SDCC 2012: Jeff Parker is Seeing RED…SHE-HULK

Okay, well, that just makes it sound like writer Jeff Parker is involved romantically with the character. In fact, he’s writing her new ongoing series. Announced during a panel at San Diego Comic Con, Red She-Hulk centers on Banner’s old flame Betty Ross as she puts the “gams” in “gamma-infused action and adventure.” Interestingly enough, the series picks up where Parker’s Red-themed Hulk series leaves off, retaining the original numbering.

Remember when Captain America became Captain America and Bucky between issues #619 and #620? It’s a little like that. Or you could look at it like the book got a sex change. Not General Ross. Just the book itself. You know what we mean.

Here’s a look at the first issue from series artist Carlo Pagulayan.

Look for Red She-Hulk #58 to hit shelves in October.


  1. Nice! I’m there..

  2. You don’t need to put on the red light, Parker.
    Red, red wine! Goes to my LCS
    Little red hulkette, baby you’re much too fast

  3. As long as Parker’s still writing it, I’m still reading it.

  4. So is Hulk done too? I must have missed that.

  5. Too many Hulks!

  6. I will never read a She-Hulk comic!

    I also said something similar before Parker took over Red Hulk 😉

  7. Unfortunately, this looks like a perfect jumping off point for me. I haven’t really enjoyed this series since after Gabriel Hardman left. And I’m even less interested to read a story about a She-Hulk Betty Banner. So, I wonder this means for the Red Hulk.

    • Yeah, I’m leaving too. Red She-Hulk doesn’t hold any interest for me, either. As for Red Hulk, who knows? They might kill him off, or he might just disappear for a while. We’ll have to wait and see.

  8. I like Jeff Parker but if I need to see a red she-hulk I’ll pick up Defenders, doesn’t seem like a character that really needs her own book but will probably be short lived then back to another Hulk anyway.

  9. Thought I saw something about a Red Hulk book too. Any news on that or am I remembering wrong. I’m onboard in any case. I trust Jeff Parker with anything.

  10. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I like books with strong, kick-ass female leads, so I’m in.

    I’m pretty sure it will be only temporary, though.

    In any case, whatever the titular Hulk, Parker is always entertaining so I am happy either way.

  11. I just wish they’d come up with a better name that Red She-Hulk.

  12. The logic Marvel uses to decide what gets a number 1 and what doesn’t totally eludes me.

  13. “she puts the “gams” in “gamma-infused action” Have I told you lately that I love you, Paul? You’re updates are great and these gold nuggets are always the best part.