SDCC 2010: Whedon Directing Avengers, Johns Working on Creator Owned Book

A couple of interesting morsels have fallen from the table of the San Diego Comic Con. Earlier today, Joss Whedon officially confirmed that he will be directing the upcoming Avengers movie. In case you are working on the film and you don't know what Joss Whedon looks like, there is a photo below. You think they would have given him a promotional mini one-sheet.


No confirmation on the rumor that Nathan Fillion will be playing all of the Avengers.

In another news tidbit, Geoff Johns confirms that he will be working on a creator owned book next year. Since the infamous Kirkman manifesto of 2008, Johns has been one of the creators that fans have pointed at in the discussion of creators who should branch out of the Marvel/DC realm. If you have a man in a Green Lantern t-shirt trying to sell you his indie book in the next couple years, it might be Geoff Johns. A photo below will help you identify him. Don't be scared. He is really nice.


Is Whedon your master? Is Johns going to do a slice of life comic? Share below!


  1. How does Johns have the time? How does he have the time?

    Also, wasn’t Whedon already confirmed? People have been talking about it for weeks and they just announced it?

  2. "No confirmation on the rumor that Nathan Fillion will be playing all of the Avengers". lolololololol


     More excited about what Johns might do. I hope it involves an anthropomorphic slurpee in some capacity.

  3. Exciting news. At least the rumors were finally confirmed about Whedon. Is he only directing or also writing the script? I recently read Astonishing X-Men and astonishingly enough I loved it.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @THX7168 – He’s writing too. 

  5. I hate slice of life manga (generally speaking). Why would I like a slice of life comic.

  6. Johns has been on point! I wonder what type of creator owned stories he has in mind? I actually hope it isn’t superhero related. He has proving himself in the superhero realm. I’d like to see him branch out into other genres.

  7. Geoff Johns is the new Alan Moore, there I said it!

  8. I still haven’t read an amazing work from Johns so I’m happy about this.

  9. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Geoff Johns does with a completely blank slate. I was just listening to Word Balloon’s Loeb Report today and thinking, "What would a Jeph Loeb-owned series be like?" I wonder that even more about Johns, but apparently I need wonder no more.

  10. Johns on a creator owned book should be fantastic.  My next question would be length.  I would think the longer the better as Johns has shown his ability to craft an amazing story over time.

  11. Can’t wait to see what johns brings, I just hope he’s not taking on too much work n we see GL drop off. Whedon news us meh. Would love Nathan fillion to be in the movie somehow

  12. Majorly awesome that Whedon is writing Avengers as well. I think he does his best directing work when it’s his own script.

  13. Johns already did creator owned for cliffhanger, it was very good

  14. I reckon Johns is gonna go Hal Jordan and make a run for DC’s Central Power Battery, taking them out from within, then go solo as Geoffallax. You heard it here first!

  15. Great article Tom. I wonder if johns’ book will be a vertigo title.

  16. I can’t believe nobody’s made a Slurpee joke on this thread yet.

    Good news for Whedon and Johns, and hopefully for their fans as well!

  17. Looking forward to seeing what Johns will come up with. I have a feeling it’ll be published through Vertigo (not a bad thing), I’d guess. Whatever it may be, I’ll definitely be giving it a shot.

  18. I love Whedon.  I’m looking forward to his big screen adaptation of the Avengers.  Hopefully, he’ll be with the project all the way through.  The problem with these team movies is that they often fall apart.

  19. I really hope to see a non-superhero book from Johns.