SDCC 2012: J. Michael Straczynski Announces ‘Studio JMS’ and the Return of the JOE’S COMICS Imprint

J. Michael Straczynski, empire builder

J. Michael Straczynski wants you to understand that he’s not just a businessman.

He’s a business, man.

Deadline reports that Straczynski, along with actress and longtime collaborator Patricia Tallman, are launching Studio JMS, a media company dedicated to “his prolific output in comic books, digital, TV series, feature films and video games.”

Nothing about a theme park yet, but this story is just a few hours old.

The plan is for JMS and Studio JMS to pump out a feature film every 18 months. That’s in addition to all the other pies Straczynski is poking, including things like Superman: Earth One and web series like The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al. Then there’s the two TV shows in development with Will Smith and Sam Raimi.

Of most interest to comics fans is the returns of his imprint Joe’s Comics (Remember Rising Stars and Midnight Nation? There ya go) with Image Comics. Look for four flagship titles–Falling Angel, Ten Grand, Guardians and Sidekick–to launch in Spring 2013.

Here’s how JMS described the whole thing to Deadline:

“The center of the storm is what comes out of my keyboard. It’s all about creating IP. For twenty years, I’ve had the remarkable good fortune to work successfully as a writer and producer in a wide variety of fields, from television to comics and movies. I’ve always dreamed of creating a mini-studio where I can put all of that work under one roof, telling stories that I want to tell and which can be spun up between various platforms: comics that can become TV shows, TV shows that can become movies, and movies that can become comics. With the tremendous recent success of films such as The Avengers, Thor, and the Batman series of films, this feels like the best time to tackle that dream. Best of all, unlike many other startup ventures, I’m not looking to get into these areas, I’m already working in them; now it’s just a matter of taking the next logical step: consolidation.”.

What rides would you line up for at JMS Studios’ hypothetical amusement park?


  1. Wow… that’s a bold move. Isn’t he trying to bite too much of the media pie all at once?

  2. I’m still a fan of JMS but even this is making me cringe a bit.

    If it all works out then great! But if not then he looks like a major asshole who thinks he is a media tycoon….when in reality he’s just a good (sometimes amazing) writer.

  3. All I can think about this news is JMS screaming “POWER…. UNLIMITED POWER” at the top of his lungs.

  4. I look forward to none of these projects getting finished…


  5. The Drop-Off Mega Coaster: an amazing roller coaster that starts at 120mph, sending you scaling 3 stories in the air through twists and turns and then, just when you’re day for the most exciting loop right in front of you…the coaster slows to 3mph and slowly clanks its way to the end with riders jumping off to quickly get onto another ride. Now at JMS Studios theme park!

  6. I just want more Babylon 5!!!

  7. I don’t see any reason why he can’t produce some fun material from this venture.

  8. I’ve had it with this guy. He’s dropped from being one of my favourite writers from the time he was writing Rising Stars and Spidey to being a joke who writes either shockingly substandard work like Superman: Grounded or just doesn’t finish his projects. His quality has taken a nosedive and his professionalism and respect for fans is practically non-existent at this stage. Despite the nostalgia factor of Joe’s Comics returning I’m completely out on this. Fool me once, etc…

    • I’m with ya! He’s been great, and he’s been crap. I loved Supreme Power/Squadron Supreme, but he just quit. He quit the Twelve for a few years. He quit Superman. He quit Wonder Woman. Enough. Glad I skipped that emo Superman book he did.

      He’s not the only guy who has written great stuff as well as crap (Jeph Loeb, James Robinson) but he’s the only one who consistently bails on his fans.

    • Although I like a lot of his works. The quit factor makes me hesitant to commit to the work with my limited budget.

  9. The Emotional Rollercoaster
    The Train to Nowhere
    The Unfinished Ride You Already Bought a Ticket For

  10. You, sir, are on a roll with the pop culture references. Thank you.

  11. As far as the comics go, I’ve mostly enjoyed his original work, regardless of the timeliness of wrapping them up I think Midnight Nation is fantastic (with much of that from Gary Frank’s art) and Rising Stars was very enjoyable. Heck, I eve liked the little “Joe’s Comics” imprint icon.