SECRET AVENGERS #1 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato Coming in May

Here we go again.

Secret Avengers


It would appear that the second Avengers title will be called Secret Avengers and it will be courtesy of the big time creative team of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato. I can hear all of the resigned sighs of the children of the 80s hoping that there would be a West Coast Avengers revival.

So… the Secret Avengers. Why are they Secret? Who are they hiding from? Isn't Norman Osborn about to get shielded in his stupid face?

It would appear that I am back on the Buying Multiple Avengers Books train.


  1. They’re Secret because…well, it’s a secret!

  2. Quite possibly an outlet for Nick Fury and his secret warriors to remain relevant without putting them all in shield

  3. the caracter an awful lot looks like venom and i would be plesed to read this book just for the ed and mike

  4. It looks like this will probably be the "Street Level" and or "Spy" team of Avengers. The ones who do the dirty work, rather than the big visible heroes.

    Does that silhouette look like a Deodato Spider-Man to anyone else? Though why would Spider-Woman be on the main team, and Spider-Man on the sneaky team? She’s the spy.

    Or maybe some of the existing teasers have been for people on the Secret team after all?

  5. Looks like a guy i went to grade school with named Mark Stever. 

    I know it sounds like a stretch but it fits with the quote too. During a dodgeball game in the seventh grade people started referring to him as "The Answer." Mostly because he was really good at dodgeball. And I’m not sure how that serves as pre-req for joining the Avengers.

    I’m taking a lot of medicine right now.  

  6. I’m sad.  Brubakers ideas are pretty dull to me on a regular basis.  Well told boring stories.  I prefer the excitement Bendis brings.

    But I’m hopeful!  Brubaker can turn it around, this is his chance for me!  🙂

    I would have preferred Jonathan Hickman or Rick Remender as writers of the Avengers.  Bendis first though.

    Mark Millar is busy with Ultimate Avengers, so I wouldn’t see him on these Avengers anytime soon, or else he’d be the next best pick.

  7. I wonder if the "Heroic Age" is 90s reference to the fact we will have a million more new titles.  Secret Defenders, Super Soldiers, etc.  That could be the Sentry up there in a contorted fetal position.

  8. Could that be Beast? Man i have no idea who that is. Beast is my guess though just based on the quote.

  9. …The Lizard?

  10. …what a muddled silhouette.

    I’m only enjoying Brubaker on his noir and pulp endeavors (Criminal, Incognito and Iron Fist are all brilliant). It’s take or (mostly) leave his government agent themed/espionage books. 

  11. Looks too bulky to be Spider-Man.  The wrist on the bottom was a ruffle in it that makes me assume it’s some sort of glove/gauntlet/wristband/etc.  I’m going to go with RoiVampire and say it’s The Beast.

  12. I thought it looked like Lizard also Heroville

  13. BEAST!

  14. YES! Definitely buying this!

  15. Beast doesn’t usually wear shoes, which this silhouette seems to be doing. I’d say Spider-Man or Venom.

  16. I wonder if this will go down the crime noir path that Brubaker is awesome at writing – I also hope that he does not over extend himself from his other works.

  17. I’m going with Captain Marvel.

  18. That weird looking left arm makes me thing that he is potentially Gauntlet, but the head piece makes me strongly think that he is Marvel Boy w/ that new costume that he got in the Dark Avengers Annual.

  19.  what’s that silohouetted between the legs there???

  20. … his right foot.

  21.  Arrrgghhh to Marvel.Was hoping that they would put out just one really good Avengers book.That being said if this is a $2.99 book then it’s a must but if it’s a $3.99 book then we will have to see.

  22. @harwellpkg: Are you here from the future?

  23. @conor:The future of high prices or 17 Avengers books?

  24. Interesting. I may give it a shot, but it will all depend on the team’s make-up for me.

  25. Probably Deadpool.

  26. Ever get the feeling ideas for new Marvel titles are just recombinations of certain key words that have worked in the past? Just with "Secret" we’ve gotten:

    Secret War

    Secret Wars

    Secret Invasion

    Secret Warriors

    I think we can  pretty much guarantee at this point that some time soon Marvel is going to have a crossover called "Dark War" and a new team called the "Infinity Avengers".

    Since late ’08, Brubaker has been a shell of his former self. I used to love his writing. For the past sixteen months all discussions of his work have increasingly resembled people talking themselves into liking it more than they did. If the first year of his Daredevil run STARTED at the quality of his last year, everyone would have said it was a failure. Ditto with Cap: If his Cap run started out at the level of the Cap books from early ’09 to now, no one would consider it a classic. Ditto with Incognito if it came out before Criminal. The quality keeps going down, but at a low enough rate that most people don’t notice/mind.

    On the other hand, I actually LIKED his Uncanny X-Men stuff a lot more than most people did. So maybe he’ll do a good job on another superhero team book. Here’s hoping.

  27. But seriously, it’s Noh-Varr.


    I am curious on who that image is supposed to be. I’d be even more curious if it turns out to be the smoke monster from LOST. >_>

  29. This just shows that it’s girth, not length, that’s important.

  30. Mr. Immortal from GLA is my guess. It’s someone no one would expect.

  31. Moonknight anyone?

  32. It’s Black Panther.

  33. Cloak

  34. It’s Leatherhead from TMNT. Or the Lizard.

  35. Secret Man! Full of Secrets!

  36. If Cap Reborn is any indication Brubaker can write a Avengers book so I’m in.

  37. I think its Beast or the Ape from the Heroic Age Teaser.

  38. I’m not sure who that could be in the teaser image.  I’m intriged by the idea that this could be a combo team of the Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers/Secret Warriors.  I’d love a Secret Avenger team that included Task Master and Bullseye.

  39. It’s D-Man.

  40. As long as he writes the Avenger Book better than the Uncanny title I’m in.

    @muddi900: classic.


  41. Clandestine black-ops Avengers? Sign me up! 

  42. Can’t be Venom, Beast, Black Panther or anyone else with typically pointy fingers. Definitely too bulky to be Spidey.  Moon Knight has a big flowy cape, so it’s not him. Marvel Boy doesn’t seem like he’d be doing a lot of crouching and jumping at people in that new get-up. How has no one guessed Daredevil yet? He definitely focuses on the solution (punching people in the teeth) and not the problem (stopping crime before it happens).

  43. Oh gee a second Avengers book. Can’t say I’m not surprised, just disappointed 😛 Luckily for Marvel with Brubaker writing it, I’ll at least check out the first arc. I was really hoping they’d settle on one Avengers book again…

  44. My first gut instinct was Black Panther too.  Somewhat because that’s what it looks like and somewhat because I don’t want to see Spider-Man on a team book.  He’s a loner IMO.  But beyond that, the more I look at it, there’s no way it’s Spider-Man.  The silhouette looks like the characters is wearing gauntlets of some kind, needless to say, Spidey’s costume is pretty smooth all around, whereas this one has lots of bumps and ridges.

  45. I don’t get the complaints about having more than one Avengers book.

    I can understand complaining about a bad book.


  46. oh man, very interested to see how this plays out.  and I have no idea who that is, don’t buy any of the suggestions that have been thrown out.

  47. Didn’t they just get finished telling us about how the Heroic Age was going to have just one Avengers title? Apparently someone didn’t get the memo. We only need 1 Avengers book, please. No more!!!

  48. @IroncladMerc: Where/when did they tell us that?

  49. would you also only like one X-Men, Superman, Spider-Man, or Batman book?

  50. i deffiantly wish this was a Hickman project than Brubaker.  Brubaker is a great writer, but his superhero dense work is kinda just meh.  Much rather have him working hard on Captain America, and maybe a creator owned book. 

  51. i seem to be getting in the shit every time a say something about a book lately

    but, seriously, how many times can we discuss the number of avenger books? 

  52. Can’t wait to see what Brubaker does with an Avengers book. Guessing this will be Steve Rogers’ team.

  53. I think it’s obvious this is Venom.

  54. All this negativity is really disappointing. Half of the people here are condemning a book they haven’t even read yet.

  55. Ben Reilly guaranteed.

  56. I would read a Ben Reilly as Avenger book.

    Bru on Avengers… woot!

  57. The first thing that popped into my head: A T-Rex. It’s such a good silhoutte that I can’t even guess who is that. It does seriously look like a T-Rex to me, with the angle of the head and the claw like hands.

    If I had to venture a guess…..and judging from the title….I say it’s Venom. Probably going to be another Thunderbolt rip off or just another incarnation of Dark Avengers. Bendis did say he had more plans for the DA even after Seige.

  58. @reg5000, couldn’t have said it better myself

    @LACopper- but then you have to say to yourself, how much would Brubaker want to write Venom? 

  59. Maybe this is an Avengers team with the remnants of Osborn’s team?  Sort of the next step for the Dark Avengers or the Thunderbolts.  It looks a lot like Venom. 

    I’m not super interested in this one despite the creative team.  I will probably still pick up the Bendis/Romita Avengers though.

  60. The first rule of Secret Avegers, is that you dont talk about Secret Avengers.

  61. I was hoping they’d Amazing Spider-Man the avengers and do 3 books a month. If there not, I’m glad they’re putting in a new Avengers book with Bru. Almost all of the Avengers books have been great, so I think a bunch of them is a good idea….financially too.

  62. Man, now I’m going to be getting two avengers books. looks like I’ll eventually have to make some cuts in the future, especially if both of these are 3.99(which with this talent they definitly will be)

  63. Brubaker and the possibility that this might be an espionage-y Avengers book makes me excited to check this out.  

     I think this "secret’ Avenger might be the same one that tried to save me money on my car insurance.   

  64. Nobody is talking about the words, they’re just talking about the shadow. "I focus on the solution, not the problem". Sounds like scientist speak to me.

  65. @red5000 yeah thats what i thought, thats why i think its beast

  66. That, my friends, is steve rogers.

    you can all tell me how right i am now

  67. Black Panther?

  68. It really looks like they cropped the image to hide a tail going off to the left of the picture. If it is a T-Rex then it’s Devil Dinosaur!

  69. Another vote for Black Panther.

    Brubaker’s presence guarantees I’ll try at least an arc, unlike Bendis on "classic" Avengers.  I’m somewhat intrigued by the "secret" aspect — is it the Avengers’ X-Force or Secret Warriors?  I do wish Hickman could get a crack at an Avengers title, although with… ahem… "only" two Avengers titles announced so far, anything’s still possible.

  70. dude, thats the green goblin.

  71. Looks like the toxic avenger. What a stupid teaser image.

  72. I’m glad a couple others have said it because I too was just about to suggest Norman.  we don’t know what exactly is going to happen to him in Siege.  he could come out of it as a very interesting character.

  73. hahaha, I do see the goblin glider.

    Maybe the taste of being Avengers was too much and now they are going to operate much like the New Avengers did in the aftermath of Civil War.

  74. I’m predicting that Norman has built himself some Green Goblin armour and he’s gonna bust that out after Cap kicks his ass in issue #3.

  75. no I’m going to be very disappointed if that is not some incarnation of Norman Osborn

  76. Just to clarify, that’s a Siege prediction of mine above, not a Secret Avengers prediction. I don’t think Norman will be part of the Secret Avengers.

  77. Hmmmmm, well I was hoping to cut my books. But an Avengers book, by Brubaker…down! I don’t even care who’s on the team. It can be the Great Lakes Avengers, Deadpool, Marrow and Ben Reily and Carnage. I’ll read this book.

  78. Has Brubaker ever written Avengers before? I’m a blank slate when it comes to Avengers history.

  79. I’m stunned there’s only one dick joke on this thread.

  80. there is a secret ops secondary team everywhere at marvel.  new avengers/secret avengers,thunderbolts,  x-force, secret warriors for now, and millar is making a ultimate avengers book where they are the black ops team

  81. Brubaker! Yay!…Deodato…uhhh…
    It kinda felt like Brubaker was gearing up for an Avengers book in Reborn, so this makes sense. Too bad the art won’t be better

  82. SPOILER: It’s The Void. 

  83. @Slockhart- not a bit, which is why many are especially curious to see how this will turn out

  84. @doctorsporen – HA!

  85. Great image. This the chance to shine that The Spot has needed for years.

  86. The second image looks like Taskmaster, Moon Knight or The Hood. I’d be interested in Moon Knight.

  87. I say the second one is either taskmaster or the sentry based on the cap and the tagline. can’t imagine moon knight joining a team right now and i figured it was cloak until i saw the feet

  88. Taskmaster would be great. I love that guy. My guess is it’s him or The Hood.

  89. Doom!

  90.  It’s the (ink) Blob.

  91. The second one is Spawn. It’s going to be one hell of a twist.

  92. I say Doctor Strange for the second image.  To me the first one is obviously Spidey.

  93. That is SO Moon Knight…. He’s changed to his current persona, and vowed not to kill.
  94. Brubaker has me interested depsite the dumb title

  95. Could the figure in the "I strive for redemption" teaser be the Sentry? Maybe his character arc through issue 2 and the remainder of SIEGE is such he’s left "reformed" and seeking to make amends for his mistakes?

  96. @shonen that’s what I thought too. It’s either him or taskmaster. Moon Knight doesn’t need redemption

  97. My first thought went to Taskmaster as well. The redemption line works for him as well. He was part of the Stark-era Initiative then got folded into Norman’s Dark Reign. Now that it’s all fallen apart the guy needs to redeem himself.

    If that’s the case then this is looking a lot like a Thunderbolts kind of Avengers team. 

  98. Taskmaster is an interesting choice.  I guess the artist left out his trademark sword and shield because that would be too telling, maybe?  

  99. I think the new one is Magneto. He’s been on a redemption kick in Fraction’s Uncanny.

  100. i think its moon knight or taskmaster

  101. I don’t even want to begin to guess on this next one.  I’ve already got myself convinced it’s a Goblin in the first one.  I’m thinking Spawn is the best guess with that fucking cape.  Moon Knight was once an Avenger and Taskmaster debuted in Avengers so either one of those would satisfy me. 

  102. it’s a real pain in the ass,  I feel like I’ve listened to enough Brubaker episodes of Word Balloon that I feel like I should know what kind of characters he would be interested in writing.  and that’s assuming he got to pick the team and there is minimal editorial influence going on here.

    also, does Steve Rogers end up on this team?  so many questions, when do I get to see these silhouettes revealed? in time for May solicits to be public (another week or two)? just after Siege #4 hits?

  103. The 2nd silhouette looks to me like it’s someone with long fingernails. Can’t imagine who has a cape and long nails.

    ‘Course, we should also keep in mind that they’ve done misleading silhouettes before. It’s playing dirty, but I wouldn’t put it past ’em. 😉

    Well, we knew we’d get multiple Avengers books. Out of nostalgia, I would have gotten a kick out of an Avengers West title, but admittedly that was always kind of a weak angle — "we’re different because we cover the WEST COAST. And we flip a coin over the midwest. Also, space."

    So, Secret Avengers makes a bit more sense, and it would seem to play into Brubaker’s wheelhouse. I mean, he’s been playing with Buckly, Falcon, and Black Widow for awhile, so if he maintained that tone and threw some other heroes into the mix, I could see that working well. 

  104. oh, nevermind. Now I see what I thought was a long nail is likely just part of the cape. So, yeah. I dunno. Sentry, maybe.

  105. @drakedangerz: I agree, it’s the Taskmaster or the Hood.  I hope it’s the Taskmaster. Anyone reading Avengers Initiative knows how awesome he is.

  106. The first guy could be Ant-man, who redeemed himself, more or less, in Cap Reborn.

  107. now there’s a thought

  108. I didn’t see the second image till now…..Chances its…

    50% Taskmaster

    45% Moon Knight

    5% Green Goblin.

  109. I’m so hoping for moon knight.  Been waiting a long time for them to give him more to do in the big scheme of the Marvel U.


    Taskmaster would be almost as good though. 


    Here is a link to a 3rd image for the Secret Avengers. My guess:

    It’s Either Sentry or a woman with HUGE……tracks of land.

  111. I was originally thinking Moon Knight, but I’m hoping it’s the Shroud.

     Given the redemption theme though, I’m going to go with the Hood or Sentry

  112. As for the new one, I hope it’s the Scarlet Witch. Would make sense given the phrase on the teaser.

  113. And since I didn’t bother with the first one before: given the full-on terrible quality of the silhouette, I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s Shape from the Squadron Supreme. I’m pretty sure that’s not true, but it would be amazing.

  114. the third image is either Wanda or Emma Frost. Whoever it is it looks like they’re wearing a corset

  115. The breasts are not huge, but the girl is skinny. I think it is Frost, but does she ever wear a cape?

  116. @ Everyone guessing Taskmaster, Sentry, and Green Goblin…don’t forget that this is kicking off Marvel’s HEROIC AGE!  I doubt that means they’re turning their entire stable of heroes in Thunderbolts type books. 

    My choices are still

    #1 Spider-Man

    #2 Doctor Strange (the cowl could be hidden in the sillhoutte and the redemption quote fits nicely.

    #3 Jessica Jones!  

  117. Are we sure that third one is a woman?

    [internet captioning: above is a joke.]

  118. Am I the only one that thought of The Hood when they saw the second teaser? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking (I’m a huge fan of Vaughan’s mini series.) I wouldn’t mind it being Strange. One of my fav marvel characters.

  119. is Cloak still alive? the person with the cape without huge breasts could be him. 

  120. @senoj1  Cloak doesn’t have feet though

  121. at first I thought this was going to be the new Thunderbolts or something, criminals rying to become hero’s but because of the recent luke cage thunderbolts announcement that cant be it. This isnt to say that there will not be a Ex-super criminals seeking redemption kind of story.

  122. The first thing I thoguht when I saw the 3rd image was Emma Frost, but then I also thought Scarlet Witch might make a return. Plus Emma will probably be too busy with the X-Men, but ya never know. But  I do lik the idea of her being Jessica Jones though, maybe she dawns a new costume?

  123. Also Quicksilver came to mind when I looked at the first image after thinknig of Scarlet for the 3rd.

  124. 2nd silhouette looks like some doc strange type dude (that’s vague, yeah so what?).

    @ countabyss: I’m almost convinced it’s scarlet witch. And the ‘control of my life’ resonates as a major issue in wanda’s life. Maybe the mighty avengers fakeout or whatever was to test the water for her return.

  125. @Matrix I’m pretty mcuh thinknig the same thing. I think it’s about time they bring Wanda back. She’s been missed (At least I’ve missed her).

  126. Maybe they’re led by The Beyonder?

  127. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: this is regarding the third teaser 

  128. @joeycardgame- never forget that nobody thinks they are a villain; everyone is the hero of their own story.

  129. #3 can’t be Emma. No heels.

    How funny would it be if #2 was Mephisto?

  130. @abirdseysview – That’s a fair point.  But I was talking about Marvel’s creative direction, not the motivations of Taskmaster or Venom or whatever other classic Marvel villain.  Still, I’ve liked Marvel these past seven years for the darker turn and how the super-heroes were rooted a bit more in realism.  If the Heroic Age goes to far in the other direction of the super-hero spectrum, I think I’m going to be disappointed.  

  131. The third one should be wanda. i cant think of any other characters has boobs like that. lol.

  132. it’s power girl!

  133. First JRjr, now Brubaker and Deodato. It seems Marvel really wants me to buy Avanger books.

  134. Here is the 4th teaser!!!

    This is so generic looking…..I cannot even think of who it is. Some people on newsarama says it’s Iron Man…..I say it could be War Machine. Who knows?

  135. @TNC

    I say Noh-Varr in his new suit of awfulness.

  136. @Slockhart: I haven’t seen Noh-Varr’s new costume. Is it that bad?

  137. I like No-Varr’s new suit. Much more in line with the classic Kree Captain Marvel costume. No idea about the silhouette. It has a blocky quailty to it that does sorta suggest armor, but that could just be the silhouette. So, no idea.

  138. Pepper Potts as Rescue?

  139. @AlanRob i would love that

  140. @Slockhart: Oh that’s not too bad at all. I quite like it actually. Maybe change the head peice of it a bit…Looks like he is ready to be an olympic swimmer. lol

  141. Noh-Var get’s my vote

  142. I just want to take a second and applaud @austinite74 for mentioning The Shroud.  

  143. ARRRRGGHHHH!   I just clicked over to to check out their thread on this and accidently saw an annoying spoiler concerning Hercules. Lame.

  144. @AlanRob- careful, I got deleted for that one

  145. Going back to the first image for a sec, it just dawned on me that no one is guessing Daredevil.  That would totally rock but now I think I’m just starting to see the team members I really want. 

     These ink blot teasers are maddening!

  146. Declaration: if they don’t turn the black blobs into actual pictures on Friday, I hereby dismiss all of this out of hand as A Bunch Of B.S.

  147. my guess for 2nd image is Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel. Stark did ask him to join the avengers

  148. Image #1 Beast  #4 WonderMan


  149. BEast, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, Wonder-Man (At least that’s what I’m HOPING for!)

  150. 2 and 3 = Cloak & Dagger