Robert Kirkman on Conan O’Brien

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman appeared on Conan O’Brien yesterday. Yes, I just wrote that.


Conan did a pretty good job. I mean, we’re old hands at interviewing Kirkman. Or “Bobby” as we call him.

We don’t call him that.

Not to his face.

Anyway, here are some clips:

Looks like Kirkman held his own.


  1. He did hold his own. Well done, Mr. Kirkman.

    I must say, the iFanboy interviews are infinitely more entertaining than this was.

  2. I remember seeing Peter Jackson’s picture in the local paper when LOTR was first released and thinking, ” How weird that the same guy who gave us Bad Taste and Dead Alive is now a household name.” Seeing Robert Kirkman on Conan was that feeling all over again.

  3. Y’know, I long ago got used to the fact that many videos can’t be viewed outside of the US. But it sure adds insult to injury when they make you sit through the ad and THEN you find out you can’t screen the content.

    I’m off to dig up this clip on the Comedy Network site, which has the web rights in Canada.

  4. Not as good as your interviews, but decent.

    I’m happier for Bobby everyday.

  5. You know what this needed?

    Some “Spanish Flea”.