SDCC 2010: AMC’s The Walking Dead Trailer

Okay, when I first saw this video pop up on Twitter last night, I really didn't expect it was long for the world. But here it remains. Like a buzzard on a poop wagon. Direct from The Walking Dead panel in San Diego, here's your first unauthorized look at AMC's The Walking Dead, courtesy of a brave little camera phone. It's like…you're there!


And because I refuse to do a Walking Dead update without using the phrase…"shambling dead." 


  1. WANT!

  2. Gotta love that cowboy hat. From the text on the main page I was worried Darabont decided to go shaky cam for the series. THANK GOD this is a cell phone video and I’m terribly wrong.

  3. I wish it was more than a 6 episode first season. You just know it’s going to fly by. But I still can’t wait.

  4. Not bad, I didn’t like Walking Dead when I first read it but watching this kind of makes me want to try it again. I am especially impressed at the scale of production they had for this show with the on-site location & the swarms of zombies. Might actually check this out.

  5. Holy poop on a stick.  That looks AMAZING!!

  6. I’m with @SpiderTitan, I wasn’t a fan of the Kirkman series, but I could get into the quality of the AMC production.

  7. Looks fantastic.  I love Kirkman’s stuff, and he always seemed like such a nice guy when iFanboy interviewed him.  I’m glad to see him getting this kind of work.

  8. Oh wow.  Yeah, this is going to be so great.  Will zombies be the new vampires for TV?  I’ve got $5 that says we see another series as a spring replacement show from one of the other networks. 

  9. Yep, that looks amazing! Had to know a project with Frank Darabondt and Kirkman as producer we weren’t going to get anything less. 

  10. Shame about the audio quality, but in terms of aesthetics and visuals….this looks killer.

  11. Some of those scenes were straight out of the first issue! It was great seeing them come to life.

  12. "The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore…"  Yes!

  13. Yes! First leaked footage of the year and it’s a Walking Dead trailer! Jackpot!

  14. My first heartbreak from the series was watching the horse get eaten by the zombies on the first trade. It seems I’m going to have to relive that. Very nice. You can see the cameraman trembling with excitement.

  15. love that song

  16. Major bonus points for the scott walker.

  17. Eat Flesh.

  18. That last image of all the zombies swarming the tank was ghastly.

  19. Exciting!