SDCC 2010: Avengers Panel! Red Hulk to Join the Avengers?

This evening at the big SDCC Avengers panel, many did assemble. And they even announced a few surprises. Let's get right to it. 

The family reunion at Dave & Busters. Damn, I would kill for a Trapper Keeper with this Marko Djurdjevic spread on it. Heavens to Murgatroyd. 


Brian Michael Bendis is extremely enthusiastic about working with John Romita Jr. The above image is probably part of that. Goodness to grapefruits is that incredible. This week's issue might not have been his best, but this spread ought to be tattooed on yakuza flesh. This particular image is from Avengers #4, and according to Bendis, it means the time stream has been torn in half. 

Also, it looks like the Red Hulk is joining the Avengers (original recipe). From the way he describes the character, Bendis seems to have found his new Sentry. A new pet project for redemption? Look for that in issue #7. 

Curious about those images of Nova, Gambit, and others in the new "Man Without Fear campaign?" It looks like a character other than Daredevil will assume that mantle following Shadowland

The 150th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man (currently Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) will be a special "quadruple sized" issue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ultimate universe. 


Meanwhile, looks like Hawkeye and Mockingbird will be taking on a new incarnation of Ronin. Personally I think it should just be the suit itself, bewitched by the substitutiary locomotion spell from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. But there's probably a person in there. This is all part of a new storyline called WindowMaker, which coincidentally, was the name of my bicycle in the fourth grade.  According to writer Jim McCann, Hawkeye needs to come to terms with his criminal past. He did start as a carny villain after all. 

Meanwhile, the search for a suitable nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' baby continues. 


  1. Djurdjevic’s Hulking looks intense!

  2. Man, I really wish someone better would ink JRJr

  3. That’s some beautiful stuff by Romita Jr. there. But why do I have the feeling it won’t look so good after the inking and coloring?

    So Red Hulk is joining the team? Now I have a better reason to not try the series again.

  4. Trejuna, Meikoids, Tracorum Satis De!

  5. @TNC: Always the downer. I think it will turn out alright… but I’d kill for the original artwork. 🙂 I agree about Red Hulk on the Avengers… ugh.

    I’m curious to see who the new Ronin will be. Anyone have any ideas? Lets speculate!

  6. References to Hawkeye’s "criminal past" always strike me as odd. He was a very reluctant villain for like five minutes, and didn’t really actually commit any crimes.

  7. Thunderbolt Ross on the Avengers?? I am definitely filing this under "Wait and See." Still, Bendis has never steered me wrong before.

  8. Love the Bedknobs and Broomsticks reference Paul (and Dave)

  9. @NathanNicdao: I completely agree.  When Dan Green was inking him in the mid-90s, it was amazing.  Janson is too much of a heavy inker, not the right choice for JRJ.

  10. I’m down with any Hulk being on an Avengers team, especially one written by Bendis.

  11. I have that as a 10 foot poster in my room right now. It’s pretty awesome.

  12. Holy shit, I now have about 7 or 8 new desktop backgrounds from the Djurdjevic piece alone.

  13. Paul, I could read your capsule write-ups all day long. The comic news is good, too.

  14. Red Hulk on the Avengers written by Bendis….I’ll give that a shot.

  15. I want that spread on my wall! I’ll cut them and make some desktop backgrounds. =)

  16. I have a feeling that Bendis knows what he is doing and will liase with the Hulk Brain Trust. It will work, trust me. I do have a stake in this as I made the original suggestion to both Jeff Parker and Marvel months ago to put Red Hulk in the Avengers.