San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Photographs

Well, another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, full of amazing artwork, incredible cosplays, exclusive toys, stifling heats, pressing crowds, epic after parties, overloaded cell networks, and good people. As usual, I dragged my camera around the convention with me in an attempt to immortalize every amazing cosplayer and moment. Unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos as previous years due to the fact that I was cosplaying two of the four days and therefore POSING for photos rather than taking them, but I still did my best to capture the landscape of the convention for the iFanbase. Without further ado: SDCC 2012 through Molly McIsaac’s camera lens!



Molly McIsaac is a strange cosplaying creature who frequently posts nonsense on her twitter.


  1. Thanks Molly. Look like Cyclops was cos-winning at SDCC 2012.

  2. Ah hey, there’s whatshername that actress from Heroes and comic creator.

    Lotta cool pics, pretty girls and whatnot.

  3. Awesome pictures

  4. Nice gallery!

    Ultra-Purple Hawkeye was in the Women of Marvel panel I went to. Dryer-Lint Totoro is one of the best. Burning Man x Green Arrow was pretty accurate I think too to an IRL situation.

  5. Houdini was inaccurate. The freaks also come out at SDCC. Great photos and costumes.

  6. Holy camel toe, Rogue!

  7. Talk about awesome! 🙂 I love just seeing all those people smile, makes me want to go to conventions more hehe!

  8. The apparent overabundance of Wilfred costumes makes me happy. Nice photos – conveys the atmosphere of SDCC without the fanboy funk.

  9. Josh, that’s you in that Tusken Raiden costume, isn’t it?

  10. Great pictures Molly!

  11. This was my first to visit to SDCC after 14 years living in SD! It was so overwhelming, it’s nice to look through other people’s photos.

    I think my favorite costumes that I saw were a female Booter Gold/Blue Beetle pair. I also spotted two guys looking a lot like Ron and Conor interviewing someone at the DC booth. Some serious cosplay there!

  12. Needs more Saucy Flanagan 🙂

  13. Great pictures, though I do have a small request. Could you guys place a brief description of the character below each picture? Most are fairly obvious, yet others I’m not familiar with: There’s the girl at the very top row holding a pumpkin(?), another in a pink wig with red ants crawling over her, someone wearing a heart eye patch with music motif, a woman dressed in black on stilts. It’d be good info to know who they are cosplaying.

    I don’t know what Cheetahs is and they can sell compost for all I care, but those three models… Boy howdy! A great picture indeed.

  14. Trustafarian Green Arrow is dope

  15. There appear to have been far fewer cross-dressers this year. Either that or they avoided Molly’s lens…

  16. Lady Cyclops FTW!!

  17. That person in the bowling alley costume looks great!

  18. Who did you dress as this year, Molly?

  19. Alan Scott Green Lantern needs the purple mask but otherwise cool and cool picks all around. I wanna take some time and make a classic Alan Scott myself for ECCC next year, handmade all the way. I’ve dressed up as Spaceghost, Captain America, Clone Troopers n such at Halloween parties but never at a con, gotta do it at least once.