SDCC 2011: Comics Exclusives

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 is less than a week away and if you're planning on attending the super bowl of comic cons, you're probably overwhelmed with planning your days at the convention.  With hundreds of panels spread out across the 4 days of the con, we've done our best to help guide you to the must-see panels of the con.



We've already given you the list of must have toy exclusives available at the con, but what about the comics? I mean this is COMIC-CON, right? Fear not, we've got all the must have comics (and some comics related merchandise) available for you to spend your hard earned cash on while at the con.

For the fill list of exclusives, go to the Comic-Con International website.

DC Comics & Graphitti
How better to celebrate the DC Comics summer event that's both the end and the beginning of everything than with a special San Diego Comic Con exclusive issue of Flashpoint #1 with a wraparound cover by Andy Kubert? It'll cost you just $10 andis limited to 1000 copies for sale at the Graphitti Booth
Diamond Comic Distributors
If you're looking for comics, then it makes sense to look to Diamond, the main distributor of comic books in this country.  To celebrate the San Diego Comic Con, they have 3 con exclusives for you  First up from Marvel Comics, it's a special Ultimate Comics Fallout #1 SDCC Version with a variant cover ($3.99), limited to a run of 3000. From BOOM! Studios, there's a special SDCC exclusive of Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths #1 with a variant cover ($3,99) and limited to 5000 copies. And finally, for all you Walking Dead zombies, they have The Walking Dead #87 with a variant cover featurinig a real life zombie from AMC's The Walking Dead TV show.  This is a steal at $2.99 and is limited to a run of 5,000.
It seems as if IDW is pulling out all the stops for a world withouth Twilight and their con exclusive of Anne Rice's Servant of the Bones #1 is ultra exclusive, with just 400 copies with the con exclusive variant cover.  If you want this, get there early because Anne Rice will be signing at the IDW both on Thursday, July 21 and guaranteed all those con exclusives will be gone.
For my money though, I'll be lining up for my chance to not only purchase, but get signed by the man himself, Walt Simonson's The Mighty Thor: Artists Edition.  Like last year's collection of The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, IDW is reprinting the original art from Simonson's legendary run on The Mighty Thor #337-340 and #360-362.  And it's a steal at $75.00.
Image Comics
Image Comics' booth is always full of amazing creators and comics from the wide and varying titles they publish.  The booth is sure to have tons of con exclusives, but from what they have, there's a few that you definitely want to make sure you pick up.  
– The darling of the con in 2009, Chew returns with the con exclusive of Chew #19, but with a glow in the dark cover!  
– One of the best series of this year has been Echoes from Top Cow, and debuting at the con is the limited edition foil stamped hardcover edition of the chilling thriller of Echoes
– The comic book may not be out yet, but that's not stopping Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefelf from offering a con exclusive oversized hardcover of The Infinite!

– One of the hottest creators around, Scott Snyder comes to image with his creator owned book, Severed #1 and Image has the SDCC Debut Exclusive issue.

NBM Publishing
A cult hit amongs the iFanboy office, Rick Geary delivers a new volume to the San Diego Comic Con in the form of A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Lives of Sacco & Vanzetti.  You'll have to get behind me in line to get your hands on one of the limited edition copies, which are ultra rare and limited to just 25 copies.
BOOM! Studios
Normally I don't fall for trends and fads, and the recent 8-Bit revolution could be considered the latest version of 80's nostalgia.  But when I saw the variant cover of Ducktales #1 that BOOM! was selling at their booth, I laughed out loud and noted that that was a variant I would want to get my hands on. They had me at NES themed Uncle Scrooge.
Independent Publishers
In addition to the comics publishers that we all know and love, the San Diego Comic Con is a great source for independent comics and some amazing con exclusives.
Our Love Is Real – you probably heard my conversation with writer Sam Humphries on the recent iFanboy Talksplode talking about the surprise hit of the summer, Our Love is Real.  If you want to get your hands on a copy, you have your chance at the San Diego Comic-Con as they'll be offering the third printing of Our Love Is Real for you to purchase.  This edition is labeld "the Mineralsexual Edition", featuring a new variant cover by artist Steven Sanders and will be for sale while writer Sam Humphries will be signing at the booth of our pals, Geekscape (booth #4016), from 11am – 12am, Thursday through Sunday.
Wuvable Oaf – One of my favorite indepenent comics, Wuvable Oaf from San Francisco resident Ed Luce, will have the latest issue, Wuvable Oaf #3 for sale exclusively at the Prism booth (#2144).  Wuvable Oaf is so much fun to read the exploits of a kitty-loving, metal listening bear as he tries to find love.  The best part of Wuvable Oaf #3 is the deluxe edition which is for sale for $20 and includes the issue of Wuvable Oaf #3, along with a limited edition 7 inch record featuring the music of Gote Blud, the band in the comic and special scratch-n-sniff cards.  It's one of the best collections of any comic I've ever seen and I strongly recommend it!
Echo – Terry Moore has set a precendent for some amazing exclusives at the San Diego Comic-Con, like the complete hardcover collection of Strangers in Paradise.  This year, with the conclusion of his latest project, Echo, Moore is debuting the one-volume hardcover edition at the con.  620 pages containing all 30 issues of the series along with covers and sketches.  And if you're looking for the exclusive version, it's hardcover with a silver foil cover and limited to just 150 copies for $65 (pictured right via Terry Moore's blog).  You can find Echo at Tarry Moore's booth at Abstract Studios (#2109) 


  1. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    That hardcover version of Echo looks very nice. It reminds me of Jeff Smith’s all-in-one Bone collection from several years ago. I’m looking forward to picking up Moore’s collection in soft cover though, as that’s a bit cheaper. That hardcover is pretty though, I’ll give you that.

  2. I wish i could get a copy of that Ducktales NES cover. One of the best videogame adaptations of a kids show ever!

  3. If only they had had that game for the NES back in the day.

  4. Love that Kubert Flashpoint#1! Can anybody pick one up for me? I’d gladly pay $10 ;]

  5. I’ve been trying to (pre-) order that Simonson Artist’s Edition for months now on amazon. Still no sign of it. Grrr.

  6. @ironcladmerc it’s real & it’s spectacular

  7. Not a comic technically, but I would definitely wait in line at the Mondo booth for a Tyler Stout Captain America Print