SDCC 2011: Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR in Motion

A decade in the making, Frank Miller's Holy Terror is about to be unleashed upon, you know, us. It's the graphic novel so controversial, so rife with sound effects like "Blam" and "Spukk!" it needs its own animated trailer. And that's what we've got for you boys and girls today.  



  1. Wow!

    It is so easy to tell that Millar did not put that much thought in redrawing Batman and Catwoman out of this thing. 

  2. It is really biazzare how much I am looking foreward to this comic. Just a balls-to-the-wall Frank Miller slug fest of a graphic novel.

  3. i love these motion trailers for comics.

    looks really cool even though its got a  “well DC wouldn’t let me use Batman cause i wanted him to shoot people so…” kinda vibe to it, but i’m still looking forward to it. 

  4. They forgot “Unnecessary,” “Un-amusing,” and “Uninspired.”

    Really, Frank Millar (a reasonably intelligent man, far as I can remember, though god knows there hasn’t been much evidence of it in the last decase or more) has turned a knee-jerk, immature reaction he had 10 years ago into an infantile story that is just a bit of an embrassment for all the fans Frank Miller used to have. No wonder DC washed their hands of this mess: This is the comic equivalent of all the idiots that went round attacking and killing anyone they thought looked like a Muslim after 9/11 or the sort of thing even Chuck Norris would have scraped off his shoe in the 80s! No amount of money will buy back your artistic integrety, Miller!