SDCC 2010: iFanboy Rocks the Scott Pilgrim Photo Booth

It's become something of a tradition for iFanboy staffers in attendance at far off conventions to carpet bomb the rest of us with words and images designed only to enrage, provoke, and embitter. It is a cold war. An envy war. I've managed to go to bed each night contentedly, satisfied that my friends are having fun and compiling great material for the video show. I sleep well, knowing that New York Comic Con is only two months away, and that it will then be my turn. 

And then I wake up, and it starts again. Here are some delightful photos Conor sent me from Oni's Scott Pilgrim party. There was apparently a photo booth and an assortment of wigs and props and our friends. Presented now for your delight or envy, Mike, Conor and Gordon the Intern's Magical Mystery Tour:

Not sure if you're aware of this, but Mike's in a Sex Pistols tribute band called "Kinky Time Bazooka."  Huge in Winnipeg. 


  1. With cameos by Mrs. Romo and Sonia’s brother Sam, no less.

    They’re having slightly more fun than I am with a broken air conditioner.

  2. The wine and beer explains a lot…

    Still the face of Mike Romo in these shots are hilarious.

  3. i spy gordon!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun.  My jealously only grows.

  5. The pictures are fun, but if you look at their eyes, especially Conor’s, that’s fatigue right there. Or alcohol. Or both.

  6. nope.

    Yous aint’s Canadians, not even sleazy Canadiens

    And we dont take well to yer foolins.

    You have been warned. Angry Canucks crush all !!! 

  7. We basically camped out in that photo booth. We’ll dig up some more…