Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World International Trailer

If you're in the US, you'll get the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World trailer we already saw, but if you're not, then you'll see this trailer before your movies, and you'll like it even more.

Gotta love that pee bar.

It's weird, because none of my cynicism bells are ringing with this one, and I find myself unabashedly looking forward to this movie.  That's probably because I believe that Edgar Wright is, in fact, a genius.


  1. holy crap

  2. I can’t undo the excitement since I saw this five hours ago. I think I’m having a stroke or whatever you call it. Blue blazes, this looks like fun!

  3. <=O!!!!!


    I wish my life was that grand.

  4. Great! I liked the first trailer a lot already, but this one is even better. I’m trying to keep my expectations at a reasonable level, but between the these trailers, my enjoyment of the books, and my love of Edgar Wright’s movies, it ain’t easy.

  5. Okay, THAT was great. Why don’t they show that one in US theaters? I’m much more excited for this film now than I was after seeing the US trailer.

  6. AWESOME!!!!!



  8. This trailer makes me want to read the comics first before seeing the movie.

  9. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    What’cha think, Molly?


  10. Todd Ingram I love you!

  11. This movie can not come fast enough.  It looks so epicly awesome.

  12. i can not wait!

  13. I’m kind of shocked at how perfect a match Wright is for Scott Pilgrim….

  14. Also, "Love is a battle, so fight for it" Is an infinitely better tagline that "its on, like donkey kong" 

  15. Wait…Ramona’s evil ex-girlfriend?  Her?  Really?

    Wow does this look amazing.

  16. Love it, love it, love it. Seriously, I have no other comments. This trailer fills me with joy.

  17. OK, now I’m officially psyched for this.  Speechless.

  18. I can’t wait!

    @josh:  Yeah, Edgar Wright can do no wrong in my book either. 

  19. I’m in like Flynn.

  20. That’s the energy I want from this movie. 

  21. I love the "break out the L-word" thing. Also, Superman! He’s popping up all over the place in stuff I watch. And is usually more enjoyable than he was in Superman.

  22. Why isn’t it august yet?!

    "If your life had a face I would punch it in the balls."

  23. Now, I want to get the other books.  I will say, I didn’t get all the crazy special effects in the first book like I see in that trailer.  Looks like a lot more fun.

  24. @akamuu What’s wrong with Ann Veal?


    I thought I was excited about the movie before!  I’m at the stage where I’m going to start pushing this movie on EVERYONE I know. Must resist urge to annoy…

  26. i really didnt want to watch this trailer but cotdamn! i feel ashamed and excited

  27. This looks beyond awesome.  Cannot wait!

  28. Saw this last night before Get Him To The Greek. The crowd went nuts.

  29. That was……epic.

  30. I haven’t read any Scott Pilgrim but this looks awesome!

  31. Dumb question #1: Who is Edgar Wright?

    Slightly less dumb question #2: Is this flick coming out in Egypt?

  32. @kmob181: Edgar Wright

  33. Wow. I am blown away. I echo the statements of wanting it to be august already. Also I think they captured the clingy nature of Knives perfectly. This trailer made me Laugh Out Loud. 

  34. @conor lol. I fucking love that.

  35. touche senor conor.  touche.

  36. An epic of epic epicness is right!