SDCC 2011: IDW Gives the ARTIST’S EDITION Treatment to Eisner, Romita, and Wally Wood

Hot on the heels of the highly lauded launch of Walter Simonson's The Mighty Thor: Artist's Edition and last years Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer, IDW has spent this year's Comic-Con announcing a slew of new books in their Artist's Edition line. (Three can be a slew, right?)

For those who are not familiar with these volumes, the Artist's Edition series collects the original pencils of a legendary artist's legendary run and reprints them as lovingly close to the original art as they can possibly be. Each volume is scanned from the original pencils, and although the art is technically "black and white" the scans are done in color to capture the originals as closely as possible, including white-out corrections, blue pencil notations, erasures, unsightly coffee mug rings, or what-have-you. (Note: there are probably no coffee mug rings. That's just speculation.) At least two of the upcoming volumes in the line will go so far as to print the artwork at the "Golden Age" size in which it was originally drawn.

The latest round of Artist's Editions will begin in October with Wally Wood's EC Stories: Artist's Edition. Measuring 15" x 22', this massive tribute to a classic artist is already available for pre-order. Will Eisner's The Spirit: Artist's Edition and John Romita's The Amazing Spider-Man: Artist's Edition will follow in 2012. The Romita volume is $100; the other two are $125. All three are 144 pages. A dollar per page is a bargain, when these are the pages we're talking about.


  1. Holy moley!  That is tremendous! I’ll certainly try to get the Romita collection, but probably the other two, as well.

  2. Will Eisner? Goodbye money!

  3. Definitely going to get the W. Wood & W. Eisner collections.

  4. Oh man. That Romita one will be tempting

  5. I can’t tell you how excited I am about all three of these.  I think it’s a shame that Wood isn’t as well remembered as some of the other greats, because his EC stuff and his Daredevil stuff is just amazing.

  6. Snap i want the Wally Wood and Eisner artist edition more than anything evere

  7. First a Toth retrospective (projected to be 3 volumes)? And now these? IDW is giving Fantagraphics a run for their money as the premier publisher of deluxe historical editions! Can’t wait!


  8. Gave up on getting these discounted anywhere and ordered the Simonson and Wood editions direct from IDW. No way can I pass on Eisner or Romita either. Mouth is watering thinking about what we might get next!