadpool. And one of those was in response to your post.

  50. @conor: Ah…well I feel stupid…I should really learn not to skim. Still The only real book on here I’m reading is Iron Man, and I’m still getting Criminal(unless I skimmed that too) so overall this isnt such a big deal for me

  51. @Jimski: You seriously dismiss all Deadpool partly because of the way he was created and his costume? Wow, weird.

    Admittedly he is oversaturated, two of the titls aren’t great and I don’t understand all this ‘Deadpool variant’ nonsense, but if you haven’t tried the main book because he was easy to create and his costume is a spidey rip off with pouches then you’re missing out on one of the few good books Marvel is putting out at the moment.


  52. @mattstev2000: One man’s good book is another man’s not touching it with a ten foot pole. Guess which side of that divide I fall on?

    I actually find the over-saturation of the character odd. Is he really that popular?

    Then again in a world where Transformers 2 brings in the crowds I really shouldn’t be surprised by what people do with their money.

    That jab wasn’t too snarky, was it?

  53. @reg5000

    Don’t understand the oversaturation myself as I say I like the main book but don’t understand the other two doing well (yet alone how the character supports 3 ongoings) and I definitely don’t understand the Deadpool variants.

    Also, I certainly don’t begrudge people not liking certain books, I just found the ‘lazy creation’ and ‘lazy costume’ really odd reasons for not giving a book a try. 

  54. This is karma for Marvel’s offer to trade a variant for stacks of DC books.

  55. Gives me extra week to catch up on my Invincible Iron man reading, anyway. 

  56. I buy my comics in Duluth, Minnesota and our comics come from Plattsburgh.  That distribution center covers a lot of area. 

  57.  Where is Marvel planning on holding their first annual winter bonfire?

  58. @Jimski: So you’ve read Deadpool. I mean all of your criticisms are valid because you read it.

    It would be crazy to think someone is critizing something even though they never read it. That’s just crazy talk and pretty petty. 🙂

  59. My sister used to go to college in Plattsburgh, so Ive been up there a few times. It’s so damn desolate, I’d hate to live there and be hours away from anything interesting. It is a few miles away from Canada, though, so maybe that’s a plus?


    This might actually work out for me. I wasn’t able to buy this week’s comics due to lack of funds, so this will be a nice break for me to catch up with last week’s stuff if I’m affected. Silver lining 🙂

  60. Payback is a bitch huh Marvel. 



  61. For those pointing out that these are all Marvel comics… Could that not just be a sign of how much Marvel’s sales drawf everyone else’s?

  62. @IanX: No, it’s just that it so happens that the Marvel shipment was in the accident.

  63. It’s God’s will, Conor. Admit it.

  64. My God has a hammer (and a top 25 sales rank [for reasons I can’t understand.])

  65. Geoff Johns is just planting story seeds again.

    US government is covering this up and this is Classified, but the War of Supermen have started.

    Collateral Damage. 



  66. Wow, sorry to the thread, didn’t mean to start the Deadpool discussion, but I’m starting to think that people don’t like the book because of the oversaturation of the character. I mean, isn’t Wolverine oversaturated? He has 3-5 different titles that he appears in, if not more, every month?

  67. for that many books to be damaged the accident must’ve been quite bad, I hope the Driver was okay. 

  68. @Stu: The hammer is pmy penis.

  69. Im sorry but this whole thing STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! I am calling shenanigans! I dont know where or when, but the TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

    Not only do I not believe there was an accident. I dont even think there was a truck!

    This is all smoke and mirrors that are drawing our attention away from something else. Wait!

  70. Heheh, I never think of Plattsburgh as being anything more than where I get my american shipments sent for pick up, and a place to get some cheap groceries.  Apparently it’s also the lynch pin in the north east’s comic distribution.

  71. Truck accident huh? They "fell off the truck"? Sounds like a mob operation to me. I guess some warehouse in Jersey is chock full of contraband books now.

  72. I understand why people are still pissed about the Marvel promotion but it seems like what they were trying to do is simply gauge how many issues they should require dealers to buy when they launch their own promotions.  Word has it that they are working on Avengers ID cards among other promos.  So what people are saying was a ballsy or malicious act (depending on your perspective) was nothing but an attempt to conduct some free market research to avoid exactly the kind of glut caused by the DC promo.


  73. Like Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band, Xbox vs. PS3, Democrat vs. Republican, and yes Marvel vs. DC, competition is a good thing.It stokes the fires and makes all parties raise the bar, or risk falling behind. It makes all parties improve in an attempt to out do the other. How does this specifically help Marvel, or improve the industry you may ask? It shows that Marvel understands the importance of single issues to the collectible market and industry in general, as well as the dealer’s need to stay alive in the changing market instead of exploiting them.

    Many dealers over ordered those books to get the rings and are now left with overstock. They are now left with a choice: Do they hold onto these books in the hopes that enough people will come looking for them before the trades are released, try to blow them out for a $1 each (or less) at the next con, or trade them for a fee variant that will be in demand because it is rare? Since most of the books in question will end up in a dollar bin anyway, sending 50 covers in for a variant that they can sell for $100 or more looks like a good idea.

    First rule of retail: supply vs. demand. Everyone who wanted those books, already bought them the week they came out, or is waiting for the trade. If no one wants/needs it, then they can’t sell it, can they? Much better to have something they can sell in exchange for something they can’t. Why not target their own books instead of DC’s? Because this way they are calling DC out and forcing them to respond:

    "Hey, look what we are doing for the dealers and the collectible market in general. We’re under new management (Disney) and want to jump start this industry rather than exploit it by using gimmicks to push product. In one move, we advertise one of our stories, help dealers, and stimulate the collectible market, all by offering a FREE book. What are you (DC) going to to about it?"

    I think that is brilliant!

  74. @Animalvader1: What does any of that have to do with Marvel books being delayed in certain parts of the country this week due to a traffic accident?

  75. LOL not much, but bits of the thread were going into the promo topic again, partly because of my own sarcastic post above (sorry for that, by the way). Since I missed the debate the first go around, and things on here were going there anyway, just wanted to add my two cents worth.