SDCC 2012: The Spider-Man Panel – Marvel Announces MINIMUM CARNAGE and Rucka’s PUNISHER: WAR ZONE

Today at Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man panel in San Diego, the publisher showed off the latest developments in editor Stephen Wacker’s corner of the Marvel U. Let’s take a look.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter’s friends are going to wonder why he suddenly smells like a sewer all the time. Dan Slott continues his search for the Lizard in ASM this summer. But after that, we’ll meet Spidey’s new sidekick Alpha, a normal kid granted strange new powers during one of Pete’s experiments. All this in time for Amazing Spider-Man #692, the 50th anniversary issue.

Avenging Spider-Man

Kelly Sue Deconnick brings Deadpool and, yes, Hypno Hustler to the pages of Avenging Spider-Man #13.


Matt loses his head in Daredevil #19. We know as much as you do.


Daredevil: The End

Brian Michael Bendis imagines a dire end for the Man Without Fear.

Captain Marvel

Deconnick’s Captain Marvel #1 features a feisty Carol Danvers who isn’t against shooting a guy in the back. “Pilots needs to be in control all the time, and that’s where Carol is comfortable,” says Deconnick. ¬†“She can’t be like that in the world, so she’s uncomfortable all the time. Being Captain Marvel is how she works that out.”


Scarlet Spider

More horseplay. More chances of being injured in or around a public pool. Tsk.



GERD strikes in Venom #24 and #25. Damn, some crazy good covers from Patrick Zircher.


Minimum Carnage

Venom and Scarlet Spider combine forces to put an end to Carnage in October and November’s Minimum Carnage mini event from Chris Yost and Cullen Bunn. It all starts in Minimum Carnage Alpha, then runs through issues #10 and #11 of Scarlet Spider and #26 and #27 of Venom. It all wraps up Minimum Carnage Omega. Declan Shalvey’s drawing the Venom bits.

“At the beginning of this story, Carnage gets the chance to make all his dreams come true. All he has to do is kill a universe.” Bunn says.

Oh, and that’s not Cletus Kasady painting the town red. Which begs the question, who’s wearing that symbiote? And how does it break out of the Microverse? We’ll find out in October.


Punisher War Zone

Greg Rucka and¬†Marco Checchetto will collaborate on a five-issue Punisher War Zone mini starting in October. This is the conclusion to the Punisher creative team’s run. In it, the Avengers finally crack down on Frank Castle and his vigilante ways.


  1. Let’s face it, the biggest news out of all of this is the return of Hypno Hustler.

    I might buy 10 copies of that issue when it comes out.

    • I don’t know, Rucka’s last issues of Punisher feels pretty important as well. Would be nice if they announced who would take over. I wouldn’t mind if the Dancer team of Edmonson and Klein took over it. I feel Edmonson could really work well with Punsiher. At least better then what he did with Grifter.

  2. Hypno F’in’ Hustler! Now we’re talking!

    On a side note, I feel like we first heard about Minimum Carnage months ago, as I recall talking about it April. My exact reaction was “MINIMUM CARNAGE. MINIMUM. CARNAGE. How long did that take?”

    • “Now we did Maximum Carnage folks, so we need something more original for another Carnage event”

      “Uh…..Minimum Carnage?”

      “…..You’re getting a raise.”

    • “Guys, last time we had waaayyy too much carnage. This time, let’s dial it back a bit. We still want some carnage, but like the least amount possible to still qualify as carnage.”

    • Minimum Carnage has gotta be the lamest name Marvel has come up with. Maximum Carnage, now, ha it had something, it was a decent title. Minimum Carnage… uh…. hmm.

    • You are correct, PraxJarvin, about the April thing. It was at the Spider-Man panel at C2E2. Although, at the time, they were all being jokey about it. It was legit, but they were poking fun at it the whole time.

    • I can’t wait for Minimum Security, where Earth is designated a prison for intergalactic blue collar criminals.

    • I mean, I don’t deny that it’s actually kind of funny. But you have to be in on the joke. It’s definitely something where the name came first and the execution came second. But thanks, neums, for confirming that I’ve heard this before.

      And, Mister Shaw, thank you, thank you. thank you for that.

    • The name is still better than Maximum Clonage.

    • But the third carnage event was just right…

    • @deanbitterman you win. The combination if your Simpsons reference name and that comment leaves me humbled. Well done.

  3. Hypno Hustler? Minimum Carnage? Scarlet Spider? I’m saying it now: This is the beginning of the end. The implosion that happened in the 90’s is about to repeat itself. All of the speculators are back, and this “geek” and “nerd” and “dork” popularity is about to end, and the run of comic-based movies will slow down. The only good thing thing that can from this is that hopefully San Diego will go back to being about comics more. Mark my words…

    • I’m pretty sure Hypno Hustler was foretold by the Mayans, so you’re probably right.

    • This may be the best kind of “THE SKY IS FALLING” pedantic nerd post I’ve seen, because it’s just on the verge of parody that you can’t tell if it’s real or not.

    • I will mark your words. I will mark them as silly.

      If the speculators are back, does that mean I can finally sell all these Death of Superman issues I have?

    • You’re predicting that a fad will someday come to an end. Congratulations.

      A fad by definition has a limited lifespan. Trends can be found in any industry. In a year with movies like Avengers and DKR (not to mention all the announcements we’ve been fed this weekend), the theory that superhero movies are going anywhere anytime soon is ridiculous.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Enough dog-piling. Let’s move on, please.

  4. Hmmmm War Zone sounds pretty interesting!

  5. thats sad no more Rudka on Punisher but he might have build up to this

  6. i meant Greg Rucka im not a good speller

  7. That’s really weird that Rucka’s run on Punisher is ending very similar to Remender’s with the last arc being a five-issue mini.

  8. Wow. What a slew of gorgeous covers. Especially ASM, Venom, and Daredevil. I don’t read Spider-Man anymore, but it looks lilke those fans have something to look forward to. Also, Minimum Carnage is about the laziest title I’ve ever heard.

    Side Note: Can we have a round of applause for Mr. Paul Montgomery for keeping the ball rolling while the boys are on the frontlines all week? It can’t be easy to do, but he’s managed to hold things down without losing so much as a sliver of his usual flare. Much appreciated P-Mont.

    • Yeah, awesome job Paul!

    • I honestly thought, at the C2E2 panel, that they were playing a prank on us all with that teaser.

      And, if it’s not Kasady, who is it? Is this another case of S.H.I.E.L.D. thinking they know better with how to handle the symbiote, only for it to again explode in their faces?

  9. well i am exited or hypno hustler but sad about punisher thou i thik that means rucka might be done with dc and marvel

  10. Will Kaine really be teaming up with the Rangers? I dunno, since they showed up as an opposing force at the end of Scarlet Spider #7, when Kaine confronted the CEO of Roxxon.

  11. DD and Punisher stuff is the only things i find interesting. especially DD’s covers. they are always good.

  12. Since this seems o be the last SDCC update, just wanted to give a hearty pat on the back and a big thank you to Paul for doing an awesome job with the site for the past 4 days. Solid updates, funny quips and a finely tuned iFanboy all the way through. Same goes for Ali, Chris and Ryan. Y’all are appreciation. Now back to work in the acid mines!

  13. “Mini”mum Carnage “mini” series. that’s so cute.

  14. I love Rucka and Chechetto on the few Punisher issues I read with them and will read the War Zone Mini for sure if thats gonna be they’re end on Frank and like the idea of the Avengers trying to put an end to his vigilante self, cool cover or teaser image too. LIke the idea of Captain Marvel having a new solo series w Carol Danvers. I was happy when Sentry ripped Carnage in half and haven’t read anything with him since but like the 3 of those characters together, it’ll look cool if nothing else. DD stuff looks good too.

  15. Seeing that Rivera cover makes me kinda bummed out… Please let Samnee stay on the book for a very long time to come?

  16. Whatever happened to Genis-Vell as Captain Marvel. I’m missing something here……..
    I really enjoyed Peter David’s run on Captain Marvel.

    • I think he died in one of Abnett and Lanning’s cosmic mini-series (Annihilation perhaps?), but maybe I’m confusing him with Quasar.

    • Genis-Vell died back before Civil War, in the pre-Ellis Thunderbolts book. Zemo, using Moonstones uh moonstones did something to Genis-Vell that altered his powers but also turned him into a slowly ticking down reality-bomb. So Zemo eventually had to kill him to save the universe from his screw-up.

  17. speaking of the punisher you guys might want to check this out