SDCC 2012: This December, Dark Horse Comics Invites You to Visit HELLBOY IN HELL

Apparently he said one too many “Oh, crap!”s…

Because this December? Big Red goes to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

More, as this develops.

Bonus question: In which ring of Dante’s Inferno do you hope to end up?


  1. If he’s in Hell wouldn’t they just call him “Boy”?

  2. i hope to end up in whichever ring *doesn’t* involve me wading through shit. seriously. i think i would take the eternal pushing-a-boulder-up-a-hill ring over the river-of-shit ring.

  3. Boy in Hell or Hellboy at Home…

  4. Good news!

    BQ: Level 2 – Rumor has it Helen of Troy and Cleopatra reside there. Is that really Hell?

  5. My biggest concern with the Hellboy in Hell idea was that Hell was going to be all fiery and that Hellboy would blend into the background but judging from the above image it looks like Hell is going to be all dark and Lovecraftian. I really shouldn’t have doubted Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart. Of course they would make it work.

  6. so mignola’s doing story and art, right? coming out around christmas seems appropriate since it truly feels like a gift to have him on art detail again. this will be the best hellboy story yet.

    BQ: since the first circle of hell is the only pleasant one, i’ll go with that one.

  7. I have never been this excited about a comic book in my life. December can’t get here quick enough! Although, I’d like to have a nice summer first I suppose…

  8. Hellelujah! I’m so happy for a new adventure with Red, I can’t wait to see all the craziness Mignola has in store for us. I guess this is as good an excuse as any to go back and re-read the series sometime over the next 5 months.

    BQ: I’m gonna join Sitara in the first circle, there are supposedly some very interesting folks like Plato, Socrates,Homer, Julius Caesar, and Saladin there; I would love to pick their brains for a bit.


    That’s all I was thinking when this came up yesterday. It’s been forever since the last Hellboy, ongoing story and I’m looking forward to this. Especially if Mignola is going back to drawing full time. I mean the various one-shots have been fantastic but I want to see Mignola’s version of Hell.

  10. This is the comic I’ve been waiting for since I finished the Fury, which was like 2 years ago? Can’t wait for this.