SDCC 2012: Vertigo Announces New SANDMAN Comics from Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III

He has been called Morpheus, Oneiros, the Shaper, the Shaper of Form. There are those who bow to him, hailing him as Lord of the Dreaming, the Dream King, Dream-Sneak, Dream Cat. He has answered to Kai’ckul, to Lord L’Zoril.¬†On occasion, he is simply…Murphy.

He is Dream.

This evening in San Diego, DC and Vertigo Comics unveiled what may be the announcement to beat this convention.

Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III are collaborating on a new Sandman prequel mini-series.

Here’s Neil Gaiman to talk about it:

This new Sandman prequel, of sorts, will debut in 2013.

To celebrate, let’s revisit the iFanboy video show for Ron’s first life-changing experience with the original Sandman run.


  1. NO WAI

  2. WHOA! that looks and sounds great

  3. I was literally just tweeting that nothing big was happening so far from SDCC. I know it’s early but no big announcements or news seem to come from the first day.

    Well this certainly changes things.

    Big for DC and big for all Sandman fans. This is gonna look gorgeous and I have to believe it’ll read great too.

  4. THIS has made my SDCC news week!

    The Tiki

  5. these might sell one or two copies.

  6. Wonder if this means will figure out what turned delight into delirium.

  7. This is a bit off-topic but:

    Is Dream suppose to look like Gaiman? Cause that cover shown above looks a lot like him.

  8. This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a comics announcement. Seriously. The Sandman is my all time favorite comic, shit, my all time favorite piece of fiction. And then they had to go and top it off with J H Williams. Phenomenal, magnificent, glorious, and awe inducing. Huzzah!

  9. Well that is great news. Talk about having a wonderful reading experience in our future…

  10. cool ill be checking it out

  11. Vertigo needs a homerun or a shot in the arm. This could be it.

  12. I’ve been doing the Kermit Arm Flail since herring this. Quite a few people I know who don’t read comics, but would read a new Sandmen series.

  13. Then what about Batwoman? Is J.H Williams still doing the art or is he just writing it and leaving the art duties for someone else?

    • I remember when Reeder was announced for Batwoman and he stated he could only do six issues of art per year. Now he’s doing six issues of Sandman. (YES!!)

      So yeah, he may be off art duties on Batwoman for a year.

  14. I admire the guts it took to do before watchmen, but I fear DC might be treading down the wrong path ala the late 90s string of disney direct to video sequels…

    • This is an entirely different situation, though. Gaiman has repeatedly stated since Sandman ended in ’96 that he’ll always want to occasionally revisit it, which he already has twice (Dream Hunters and Endless Nights). He’s even mentioned this specific story many, many times, going back at least ten years. Before Watchmen is pure opportunism (whether you enjoy the books or not). This is just a writer returning to characters he created and always intended to return to.

    • We’ll know we’re really in trouble when DC gets Warren Ellis and Derrick Robertson to do a Transmetropolitan prequel mini-series showing us “the Prague Telephone Incident” that was often referred to in the series. The 20th anniversary of Transmet is up in a few years, so we’ll see…

    • He was supposed to write this story a few years ago for the 20th anniversary of Sandman, but didn’t because he and Vertigo couldn’t agree on money. Glad to see him doing this. Now if only he’d write an adult prose novel again! The fact that he just signed a multiple kids book deal though doesn’t bode well for that one…

    • He working on a second draft of an adult prose novel now, due in 2013.

  15. WOW! That is amazing, because Gaiman is the real sandman author and JH3 is the “best in what he does” and it is very pretty!!!

  16. Love it! Long time no see and love that J.H.Williams is the artist for such a classic character written by his creator, and that its a mini means the talent won’t get stretched thin. Pulling this for sure!

  17. Ok, I just swooned an’ fell out of my chair. WOW. I agree, I can’t imagine any other news this weekend beating this. Sandman is one of the cornerstones of my adolescence, so the thought of more of it is simply amazing. Plus, Williams on art? Now, how long do I have to wait for this to hit the shelves . . ?

  18. MEGATON. i’m in.

  19. Wonderful news.

  20. I just want to take a second and applaud Paul for a fantastic article description.

  21. And here I thought DC was going to loose this con season.

  22. Where do I place my money?

  23. Sandman is the reason I read comics. This news just made my day.

  24. i love that you can hear that tickle of excitement in Gaimen’s voice.

  25. I love Sandman. It was my introduction into the DCU. This sounds like it might kind of suck though. The story doesn’t sound particularly interesting and we already know how it ends. I’d much rather it be an on-going or, barring that, a limited about his mysterious ex-girlfriend from A Game of You.

    I so happy.

  27. Squeeing, arm-flailing, and hyperventilating were three of the things I did when I saw this announcement.

  28. This just made my day, i amso looking forward to this, this is incredie…
    I don’t have words to describe how happy i am after watching that video….

  29. Yup yup. I’ll be getting this.

  30. I do love Neil Gaiman. He’s so well-spoken and sophisticated.

  31. Neil Gaiman writing new Sandman stories, can’t think of anything else that I would like to read as much.

  32. Paul, was that a Robocop reference at the top of the article?

  33. This is great news. The wait, however, will be excruciating.

  34. Sandman is what opened my eyes to comics beyond capes and tights.
    Its one of my all time favorite collections and I am thrilled beyond words for this.

  35. Just watched that video show for the first time. Hilarious. So Conor, did you ever buy the trades?

  36. Welp, looks like I have a year to finally read Sandman.

    It’s been on my To Read list for … oh, I dunno … ten years. I keep knocking it down for more recent stuff. But I just read American Gods and Anansi Boys a few months ago and really enjoyed them, so I’m definitely gonna try and catch up before this comes out. From what I’ve seen and heard over the years, sounds like Williams will be a natural collaborator on this one.

  37. This is probably the best conceivable news that does not involve the eradication of war, disease, or poverty.

  38. Haha, great video…awesome ads and the birth of the term ‘iFanbase’.