San Diego Has Come and Gone… but the Pictures Remain

Business first – we had a great convention in terms of interviews. The videos will be out soon and hopefully you will find the footage to be more than pleasing. Just to tease a little you can scroll through some of these pictures…

If you’ve been around iFanboy for a few years then you know who I am and how I earn a livin’. You also know what I look for in a comics con, and how I judge a con’s relative level of success. From my standpoint San Diego Comic-Con 2008 was a success – the con floor was brimming with Booth Babes. Okay – brimming is a bit of an exaggeration – but there were certainly some lovely ladies posing amongst the larger than ever crowd. And, I’m proud to say, this year iFanboy supplied some of our own dynamite Booth Babes on the floor! Sure we didn’t technically “have a booth” – but the ladies, sporting iFanboy couture, strolled the floor spreading the word. They were troopers, posing for pictures, answering questions and generally trying to bring a smile to all the folks trudging around with the ever-popular swag bags. Special thanks to Susie, Jen, Christy, Meghan, Kristin and of course the lovely Amy. Check out the pictures of the iFanbabes hitting the floor…

Finally I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the iFanbase.  Each year it seems like more and more people come out in support of iFanboy and the community that has been created. It started with the Comics Podcasting Panel on Thursday. I don’t have an actual count as to how many people were there – but I feel like the iFanbase dominated the audience, more than any other year and/or convention. The support from the iFanbase continued on Friday night as we teamed up with The Totally Rad Show and threw a party at Basic. It was scheduled to start at 9pm – I arrived at 8:20 and I’m pretty sure folks were already there! As the night rolled on more and more people arrived and we could certainly feel the love. (This is where I get mushy.) Without the iFanbase, iFanboy is nothing more than a couple of guys sitting around talking about comics. The support that you give is what keeps this community strong and continuously growing. So – for everybody that showed up – THANKS!!! For those of you that missed it – don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that we’ll do it again and you will most certainly be invited. Anyway, take a look at the pictures from Friday night…

And so another San Diego comes to a close. The time flew by so quickly and was filled with many great memories. As always, I was sad to leave, but there is always next year. Start making your travel plans now!

If you liked the pictures and want to get the full stories, check the sets out on Flickr to read the captions!



  1. These are really cool, it really captures the feel of the con overall from your perspectives.

  2. Man i wish i could have been there, but i really cant afford it. Its really hard to go out and do things  like going to comic con when you have $68 to your name.

  3. I tell ya the picture entitled "Brazilians" didn’t turn out to be what I was thinking…

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Still don’t know how we managed Booth Babes this year.  Are they from outer space?  Dreams?  Heaven? Europe?   

    This looks like it was such a blast.  I’m going next year even if it means I have to built an Eeyore style stick tent and hitchhike both ways.   

  5. I actually stumbled across a lot of these photos last night on the flicker account, and I have to say I enjoy them almost as much as the videos. Great job guys and gals on getting the IF word out. I’m really going to have to make it to San Diego some time before I die.

  6. that was really fun to look through

  7. that looked like fun. thanks for sharing with your non-travelling iFanbase!

  8. Great photos guys. It looks like it was a blast.

  9. After seeing Ron in Whitney’s Pop Candy pictures earlier this week and now seeing her in these, I’m weireded out.  My two favorite websites are overlapping.  I feel like George Costanza.  Worlds are colliding!

  10. someone ought to be obligated to take pictures of all the babes at conventions. i got some great ones from WWC. it’s neat to see the iFanboys l-i-v-i-n. hope i get to hang with you guys someday. i’d really like to meet Gordon from Earth-2. 

    looks like conor gets all the chix, romo needs some sleep and josh never shuts up (flappin-gums, hehe).

    what’s with the Mets hat, Cincinatti?

    hope you guys asked Stan Lee if he checked into who the Sentry was. do people think it’s disrespectful to tell old men their pants are too short if they come up to their knees when they sit down? 

  11. @Paul – the booth babes are all former booth babes and current friends of mine.  There was whining, dining and they were all up for the challenge.

    @FACE – I love Cincinnati.  The Reds are my boys…but I hate the logo and I’m not a fan of red.  So – I wear a Mets hat.

  12. @gordon – i know how you feel. STL’s got a lotta red too. i’ve never had a Cards cap i could wear  🙂 

  13. looks like you guys had a great time. it sucks i didnt make it to the party…damn. maybe if you guys have one in NY for the NYCC i will be there. it is a dream to at least meet you guys.

  14. When did all the new t-shirts come out?  I feel so out of it.

  15. @Paul I told myself that as well. Come next year i will be at San Diego no matter what.

  16. it was great to meet you guys.  it was like meeting famouse people.  heh i even turned up in one of the pics!! woot me! well i look forwared to next year.