Rucka and Williams move from DETECTIVE to BATWOMAN?

Batwoman in Detective Comics #860Oh, that Greg Rucka. You put a microphone in front of him and he'll say stuff that maybe he's not supposed to say. (There's a reason why we love interviewing Greg Rucka so much.)

Earlier this year when it was announced that Rucka would be taking over Detective Comics and centering the book around Batwoman, the plan was to have J.H. Williams III handle the art duties on the first and third part of his run, with an arc drawn by Jock in the middle. This week on John Suintres' excellent podcast Word Balloon, Greg Rucka dropped a (possible) bombshell.

It would seem that today's issue of Detective Comics is the last issue of Detective Comics that Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III will be working on together because in 2010 they are going to be moving over to a new book: Batwoman.

Batwoman debuted way back in 2006 in the pages of 52 #9. There was much fanfare because she is a lesbian, a fact I was reminded of approximately every 15 minutes on CNN on the day the news broke. Not long after her first appearance we got word that Greg Rucka and J.H.Williams III were working on her solo series. And we waited and we waited and then we forgot all about it until DC Comics announced that, in the wake of the whole "Death of Bruce Wayne" thing, Batwoman would be the star of Detective Comics and Rucka and WIlliams' work would finally see the light of day. 

I guess that even though it's 2010, DC Comics still needed almost a year of critically acclaimed next level comic booking to show that it was okay to give the lesbian Batcharacter her own book.

In the interview Rucka caveats everything saying that nothing is set in stone, but that moving the unpublished issues that were meant to be in Detective Comics over to Batwoman is "the big plan right now."

Will it actually happen? Will Batwoman finally get the solo book she deserves? And what will be the fate of Detective Comics? In the interview Greg Rucka says he might be staying on the book — which would feature a new main character — but that discussions with DC Comics about that are still on-going.


  1. They;ll probably cancel the Streets of Gotham book and move the team to Detective.

  2. COOL! (i think)

  3. @muddi900

    My thoughts exactly.

  4. @muddi900: Yeah, I could definitely see Streets Of Gotham getting canceled before Detective, but what if Streets could get a new team?

  5. wait a second! you think DC will cancel Streets of Gotham before Detective Comics?! that’s bold statement!!

  6. I am enjoying Streets of Gotham.  It great series for examining the other elements of Gotham we may be be privy to in the other Bat books.

  7. It seems that they’re really trying to push The Question lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the co-feature takes over. Streets has much better sales than a lot of books they keep around, so I think it’s safe.  Whatever happens, I doubt they’ll have 4 in-continuity books starring Batman.

    Considering this is happening until at least April, maybe they’ll give Detective to Dick, what with Bruce coming back around then and all.

  8. I always find it funny that I keep forgetting that "Detective Comics" doesn’t have to star Batman just because he made his debut in that title.  I guess the Question would be fine, but I’d rather have Batman or even Bate-Mite for that matter.  

    I would be perfectly happy with the "Streets of Gotham" team moving to "Detective," because anything that keeps Paul Dini writing Batman stories is worth my money. 

  9. Awesome!!! However, I don’t need yet another batbook.  I need to cut some stuff.

  10. "I guess that even though it’s 2010, DC Comics still needed almost a year of critically acclaimed next level comic booking to show that it was okay to give the lesbian Batcharacter her own book."

    Uhhhh…I think it was way more of an "honor" for a lesbian character to be given the headlining feature of THE TITLE THAT DC COMICS GOT ITS NAME FROM. Kate DID have her OWN BOOK: "Detective Comics", arguably the most important title in DC Comics history. It always said "Batwoman" on the cover.

    Put it this way: Katie Couric apparently made something of a breakthrough when she became the first woman to chair the network evening news (and the program’s title says "…with Katie Couric"). Surely that’s a bigger deal than if a year from now Katie Couric was given her own show

    As far as gay superheros having their "own" series…Wasn’t there already a Question series with Renee? I know Northstar has had a few solo books.

    I really don’t see this as any big deal. Just a label change. In a way, though, I can see that see that this is obviously a continuation of a good thing–a breakthrough–for gay superheroes. But the bigger breakthrough as far as it relates to Katie Kane, that already came when she took over Detective Comics.

  11. I just want to know if it’ll get DC to put trades out faster.


  12. I want Rucka and Williams work Absolute’d. I hope Detective gets some good characters in the book and working on it.

  13. WAAAIIIITTTT, DOES THIS MEAN THAT RUCKA AND JOCK ARE ON DECTECTIVE COMICS??!!!!  Mr. Flanagan must be pretty darn pleased….

  14. @Gabe: Just for one thhree issue arc starting next month.

  15. I hope Rucka does stay on Detective as hes one of the few writers that actually remembers that its called "Detective" for a reason. But if he does have to leave, like a few others have said, I’d love to see Dini come back to Detective. Also, I’m glad the Renee co feature is staying.

  16. That isnt what the solicts are saying…..


    But cool news none the less. 

  17. @TNC: Things change after solicitations are written over three months ago. It happens all the time. People cling too tightly to those things.

  18. AWESOME!!!

  19. I would think the best bat book to get canceled would be Gotham
    sirens…that book just feels so pointless. Loving streets of Gotham, but I’d love that team on detective and a seperate batwoman book by rucka

  20. @conor: I do not! Well…..maybe a little


    *let’s go of solict so it can breath* 

  21. Gotham City Sirens should get the axe, not Streets.

  22. I’d be fine with Dini and Nguen back on Detective….but I’d rather have jock and rucka….I suppose there is only so much a man can do….


    By the way, where’s that second issue of stumptown? 

  23. Sirens probably will get the axe, but I’ll hang onto it as long as Dini is writing it. The concept really does sound more like a mini (see Marvel Divas, Models, Inc.) but the issue 3 bait-and-switch might as well have shouted to the world "We got better things that Paul Dini to work on"

    I just imagine that somewhere in the DCU there is a trade convention for everyone who makes a lair for heroes and villians, and Carl Draper and Jenna Duffy are attending…

  24. I find it fascinating that so many people automatically assume that a book is going to be canceled because of this annoucement.

  25. There was only one issue of Sirens that Dini didn’t write. He also skipped 2 issues of Streets. Probably he was sick or something.

     @connor: I only mentioned cancellation because  I think it would be redundant to have two books about lesser known Gothamites.

  26. Dini also has to write the sequel to the video game Batam: Arkham Asylum.  He’s a busy man.

  27. Well it’s Detective Comics, so there’s no way on God’s green earth that it’s gonna be cancelled.  It’s just a case of working out what it will be (for 9 months until Bruce comes back at least).  I’m less keen on Dini coming back, as his run started off great but then fell foul of fillins/crossovers/Heart Of Hush (sorry, I hated that story).  My vote’s for Rucka to stay, hopefully with an artist of the same caliber…

  28. the new book will be: " Detective: Bruce Wayne"  (just starting rumors 😉

  29. Man, I’m definitely gonna stay with Batwoman if Rucka and Williams are on it, but if theyre both that and detective are 3.99 I might have to drop one of them. But thats a long ways off, so for now lets just sit back and enjoy.

  30. I can’t wait for this. I recently did a reading binge of all the Detective issues that these two have been working on and, simply put, amazing. And I can say as someone who hasn’t read Batwoman before this run (Didn’t pick up 52 or Crime Bible) that you can pick up these Detective issues and get pulled in very easily. 

  31. Greg Rucka doing Batwoman in any book will be purchased by me.  He does such a great job with the character.

  32. So we are getting an ongoing for Batwoman with JHW III and Rucka.  Christmas comes early I guess.  Wouldn’t expanding The Question feature to the whole book be pretty cool too?  A guy can dream.

  33. I’d like to see Rucka do Batwoman and continue on this book with The Question as the main character.  That would make this guy very happy.

  34. No word yet on what creative team will take over Detective?


    I liked the format, but this could open things up on Detective to feature the Question, or rotate around to lesser known street level/gotham characters.


    Looking forward to it. 

  35. Why not on Batman itself?

  36. Ugh! Rucka and Jock on Detective and Sam Kieth on Bat Con this January?

    Then there’s Siege.

    UGH! C’mon!?

  37. How about a Question book with a Manhunter back up. That would worth 3.99 an issue. 

  38. Red Robin is coming back to Gotham. And outside of Bruce, Tim was the best detective out of all the Bat characters.

  39. @supertrack: amen.

  40. I was over joyed when I heard this. Batwoman finally getting her own series, and without the Question back-up so hopefully it might be a bit cheaper as well.

    My worry now is that Jock’s arc will finish, and we’ll never hear from Kate again – and never see the end of the Alice story.

  41. Right in time for SDCC! The Deluxe HC of Batwoman! The first 7 issues. Amazon doesn’t list the actual size, but a DC book listed as a "Deluxe" usually means slightly oversized. YEAH!!! I’ll be double-dippin’ of course!