SDCC 2010: Geoff Johns Announces FLASH: SPEED FORCE

During today's DC Nation Panel, Geoff Johns announced a new speedster spotlight book ready to launch in 2011. Flash: Speed Force will focus on Wally West, Bart Allen, Jesse Quick, and anyone else who can keep up. 

Scorned Wally fans have been worried about their favorite Flash since the return of Barry Allen and the cancellation of the planned Wally West co-feature. Now we know where Wally's headed. With a Flash film in its early stages over at Warner Brothers, it looks like DC is finally investing in a Flash family of books with this second ongoing title. No official art yet, but we'll keep an eye out. 


  1. I wonder who the creative team will be?

  2. So "family" books galore?

  3. Cool. Its always great to see more family books that aren’t just Bats and Supes. 

    So can it be assumed Johns will be writing? 

  4. @heroville- Well, not galore, but 2 GL books here, 2 Flash books there, I don’t mind. I’m sure to the non-DC fan it looks like all that DC puts out is Bat books. So I like when they expand their other franchises a bit.

  5. Geoff Johns also said XS, so I’m wondering how thats going to happen!

  6. I’d be interested to hear more about the concept and the creative team, but this could be a cool addition to the Flash family, much like Green Lantern Corps was such an awesome companion to Green Lantern.

  7. I’d imagine this’ll be written by Sterling Gates, since his Kid Flash on-going got canned.

  8. @viewt

    Since Johns didn’t outright state he was doing, I’ll bet your right. 

  9. So long as Impulse gets in on the act, I won’t mind because that can only lead to the inevitable new Young Justice team I’ve been hoping for for like six or eight months now.

  10. @Viewt:  Sterling Gates isn’t too bad.  I read his Supergirl stuff sometimes depending on how much his arcs are connected with the big picture.  I prefer the ones that aren’t connected.  He comes up with some pretty solid stuff.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Sterling Gates is great. I really do hope he gets the gig. 

  12. Great! Now we need a Flash: Rogues series.

  13. Even though I love Johns I winced when I saw the title of this article. Just because I felt he was taking on another series. I really hope that someone else is writing it.

  14. @Paul: I couldn’t agree more. His work on supergirl is disturbingly underrated.

  15. Finally!

  16. I’m glad for all of the Flash fans, but every time I see something like this for a character beyond "The big 3"  I can’t help and pout  "What about Wonder Woman?"  It’d be nice to see her get a 2nd book, but first DC needs to put some effort into her 1st book.  I just hope JMS can pull this off. 

  17. I’d really like to see the old Flash runs released digitially, although I know I can catch up with flash rebirth, I’d love to read some of the back continuity – and the trades are few and far between…

  18. Awesome! As one of the above mentioned scorned Wally fans, this is long overdue in my opinion. I’m so there.

  19. Allllll riiiiight. This is going to be awesome. 

  20. Is there a Kid Flash book coming too? I remember hearing about it awhile back.