Ryan Reynolds recites the Green Lantern oath at SDCC

It became one of the most talked about moments of San Diego Comic-Con (along with the surprise appearance of the Avengers cast) and I'm sure you've heard about it, and hell, you've probably seen it, but just in case you haven't…


That's pretty great.


  1. I don’t really want to be too terribly uncouth, but there’s not a straight woman, nor a gay man in that audience who didn’t want Ryan Reynolds after that.

  2. I’m not even a big Green Lantern fan and that rocked!

  3. Ryan Reynolds, class act.

    He also signed a book for the kid too.  This is how you do good publicity for your movie. 

  4. I hope the movie is as cool as its star. 

    @JonSamuelson – I’m a straight man and I kinda wanted him.  

  5. @stulach – LOL.  Ditto, man.  Ditto.

  6. awesome awesome awesome moment … I’m sold … imagine if he hadn’t known it! As DWarren says, definitely a "class act".

  7. Beat THAT, Marvel!

  8. That kid is comic book and Ryan Reynolds fan for life. Class act.

  9. nice guy that RR

  10. Just now sold on the fact that RR can play Hal Jorden.

  11. He not only signed a book for the kid but gave him the ring that he wore for the filming. (This is second hand information from a friend who was at the panel. Can anyone else confirm this?)

  12. damn, i wanted him, too. always liked the guy, but that’s just great.

  13. greatest question ever!

  14. didnt buy his take on the oath

  15. no wonder scarlett married him, lucky bastard

  16. To quote She’s Out of My League:  "Honestly, I’d have sex with that guy"

  17. Wow…that was cool.  I can’t wait for this movie.



  18. A chick in the audience jizzed her pants.

  19. Yup, that choked me up a little bit.  Nice one, Ryan.

  20. @english confirmation denied.  He gave the kid a signed book and the thrill of a lifetime. DC hid a ticket underneath a seat in Hall H. The owner of the ticket won the ring. Incidentally, the ring winner was in the same section (about 7 rows back) as the stabby folks.

    @DarthDuck that pretty much sums up my comment to my wife when he walked on stage and she leaned over and said "ooh.. i’d do bad things to him."  

  21. @siraim: If that winning ticket had been under the stab victim’s actual seat, I think he’d officially qualify as the unluckiest nerd ever.

  22. coolll

  23. Goosebumps!  That was pretty sweet.

  24. That kid was pretty damn adorable, and Reynolds handled it with charm.  Good stuff.

  25. lol. That’s awesome.

  26. Not to be a complete cynic but does anyone else think that may have been a set up?

  27. yeh, I hope someone remembers to water that kid.

  28. Ryan Reynolds is the nicest guy ever, can’t wait for the movie!!

  29. This makes me want to to the gym.

  30. drooooooooool