SDCC 2010: Toy Fever – Exclusive Must Haves at San Diego Comic-Con

Upon walking into my apartment, one would think a twelve year old boy resided there, rather than a twenty something woman. Every square inch is covered in action figures, urban vinyl, and all matter of bizarre toys. They are all posed in ways that tickle my fancy, with Marvel and DC characters entangled in odd embraces, or unicorns stomping on Darth Vader. Therefore, to anyone who knows me, it is maddeningly obvious that I have a bit of a… problem… with toys. I covet them, I own FAR too many and yet I still buy more. And what is a better place to nurse this terrible(y wonderful) habit than San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)?

SDCC is an absolute mecca for all things geeky, and that naturally includes the toys. One of the most unique things to the SDCC experience is all of the exclusive toys that are offered. Toy companies make limited editions that can only be acquired in person at SDCC, and they are usually limited to less than 1,000 "copies" or "models". Last year I was much too broke to get any of them, but this year I am well prepared… as is my wallet. Below are some of the more rad toys that are going to be gracing SDCC this year.


Hasboro's My Little Pony
Price: $15.00

Contrary to popular belief, I actually AM a girl (sometimes). Which means obviously I love OMG PONEHS!!!! And unicorns, rainbows, kittens, and being in the kitchen (where I belong). Therefore, I'm super excited over the SDCC exclusive My Little Pony. Hasboro has been doing exclusive MLP's for several years now, but this year's is especially colourful and features awesome street art. DO WANT.


Mattel Polly Pocket Dressed for Justice
Price: $20.00

On the topic of "girly" toys, Polly Pocket has actually put out a SUPER COOL toy for the 75th anniversary of DC comics. Adorable (pants free!) Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl. I'm definitely going to pick one up to put on my computer desk.


Batman & Joker 6″ Mez-Itz Two Pack
Price: $40.00

The detail on these toys is pretty superb. I'm an absolute sucker for both anything that remotely looks like urban vinyl toys, and anything involving Batman, so this is kind of a double whammy for me in that department. Batman's cape is real cloth, and the Joker's fedora is removable.


Sideshow Skrull Spider-Woman
Price: $204.99

I nurse a fixation with both Skrulls and anything that Sideshow Collectibles puts out, so this superb bust of Skrull Spider-woman is making me internally scream "want, waaaant!".


Dark Horse Hawaii Black Domo Qee
Price: $8.99

Domo-kun is a mascot from a news program in Japan, that has somehow taken the Western world by storm with his gaping mouth and apparent appetite for kittens. I have Domo-kun all over my apartment (it's inevitable), but thought I was basically over him until I saw this AMAZING Qee that Dark Horse is going to have at SDCC. Luckily, the iFanboy booth is right by Dark Horse's booth so I am going to be on that like white on rice. It is only limited to 2k pieces, and it's more than worth the price, in my opinion.


Marvel Minimates 90S Box Set

At the risk of being the butt of many jokes, I am going to say it: I really like tiny things. I don't play HeroClix yet I have them everywhere, I own a four pound dog, and I cannot resist trinkets (especially shiny ones!). Obviously that means I love tiny toys, and Minimates are no exception to that rule. Pair that with my love of 90s comics, and this awesome four-pack that includes a totally stellar Wolverine and JUBILEE (!!!) is pretty high on my "need" list.


The Venture Bros. 8-Inch Henchman 21 and 24 Action Figures
Price: $39.99

Being the pop culture addict that I am, I tend to quote a lot of movies and TV shows. Venture Brothers may be one of the shows I abuse the most: I am constantly spouting off out of context quotes just for the mere satisfaction of hearing myself say them. I cannot wait to get my grimy little paws on these great figures of 21 and 24 from Entertainment Earth, so I can finally have a REASON to quote Venture Brothers.


White Phoenix Bishoujo by Kotobukiya
Price: $59.99

Bishoujo is Japanese for "pretty woman", and the run of statues that Marvel has been putting out for the last few years are DEFINITELY pretty. As a connoisseur of all things Japanese, I have rabidly been following the release of all of the Bishoujo statues. When I saw this gorgeous rendition of Phoenix, my jaw hit the floor. It is based off of original character art by artist Shunya Yamashita.

San Diego Comic-Con is RIFE with incredible exclusives this year. These are just some of my favourites, but there are literally hundreds that have been revealed over the last few months. Nearly every distributor will have some sort of exclusive: even if it is a variant cover or a limited edition print and not a toy. If you're going to SDCC and are looking for limited editions, make sure to try and get them as early as you possibly can, as they sell out quickly. If you're not attending, there's always eBay! And watch iFanboy for the piles of photographs that I will be taking… and yes, I feel the insatiable urge to photograph toys, as well.


Upon reading this, I will be in San Diego at the incredible SDCC! I will be flitting around the convention and the after parties all through the week, so if you see me on the convention floor or at the bars afterwards make sure to say hello (and I am not adverse to having drinks bought for me, either!). Watch my twitter for a constant stream of conciousness from the convention floor, and if you see a tall redheaded girl carrying a giant camera, high five her!


  1. Henchmen action figures FTW

  2. "Dude, that is mint, in box!"  LMAO.  Molly, I know just how you feel. VB FTW!

  3. 21 and 24!!

    The only way it could be better is if it came with a skull!

  4. I wouldn’t mind owning that spider-woman bust or the batman and joker toys.

  5. Is the My Little Pony a fancy hair kind? So you can give it a haircut and it grows? That would rule.

  6. As the father of a 3 year old girl who owns all the current gen MLP, it’s nice to see this pony with the faux "Street Punk, Skater Chick" look, as opposed to the "Beauty Pageant, High-Priced Call Girl" pony make-up most of them are stuck with.

    And was there ever a White Phoenix in canon? 

  7. @RaceMcCloud… yup I’m pretty sure she appeared in Phoenix Endsong #5 with Emma Frost and the X-men(with some sweet art by Greg Land)