SDCC 2012 – Interview: Artist David Marquez Goes Exclusive with Marvel

If you didn’t notice Dave Marquez’ work prior to his current stint drawing Miles Morales on Ultimate Spider-Man with Brian Michael Bendis,  you’ve been missing out. From Days Missing and Syndrome, to Magdalena and his first big Marvel project, Fantastic Four: Season One, Dave has been working on his clean lined comics with a fever for the last few years, and has quickly risen in the ranks as a result.

With the announcement of his exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con, we asked him a couple of questions.

iFanboy: Now that you’re exclusive to Marvel, is the plan to stick on Ultimate Spider-Man for the foreseeable future, or are there some divergences coming up?

Dave Marquez: I’ll definitely be sticking around on Ultimate Spider-Man for a while. I’m really enjoying drawing Miles as he learns the ropes of being a superhero, and look forward to the crazy adventures and challenges heading his way in upcoming issues.

iF: Last time we talked, you were the beneficiary and victim of a massive workload. Does this situation allow you to take a little more of a breath between jobs, or are you still going with all-you-can-eat?

DM: Haha, I’m definitely trying to strike more of a balance time-wise, but my plate is still pretty full. I’m fully committed to staying monthly on Ultimate Spider-Man, and that’s a full time job in and of itself. Additionally, I’ve picked a couple covers and am working on a creator-owned book in what little free time remains. But all that said, signing exclusively with Marvel means that one big time concern, the constant hunt for new work, is no longer an issue. This really gives me some breathing room, allowing me to focus on producing the best work I’m capable of.

iF: With the whole Marvel Universe at your disposal, Ultimate or otherwise, what’s one character you’d love to get your pencil on?

DM: I love drawing Miles and honestly I’m happy to keep drawing this book for as long as they’ll have me. But, I grew up as an X-Men kid, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t jump at that opportunity.

iF: Have you already received the keys to the executive washroom?

DM: Yup! And they even gave me my own Quinjet so I can fly to New York every time I need to pee! Thanks, Marvel!

And while we’re at it, let’s take a little preview of some upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man pages, and is that… Batroc the Leaper? ZE LEEEPAAAIIRRRR!!!!


  1. Awesome. Congrats.

  2. I love Sarah Pitchelli but Marquez has been spectacular on Ultimate Spider-man. I’m glad he’s on the book for the foreseeable future.

  3. i hope he stays with bendis longer than bagley did on USM.
    sara is good. marquez is better.