SDCC 2011: Guillermo del Toro Brings His STRAIN of Vampires to Comics


Variety tells us this morning that Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro will be "executive producing" an adaptation of his (and Chuck Hogan's) The Strain trilogy for Dark Horse this winter. You don't see too many comics with executive producers, but apparently this means that del Toro will be supervising, approving, and possibly proofreading everything that the creative team comes up with.

That team, by the way, consists of David "Stray Bullets" Lapham and Mike "MK Ultra" Huddleston, fine creators in their own right.

The story "follows a biohazard expert and elderly Holocaust survivor who fight a virus turning New York City residents into zombie-like vampires," according to Variety, but do not dismiss it out of hand as a meme blender. Chuck Hogan wrote the novel that became The Town, and Guillermo del Toro happens to be Guillermo del Toro. The novels have been bestsellers, with the final book in the prose version of the trilogy set to be published in October.

The Strain comics will be day-and-date digital. Each book in the trilogy will be an eight-issue mini, followed by a handsome trade in the fall of 2012. Basically, you can read this book in every format except vinyl and eight track.

The first issue of The Strain arrives on December 14th. For more details, all you have to do is get to Dark Horse's booth in San Diego tonight. 


  1. Geez. That’s an awesome lineup. Fine, I guess I’ll pick up another vampire book. Geez.

  2. What does this mean for Butcher Baker I wonder?

  3. That’s a great creative team, but I think I’d much rather read the books.  I prefer my Del Toro undiluted.


    Nice creative team too, but I never read the book so this will be a good trade for me. 

  5. I’ve only read the first book and absolutely loved it. Gonna be picking up the second one soonish.

    And can we please get this book in eight track? Too long have eight track lovers been ignored by the comics industry!