During their panel following the screening of Batman: Year One DC announced their lineup of future Timm studios animated films and the final one was a doozy in the form of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Perhaps DC is feeling a bit high and mighty after their critical success adapting the nigh-undaptable All Star Superman.

But don't too excited just yet, even though Batman: Year One will soon give us our fist glimpse of how the animators handle Miller's writing, we have a ways to go before seeing how Timm adapts Miller's art. Before The Dark Knight Returns gets made we'll be receiving Justice League: Doom and Superman vs. The Elite. It may suck to have to wait, but I have no complaints in knowing that we get at least three more of these usually awesome films.

The reason the 3rd of three might be getting a bit more play is that The Dark Knight Returns will be done in two parts, the first such attempt by the Timm studio. No word yet on how this might affect the iFanboy Special Edition podcast schedule, so stay turned.

There were no casting or any other particulars annouced at the panel but you can be sure that as long as Conor draws breath details will get posted as they are made available.


  1. Somebody asked about Kingdom Come and Timm pretty much said it was unadaptable… not suitable for animation.

  2. I find it hard to believe you can’t adapt Kingdom Come. Maybe you can’t do it in the style of Alex Ross but damn it would be a great story to watch.

    I swore this has been announced before they were adapting DKR. But still it’s very cool to hear and if they keep it in the style of Miller (which is also hard I’m sure) then it’ll be gorgeous. 

  3. They did a fine New Frontier, how about The Golden Age?

  4. Dear Warner Bros./DC, please pay Clint Eastwood whatever you have to to get him to voice Batman in The Dark Knight Returns.  



  5. As much as I hope for Kevin Conroy to voice Batman in DKR I would settle for them NOT casting some “a-list” actor to do it

  6. You know I always thought a DKR adaptation could’ve been a nice end for Conroy and Hamill. The latter has definitely said he will stop being Joker after Arkham City. It would make more sense, to me anyways, that his final scene as the Joker would work more in DKR then in a video game.

  7. Michael Ironside

  8. My coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, but i read that as being they were animating the Nolan movie. 

    Super excited for this news though, and i love the idea of a 2 parter….the less they have to edit out the better! 

  9. hmmmm… much more excited for Year One than this. DKR is good but Year One is the best Batman story ever written

  10. DC animation just keeps hitting all the right notes. Apocalypse was so much better than I expected, I have now come to accept that all these movies will be awesome, just leave it to them, they definetely know what they’re doing.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Alan Alda for Green Arrow!

  12. Am I the only one who notices they’re adapting What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Forget DKR, I want to see that!

  13. Clint Eastwood for the Dark Knight. 

  14. Awesome and a definite Eastwood for DK.

  15. This is great news! I know it’s a ways down the road but count me in! True, this could be challenging to adapt. But if anyone can do it, it’d be Timm and co. As long as they don’t lose the edge, this will definitely be the most adult DCA production to date.

    Bruce Timm don’t shiv. You see.

  16. Did anyone from iFanboy get to the screening of Year One? I’d love to hear some thoughts on it.

  17. I saw the screening of batman year 1 at comicon and I actually hated it. I have never seen any of these animated movies before but I thought the pacing was slow and plodding and the voice acting stiff mostly. I like the book but the movie really turned me off.

  18. Kevin Conroy IS Batman in my mind. When I read Batman, I hear his voice. But, that being said, I’d rather not have him be the voice in DKR. It’s a different, darker, meaner Batman. I’m sure Conroy could pull it off, but I’d rather have someone else just to show how different this Batman is.

  19. Nathan Fillion for Batman.  And Joker.

  20. Bring back Adam West!

  21. Kanye West as all of the voices

  22. @ultimatehoratio  Also, Fillion for Carrie Kelly

  23. @mikeandzod21. Agreed!

  24. Superman vs. The Elite?!? As in Joe Kelly? As in Action Comics 775?? As in, “Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear… until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share – I’ll never stop fighting. Ever.” (yes, it’s a quote on my Facebook profile) ?!?

  25. If All Star Superman is adaptable, then so is Kingdom Come.

  26. kinda puzzled. Why is it going to be a 2 part movie? Wasn’t the series only 4 issues? I don’t see a point where they can split it.So the first part will be 1hr and the 2nd about 35 min? Sounds like a money grab

  27. @Jesse1125  It was only 4 issues, but those 4 issues were all way longer than a standard comic. They can split it in half, do the first 2 issues as one movie, the next two issues as another. First movie, Batman comes back, stops Two-Face, then takes out the Mutant gang and their leader. Second movie, he has the altercation with Joker, then fight Superman. Both movies will most likely be the same length as all the other DCU animated movies.

  28. @JohnVFerrigno From your words to gods ears! Dont see how they cant squeeze that into one 1hr 25min feature tho. Gotta have an excellent Robin also

  29. I remember a “Legends of the Dark Knight” episode of Batman animated that did a great jog of adapting Batman’s battle against the youth gang, which was fun.  However, I’m not sure I want a full movie.

  30. While I would prefer they just allow it to be longer and release it all at once on one disc I realize this is a buisness and they will make more money if we have to buy two Blu-Rays instead of one. I think it’s great that they are going to let the story breath and give it, its proper due. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill have to come back for this one. The only other actor I would consider for Batman would be Michael Keaton. He has been working in animation for a while and imagine how cool would it be to have him return for The Dark Knight Returns.

  31. I liked the DKR portion of the Legends of the Dark Knight episode, but I thought the voice acting was awful.

  32. @comicfanboy007: Keaton voicing is an inspired choice. I doubt he’d do it. But it’d be loads of fun. He’s even close to the right age at this point. Good call.